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Vertical Inc Announces Gundam the Origin and Wolfsmund at Otakon

Vertical Inc Licenses Gundam and Wolfsmund at Otakon

There wasn’t much in the way of news from Otakon this past weekend, but Vertical Inc‘s Ed Chavez was present to sell some of their shiny new books and announce a couple new titles.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin – Yoshikazu Yasuhiko
Wolfsmund – Mitsuhisa Kuji

Most anime & manga fans are at least likely familiar with the Gundam series, easily one of the most popular series in the medium’s history with a variety of different versions, incarnations and generations behind it. According to AnimeNewsNetwork, this version is 23 volumes long and is a “re-imagining” of the original Gundam anime series. The franchise generally follows a weaving story of politics and war waged between governments and giant mech-wielding individuals.

Vertical Inc will be releasing the series in hardcover, 2-in-1 editions which will be about $30/US each. They’ll also include colour pages, essays and be approximately 440+ pages thick. Ed also warned that because of the price of producing these editions, they’ll be limited to the first production run only so get them while they can because they won’t last! New volume should come out every three months once the first book comes out in March 2013.

Wolfsmund is a fantasy story about a powerful and feared gatekeeper who guards an entrance into Italy along the border of Switzerland. The series follows the travels of individuals who come up against him in attempts to pass. They then find themselves under ruthless interrogation. From what I’ve read about Wolfsmund, this isn’t light reading, with nary a happy end in sight and a lot to say for grim realities of the medieval era (with some additional dramatic and scary flair I’m sure!).

The first volume of Wolfsmund should be out in July 2013. They will also likely be longer wait times between each subsequent volumes than we’re accustomed to from Vertical simply because the release schedule in Japan is so slow. Currently there are three volumes of the series.

For some refreshed details of previously announced Vertical titles, you can check out this live-blog account of the panel.

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