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Idols, Maids and Not For the Kids – Project-H Licenses 11 New Titles

Project-H Licenses 11 New Titles

Project-H is starting up their license announcements for the year and kicking things off with eleven new titles all scheduled for print over the course of 2014:

Disciplinarian – Inochi Wazuka (July 2014)
Fruitful Body – Nico-Pun-Nise (June 2014)
Hard Temptation – Ryuichi Hoshino (May 2014)
Her Sensitive Spot – Nikusoukyu (January 2014)
I Am Not Your Maid!! – Rumi Matsunami (October 2014)
I’m Coming With You! – Tadataka Kawasaki (TBA)
My Pretty Idol Girlfriend – Rumi Matsunami (March 2014)
Naughty Wives (Vol.01) – Rumi Matsunami (August 2014)
Naughty Wives (Vol.02) – Rumi Matsunami (December 2014)
Nurse’s Sweet Naked Truth – Shinobu/Masato Yamasaki (July 2014)
Sweet Emotions – Kobato Takahashi (February 2014)
Vagina Manifesto – Kamitani (September 2014)

These licenses were announced via the company’s Twitter account last Tuesday. Talk about planning ahead, huh? If their recent scheduling for hentai titles hold up, than Project-H’s readers will have no want for new books for quite some time. All these books are set for print editions only, with exception of I’m Coming With You!. All the other books could have possible digital editions in the future, but none are confirmed now. All the books are priced at the current standard for Project-H releases, which is $17.95/US, $19.99/CAN. As always with Project-H, all of these books are absolutely not for kids.

In a recent interview with Digital Manga’s Yoko Tanigaki (which shall be posted soon, so stay tuned!), she said that sales for Project-H books were doing well via the direct market (ie: ordering via retailers through Diamond Comics). I have to think, though the names are definitely amusing, it must be an experience going into a store to order a copy of Nurses’s Sweet Naked Truth or Vagina Manifesto – but at least you and the clerk already have a pretty good idea of what you’re gonna get!

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