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PR: Project-H Announces Nine New KTC Titles to be Published Uncensored in English

Project-H Announces Nine New KTC Titles to be Published Uncensored in English

GARDENA, CA (August 25, 2014) – Project-H (http://www.projecthentai.com/) is proud to announce nine thrilling, completely uncensored, brand new licenses, all featuring a variety of new authors from one of the largest and well known hentai publishers in Japan, Kill Time Communication (KTC). Seven of the nine titles are planned to be published in both print and digital formats with the remaining two books exclusively available for digital readers on eManga (http://www.emanga.com/). Fans can expect to see the option to pre-order each of these print titles up to three weeks before their release date. Each one of these nine new KTC titles will be individually released throughout the year of 2015, with their digital edition readily available to avid digital readers up to two months prior to the print edition, allowing fans to explore all nine releases prior to the print. Another special treat fans can expect is a chance to receive exclusive limited edition Project-H promotional items for two select KTC titles. Stay tuned to find out more!

Beautiful Cartoonists (美人マンガ家とふしだらアシスタンツ) by MAKI Release date: June 24, 2015 MSRP: $22.95 Print and digital
Beautiful Cartoonists opens with a man, who has signed up to be a rough model for some cartoonists, looking for their address. When he finds the room he’s looking for he walks in to find several gorgeous looking female cartoonists all patiently waiting for him. The girls quickly introduce themselves and advise him to remove his clothes and get into a provocative position with one of the smaller girls. He’s never been this close to a woman before and with all of his clothes taken away, he can’t help but to feel a little anxious. All of this nervousness gets him too excited and he isn’t sure what to do. Luckily the girls know exactly how to combat this fear! Each of the women takes a turn caressing or licking his naked body. One thing leads to another and these girls end up getting more positions for their reference than they could have every hoped for! When in a room full of horny editors and illustrators, what’s a guy to do?!

Forbidden Colors (秘色シークエンス) by Nishiki Karasuma Release date: July 29, 2015 MSRP: $22.95 Print and digital
A girl is introduced into an office where she plays the role of making the CEO happy through all of his wildest dreams. Luckily for her, this CEO is a stud! Unluckily, the first bit of roll playing he wants to do with her is have her wear a wedding dress. She imagined her first time in a white dress would be shown in front of someone she loved. As she’s confused and saddened by wearing this dress, the CEO does things to excite her body in ways she could never imagine. Does this mean she may be falling in love with him? What other obscene costumes will they try next? You’ll have to read Forbidden Colors to find out!

Girl Play (おんなのこ遊戯~TSFカタログ~) by Taniguchi san Release date: March 25, 2015 MSRP: $22.95 Print and digital
After his club is threatened to be shut down for lack of members, our homely club president, decides to order the hottest online video game star, Anya-Tan, as a life size doll. Mori Sayaka, the student council secretary, is immediately plugged into the doll, but after plugging in has her mind unwillingly transferred to Anya-Tan, the doll! In order for Mori Sayaka’s body to survive the club president must transfer his mind into her body. The Club President realizes he joined the club as a way to approach real girls, but instead he becomes a girl himself! What will these two do with their new bodies? Read Girl Play to find out! Idol

Monster Girls (ラブラウネ -IDOL MONSTER GIRLS-) by MATO SHIRAHA Release date: T.B.A. MSRP: T.B.A. Digital only
Follow these three monster girls as they form a new idol group and embark on crazy erotic adventures! As the girls finish each show, they turn to their manager to help release any extra tension. At times, the girls even turn to each other for some extra help in achieving ecstatic monster orgasms. Some fans catch on to the monster girl’s needs and offer their assistance, turning things into an amazing orgy. From swimsuits and underwater play to devil girls showing men the time of their life, Monster Idol Girls is surely a must read for all of the fantasy-loving adults out there!

Love Mail (精飲少女) by Tokisana Release date: June 24, 2015 MSRP: $22.95 Print and digital
Lone wolf and club president, Rika Kitami, is called to the principal’s office on a daily basis. She has no other choice but to accept all of the principal’s requests, no matter how filthy, in order for the club to have a chance at entering the upcoming tournament. The club’s top member may be too quick to discover what shenanigans have been going on behind the principal’s closed doors. When word gets out that this top member has decided to drop out of school, it’s up to Rika to convince him to stay. What will happen with the future of this club? Will Rika find the ways to keep her team together? Read Love Mail and find out! Milliard:

Slave Story (Milliard―令嬢ご奉仕物語―)by MIZUHO NANASE Release date: March 25, 2015 MSRP: $22.95 Print and digital
A daughter is sent to save her home from great dangers that are soon approaching her kingdom. In her adventures, she comes across some of the dirtiest of scoundrels she’s ever faced. In most duals, her clothing can’t hold up to the hazards around her and eventually fall off or are torn away. Each time she fails to keep herself covered she must give up and allow the opposed fighter to do what they want with her body. Challengers include anything from the strongest of men to the slimiest of creatures. Will she be able to save her home town in time or will things take a sloppy turn for the worst? Read Milliard: Slave Story to find out!

Swordswoman Shino (紫乃 退魔剣士のしつけ方) by No.Gomesu Release date: April 29, 2015 MSRP: $22.95 Print and digital
After seven years, two childhood friends are reunited. Our main heroine comes as a transfer student to the school but would receive a warning in a strange force. With this warning, she ventures near her old school building to explore the old territory. Afterwards she returns back to her new school where her childhood friend has noticed she has a new strange behavior. She wants him inside her as if she couldn’t live without it. He thinks he’s the cause of this radical behavior but then learns that she’s possessed by a demon. Will the curse be cured? Read and find out!

Tight Encounters (もう挟まずにはいられない♥) by Kaiduka Release date: May 27, 2015 MSRP: $22.95 Print and digital
One night a girl is about to lose her body. As she looks outside, she sees a shooting star and makes a wish to stay alive. An alien disguised as the shooting star takes over the girl’s dying body and she is resurrected. The alien in its new life form makes a re-debut at the girl’s school, playing the best in all of her sports and activities. A childhood friend notices the girl’s breasts have grown much larger than they were before. He points it out to the girl and since she’s confused about what breasts are, she lifts her shirt for a better look. While exposed she suddenly feels turned on and a need to pleasure her long time friend and school mate. If you like big boobs, this is the book for you!

W Desserts (Wデザート) by Chuuni Ooisi Release date: T.B.A. MSRP: T.B.A. Digital only
When two gorgeous women want you, which do you choose? Every day, Shizuku listens to her twin sister, Yuki do dirty things with Tougo Hiiragi, Yuki’s boyfriend. As each day passes, Shizuku touches herself and fantasizes what it must be like to have a man like Tougo be with her instead of her sister. One morning, Shizuku wakes up and realizes she isn’t herself but instead has swapped bodies with her twin sister! Poor Hiiragi can’t tell the difference when he comes over for an early visit, making all of Shizuku’s dreams come true. What will Yuki think when she finds out? Can the girls share this boy? Read W Desserts to find out!

About Project-H
Project-H is one of the industry’s most unconventional and innovative companies, specializing in building corporate and cultural bridges from Japan to the Western Hemisphere – specifically through the licensing, importation and preparation of anime (Japanese animation), manga (Japanese comic books) and related merchandise for the North American mainstream and subculture markets. In this capacity, Project-H serves as a catalyst for the expansion of Japanese pop culture institutions into global arenas.

About Kill Time Communication
Kill Time Communication (キルタイムコミュニケーション) (KTC) is a Japanese publishing company focused on adult material, such as light novels, art books, adult magazines, manga. The company was established in November 1995. You can find more information about KTC at their website here, http://ktcom.jp/

Project-H Gets A Cute Devil Girlfriend With New Hentai Title

Project-H Gets A Cute Devil Girlfriend With New Hentai Title

Twitter continues to be the cool place to announce new licenses as Project-H steps back up to bat with another new title:

Cute Devil Girlfriend – Hisasi

Cute Devil Girlfriend is a collection of short stories starring big breasted, devil-tailed cute girls that are absolutely not for the kiddies! Adults only, folks, and Project-H ensures its readers that the book will be released censorship free.

The book is scheduled for a print release in September 2014.

Project-H Treats With A Foursome of Autumn Hentai Licenses

Project-H Treats With A Foursome of Autumn Hentai Licenses

Kuriousity just got a new face-lift, so now it’s time for some new content! In the on-going journey to catch up on a lucrative season of manga-news, we look to Project-H who recently announced four new hentai licenses:

Aqua Bless – Yamatogawa
Nametate Apple Pie – Ashita Morimi
Princess Lucia – Kouji Seo
Witchcraft – Yamatogawa

They start with a collection of short stories in Aqua Bless, ones which “…reveal the adventures of telepathic beauties, frustrated couples escaping to paradise, skimpy cow girls, twins falling for the same man, scandalous happenings at a ski resort, and more.” This one-shot assortment is scheduled for Fall 2014 as both print and digital editions. Those plots all sound good to me~

Ashita Morimi’s Nametate Apple Pie is a one-shot comedy scheduled for January 2015. Project-H smashed our hopes by saying “…it looks like a yuri manga .. but it’s not.” Alas! The story actually stars a man who uses his professional tongue-skills as an acupuncture-like replacement. Who needs needles? His skills are highly sought after but things get complicated when he reunites with an old crush. Dun, dun, dun…

Princess Lucia is a romantic comedy with I’m guessing an extra-pervy side if its in Project-H. It tells us the tale of a demoness who’s determined to have a child with a young man born on the devil’s hour, believing they’ll create powerful offspring. Opposing her are two equally attractive and interested angels. Princess Lucia is scheduled for release in both print and digital starting in Summer 2015. Project-H has announced they own the license for the first three books of this on-going series.

And last up, a second title by Yamatogawa – Witchcraft. The story follows a hapless young man and his run-in with “curvy and curious fortuneteller” who’s eager to test the limits of her hypnosis skills. Project-H has said that the series may be released with censorship, depending on what the original publisher provides for files. Whether it does or doesn’t, Witchcraft will be published in Winter 2014. I’m always up for some supernatural manga so I can’t complain to a genre crossover with my pornier purchases.

For those looking for some hentai now, Project-H has also been adding lots of their recent titles to their eManga platform. Remember, adults only!

Pretty in Pleats – Project H Licenses New Crossdresser Hentai

Pretty in Pleats - Project H Licenses New Crossdresser Hentai

It was Tateno on Twitter last week, but  hentai went to another social media outlet as Digital Manga announced their newest license via Facebook:

Will You Be My Cute Crossdresser? – Mitohi Matsumoto

Digital Manga will be releasing this new title through their Project-H imprint. It will be available in both print and digital editions, with the latter for $17.95/US, $19.99/CAN in October 2014. Digital Manga previously released Mitohi Matsumoto’s My Cute Crossdresser, and though I’m not 100% sure if it’s a direct sequel or not, Digital Manga does say it’s connected.

When My Cute Crossdresser was first announced, I was eager to read it. Cute crossdressing boys in sexy situations? Yes, please! Unfortunately, it wasn’t very interesting. But… not bad. I liked it enough that I’ll be buying Will You Be My Cute Crossdresser, but I’ll be going into it with more accurate expectations. It’s got a little perviness, and a sprinkle of boys’ love written from a male-gaze perspective , and not the more raunchy material I was assuming from its Project-H imprint. It’s an odd little concoction of genres but entertaining all the same.

Porntastic Profit: Project-H Announces Six New Titles for Print

Porntastic Profit: Project-H Announces Six New Titles for Print

Digital Manga’s boys’ love operations are just creeping back to life, butt their hentai imprint, Project-H continues it’s impressive momentum with no signs of slowing yet. This past weekend they announced half a new dozen new titles at Fanime:

Fetishisms with Dignity – Yuzuki n Dash
Holy Knight (Vol.01) – Maya Miyazaki
Not Enough Time to Pull It Out – Johji Manabe
Love Story of a Kinky Girl – Ryu Shinonome
Pretty Please – Moral Anzaki
You’re Too Hot For Me – Taira Azuma

Writing up a Project-H post is never short of entertaining. This time’s winning title has definitely got to be Not Enough Time to Pull It Out. Transparent and telling – while they can make the books a little tricky to order, I love them all the same. And there’s no question why the books are most commonly ordered online, though it would be fun and suiting to see a wall of Project-H’s titles at an adult entertainment store alongside the other colourfully titled media.

If we’re judging the books by their covers, than I’m most interested in Holy Knight (as pictured above). The series has the usual average-Joe-suddenly-has-hot-women-interested-in-him plot, but adds a little twist with some vampires and a silly looking animal mascot.

Each book will likely retail for the Project-H standard of $17.95/US, $19.99/CAN. Each of the books is by a creator new to English publication, with exception of Johji Manabe from whom Project-H has licensed a number of titles before, including the upcoming Ring x Mama series.

News courtesy of AnimeNewsNetwork

Cross Dressing, Breasts & Barely Legal: Project-H Licenses Five New Titles

Cross Dressing, Breasts & Barely Legal: Project-H Licenses Five New Titles

Project-H added five new titles to their license library over the weekend:

Club for Cross Dressers – Jo Soo Bu
September 2014 ($17.95/US, $19.99/CAN)

Coffin of Cerebrum – Tokihara Masato
June 2014 ($19.95/US, $21.99/CAN)

Fantasy Hentai: School Girls – Shikishirokonomi
November 2014 ($19.95/US, $21.99/CAN)

The Tale of Boobs: Chichi Monogatari – Ohkami Ryosuke
December 2012 ($19.95/US, $21.99/CAN)

You See, Teacher… (Vol. 01) – Tachibana Ei
September 2014 ($17.95/US, $19.99/CAN)

These new books were initially announced via their Twitter account.

Like all Project-H books, these are absolutely not for kids! All five books are scheduled for print releases, while Chichi Monogatari and Coffin of Cerebrum are also getting digital releases. There haven’t been many Project-H licenses granted digital rights but it looks like the Japanese publishers are opening up more and more on that front. You can read bit more about that in my recent interview with Project-H’s VP of Sales & Distribution.

Though the majority of these books don’t interest me, I was immediately intrigued by Club for Cross Dressers and You See, Teacher... Pretty boys cross dressing! Though Project-H’s My Cute Crossdresser ended up being pretty unmemorable, I can’t deny my like of the subject. The art styles are also way more to my liking also (see image above). You can see previews of these two titles on Amazon.jp: Club for Cross Dressers & You See, Teacher… 18+ only of course!

Handling Hentai: An Interview With Project-H


One of the fastest growing parts of the North American manga industry last year also seemed to be the one that flew under many radars – Digital Manga’s Project-H. Hentai might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’ve been surprised to see it discussed so lightly in the world of manga mavens. Even boys’ love, though while generally not as pornographic, seems to get it’s fair share of talk time.

Since it was announced back in mid 2011, Project H has been a swiftly growing part of its parent company. In 2012, they announced dozens of new books that would be published under it and, unlike the titles DMP has been announcing under Digital Manga Guild, almost every Project-H title is licensed with intent to print. With the cost-saving decrease in printing these days, the sheer volume of these books going to print is both a surprise and impressive.

I’ve been watching the imprint grow, and while my interest in the titles themselves have been hit or miss (like any other set of books out there), I remain intrigued by their apparent success.

With these thoughts in mind, I reached out to Digital Manga’s VP of Sales & Distribution, Yoko Tanigaki, who was able to answer a few questions about Project H’s past, present and future.

Read more…

Idols, Maids and Not For the Kids – Project-H Licenses 11 New Titles

Project-H Licenses 11 New Titles

Project-H is starting up their license announcements for the year and kicking things off with eleven new titles all scheduled for print over the course of 2014:

Disciplinarian – Inochi Wazuka (July 2014)
Fruitful Body – Nico-Pun-Nise (June 2014)
Hard Temptation – Ryuichi Hoshino (May 2014)
Her Sensitive Spot – Nikusoukyu (January 2014)
I Am Not Your Maid!! – Rumi Matsunami (October 2014)
I’m Coming With You! – Tadataka Kawasaki (TBA)
My Pretty Idol Girlfriend – Rumi Matsunami (March 2014)
Naughty Wives (Vol.01) – Rumi Matsunami (August 2014)
Naughty Wives (Vol.02) – Rumi Matsunami (December 2014)
Nurse’s Sweet Naked Truth – Shinobu/Masato Yamasaki (July 2014)
Sweet Emotions – Kobato Takahashi (February 2014)
Vagina Manifesto – Kamitani (September 2014)

These licenses were announced via the company’s Twitter account last Tuesday. Talk about planning ahead, huh? If their recent scheduling for hentai titles hold up, than Project-H’s readers will have no want for new books for quite some time. All these books are set for print editions only, with exception of I’m Coming With You!. All the other books could have possible digital editions in the future, but none are confirmed now. All the books are priced at the current standard for Project-H releases, which is $17.95/US, $19.99/CAN. As always with Project-H, all of these books are absolutely not for kids.

In a recent interview with Digital Manga’s Yoko Tanigaki (which shall be posted soon, so stay tuned!), she said that sales for Project-H books were doing well via the direct market (ie: ordering via retailers through Diamond Comics). I have to think, though the names are definitely amusing, it must be an experience going into a store to order a copy of Nurses’s Sweet Naked Truth or Vagina Manifesto – but at least you and the clerk already have a pretty good idea of what you’re gonna get!

Mature Farewell to 2012: Project-H Licenses Two New Titles

Project-H Adds Two New Titles

Digital Manga‘s hentai imprint, Project-H, is ending the year as they lived it – with new licenses!

Nyotai-Ka! (Vol. 01-04) – Ru-en Rouga
Sexless Friend (Vol. 01) – Kakei Hidetaka

Both titles are scheduled for print releases, likely in summer 2014. Personally it’s a little weird getting these license announcements this early.  There’s over a year and a half’s wait for the first book! At least by then the news will be fresh again… right? The current prices are listed at $19.99/CAN and $17.95/US, per volume.

Nyotai-Ka! is about a young man who wakes up one day to discover he’s suddenly been turned into a woman, and a very attractive completely-irresistible-to-all-others sort of attractive too. He learns that the only way to turn back is to become aroused, but the ‘condition’ comes with a unique set of exceptions and loopholes. This series is complete at four volumes.

Sexless Friend, which is currently only one volume but on-going, follows a student who is troubled by the pushy romantic advances he receives from the girls at his college. His interest lies in the more shy and reserved but he doesn’t want to hurt the girls by telling them so. All the same, he can’t help but be attracted to one of his teachers. After helping her home one night after too many drinks, he learns much more than he expected about her.

Digital Manga’s online store, Akadot, currently has some good deals on a number of their Project-H books, while RightStuf has a hefty sale on their non-hentai titles (boys’ love galore!).

Project-H Bids Farewell to Summer with Four New Hentai Licenses

New Project-H Licenses for End of Summer

Autumn is upon us! The rapidly dropping temperature is proof enough for me. This has been a busy summer for Digital Manga‘s hentai imprint, Project-H, and earlier this week they ended the season with an additional four new licenses.

Bust to Bust – Yasuiriosuke
Pink Bunny Play Time – Alice Sid
PuruPuru Hearts – Satsuki Kanna
A Sensual Ladies Man – Hitoshi Kino

All four books are one-shots priced at $17.95/US, $19.99/CAN and will be released as both print and digital editions, a new but growing trend for PH books it seems (which were primarily print-only at first). Project-H also noted that all four of these titles would be uncensored and, of course, will all come with a warning for mature readers only (no kids allowed!).

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