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Centaurs, Succubi & Lamias – Seven Seas Licenses Three New Titles

Centaurs, Succubi & Lamias - Seven Seas Licenses Three New Titles

Seven Seas was one of several publishers who took February 14th as a sign to dish out the treats with new licenses. Via a press release sent out mid-day, the company revealed three new manga licenses that sound almost as unique as their leads look:

A Centaur’s Life – Kei Murayama (November 2013)
Love in Hell – Reiji Suzumaru (October 2013)
Monster Musume – OKAYADO (October 2013)

All three series will begin in the Fall of this year and are all scheduled to be released as single volume books. The similarities don’t stop there, as each title stars a non-human female character including one being a centaur-girl – weird!

… but also intriguing. Of the three, A Centaur’s Life looks the most interesting. I really like what I’ve seen of the artwork (look at that adorable art above on the right!), and the story sounds really cute simply for how simple it sounds in contrast with its characters. Centaurs, horned-devils and winged-individuals all going through the trials of being teenagers in school – it’s so odd it just might work.

Love In Hell is about a young man who dies after a drunken accident and finds himself down in Hell. There he meets a mischievous devil girl who is deigned his guide to eternal torment unless he can work with her to repent for his sins. Eep? I’m on the fence on this title – art and synopsis is enough to make me curious, but the kind of humour a series like this has can make or break it for me. We’ll see what I think when volume one comes out in October.

And lastly there’s Monster Musume, which I can definitely say has not grasped my interest. It’s not the kind of series I’d pick up voluntarily but I’m sure it’s got an audience out there who’ll love this license, which is great. Market diversity, we have it! The story takes place in a future where human beings have learned that supernatural creatures really exist. Working together to try and incorporate them into society, a government exchange program is started, one in which a male volunteer soon finds himself host to three attractive monster girls with breasts to spare and hormones to flair. Boobs.

With supernatural creatures like vampires and zombies being such cultural hits in recent years, it’s neat seeing Seven Seas try to poke part of that audience from a different angle. Lots of fan-service layered on top I doubt hurts in these instances either. You can read more detailed descriptions of each story in Seven Seas’ press release, while credit for the news originally goes to AnimeNewsNetwork.

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