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Seven Seas Needs No Con For Three New Manga Licenses

Seven Seas Needs No Con For Three New Manga Licenses

It’s a big weekend around North America for anime conventions – Anime North, Fanime, A-Kon – just to name a few. But while some companies are picking and choosing their con(s) of choice, Seven Seas skipped that in between step by announcing several new manga licenses directly on Twitter earlier today:

Devils and Realist – Madoka Takadono & Utako Yukihiro
Dragonar Academy
– Shiki Mizuchi & Ran
Strike Witches: Maidens in the Sky – Yuuki Tanaka

Devils and Realist is about a young intellectual named William, who upon trying to liquidate family assets to help with finances, unwittingly summons a demon who tells him he’s to determine the next ruler of hell. The first volume is scheduled for April 2014.

Dragonar Academy stars a bumbling dragon-trainer who is the laughing stock of his academy. Just when he thinks he’s doomed to be the world’s worst dragon rider, his own dragon finally appears – in the form of a pretty young woman who proclaims herself his master. Volume one of Dragonar Academy is due out in February 2014.

Strike Witches: Maidens in the SkyAnd lastly is Strike Witches: Maidens in the Sky, a spin-off manga series based on the anime. Strike Witches is an anime about Earth fighting back against aliens by using young girls gifted with magic and armed with weaponry that can only be controlled by their powers. Maidens in the Sky follows a young healer new to the militia. Seven Seas has stated that this is the first Strike Witches they’ll be publishing with plans to move forward with others in chronological order once it’s complete.

Of the three, Devils and Realist  is the title I’m looking forward to. Aristocratic pretty boys, a butler and a demonic contract with a one-way trip to hell – what’s not to like? Sounds like Seven Seas has their own little Black Butler in their hands. The image on the left of this post shows the series’ lead. Look at that fangirl smoldering gaze!

Seven Seas has only already created landing pages for each series on their websites – Devils and Realist, Dragonar Academy and Strike Witches. I love a company that moves quick on stuff like this. The moment news is out, people want to know more, and ensuring your own website has what they want is a simple concept that seems to be set aside by most publishers. All three series are being released at $12.99/US a volume.

Credit for the news details goes to AnimeNewsNetwork (1|2|3)

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  1. Romey says:

    As a huge Black Butler fan, Devils and Realists has definately caught my attention! And there’s an anime of the series due out later this year so a good time to announce the release of the manga!

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