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Review: Pretty Men Fighting Dirty

Pretty Men Fighting Dirty

Manga-ka: Sakira
Publisher: SuBLime
Rating: Mature (18+)
Release Date: July 2013

Synopsis: “A non-stop collection of romance and smut! In the title story, Taizo the potter finds Shino wandering lost in the mountains and invites him back to his home. Wanting to help Taizo with his artistic block, Shino takes a hands-on approach with Taizo’s rock-hard body. In “A Loving Household,” we follow the story of an adorable house-hubby who has his hands full being salaciously loved by his new husband and stepsons. “Let’s Go to the Proctology Clinic!” chronicles a young man’s first visit to his proctologist for a rather embarrassing problem. But when it comes time for his examination, he finds out he may be in too good of hands!”

This one-shot collection of boys’ love stories is everything I wanted based on its name and then some – well drawn, well-toned men in a series of short, sexy and hilarious scenarios. Sakira is a new name to me for boys’ love creators, but after Pretty Men Fighting Dirty, their name will be one I look for.

The title story in this anthology is a multi-part piece that follows a clay sculptor taking in a man he finds unconscious in the woods. Burdened with the guilt of being unable to ‘communicate’ with the clay as his Father did, Taizo soon has his mind taken off his worries when his new guest, Shino, helps him out – by rubbing wet clay all over his body. Thoroughly. Clay-munication! When you think too much about certain parts of this story it seems a little gross, but even that is only another reason to chuckle reading this amusing opening piece.

The next story is another multi-chapter set and it’s actually longer than the original two. It doubles the fun by doubling the man-count, introducing us to a happily wed couple – Torasawa, a gruff and manly older man, and Hikaru, a younger effeminate who takes up thr role as his housewife. Thrown into the mix are Torasawa’s two teenage sons, both of whom aren’t willing to accept Hikaru as their new Mother. It doesn’t take long to realize that it isn’t because they don’t want him around. But is Daddy willing to share? Spoiler alert! … yes he is. We’re even treated to a chapter about how Torasawa and Hikaru met which offers up more opportunity for kink. Light bondage anyone?

From there the book continues on with a series of self-contained stories that never let up on the weird and the hilarious. Every story is a surprise and something new to laugh along with, plus enjoy the very nice views along the way. Not every situation will float everyone’s boat as this book doesn’t shy away from scenario diversity. Some select inclusions are cross-dressing, chest fetishes and even a chapter where hemorrhoids break the doctor-patient ice. Ouch! The book even finds room for your more standard fare of does-he-doesn’t-he love me drama but no chapter goes without a sexy resolution.

As with most manga, the artwork was what initially drew me in. At first the cover struck me as being like a buff doujinshi for Tiger & Bunny. While I obviously knew that’s not what I was getting, the book wasn’t the slightest bit disappointing. Inside the art offers all the eye candy you could want – attractive men with tight, muscular builds, lusty gazes and uncensored appendages for your mature-eyes-only pleasure. The sex scenes are equally detailed and hold little back. Sakira’s art works just as well for the comedic moments with lots of lively and laugh-worthy panels.

Pretty Men Fighting Dirty was great. I recommend it whole heartedly to regular readers of boys’ love who enjoy their men muscular, their sex scenes thorough and plenty of comedy to connect them. It’s silly, sexy and fun.

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Digital copy purchased from SuBLime

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