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Vertical Casts a Spell With Three Katsucon Licenses

Vertical Casts a Spell With Three Katsucon Licenses
Almost missed this one! I shame myself, Kuriousity readers.

Earlier in the month, Vertical Inc announced three new licenses during their attendance at Katsucon:

Demi-Human – Gamon Sakurai
Garden of Words – Makoto Shinkai / Midori Motohashi
Witchcraft Works – Ryū Mizunagi

Demi-Human takes place in our modern world after the sudden appearance of immortal beings, with their immortal traits soon showing in random humans. The story follows a Japanese student who is killed in an accident and, after finding himself revived as one of the demi-humans, is now on the run from those who were once his own kind.

The first volume of Demi-Human is scheduled for October 2014, with pre-orders available now on Amazon.ca | Amazon.com.

Garden of Words is a manga adaptation of an anime film of the same name. It tells the story of a young shoemaker who spends his days in a park sketching footwear. There he meets a young woman and we follow the evolution of their relationship. Sentai Filmworks has released the Garden of Words film in English and it is gorgeous.

Garden of WordsVertical Inc’s manga edition of Garden of Words is scheduled for October 2014 as a one-shot release. Pre-orders are available on Amazon.ca | Amazon.com.

Last but not least, Witchcraft Works follows a young man who in class sits next to his school’s most popular student, Kagari Ayaka. One day his life is in danger and who should come to his rescue but Kagari, except she’s dressed as a witch, is part of a group called the Workshop Witches, and proclaims from that day on she’ll protect him from anything.

An anime adaptation of Witchcraft Works has been streaming this season with Crunchyroll providing the English simulcast. The first volume of Witchcraft Works is scheduled for September 2014. Pre-orders are available via Amazon.ca | Amazon.com.

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