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PR: DMP Books Go Mobile on Apple App Store & Android Market

PR: DMP Goes Mobile

Digital Manga brings the Digital Manga Publishing store to the Apple App Store and Android Market

DMP Books go Mobile

Gardena, CA (November 10, 2011) Digital Manga Inc., one of the manga industry’s most unique and creative publishers, is proud to announce the all new Digital Manga Publishing Store app now available for the iPad and Android tablets! With the successful release of the Vampire Hunter D Store app, Digital Manga is moving forward with their next new app for buying and viewing the rest of their manga e-book library!! So if you love books published by DMP, download this app. The store app will carry titles from the main DMP imprint, the all-popular Juné and 801 Media imprints, and the all new Digital Manga Guild imprint! The store app also has its titles categorized by genre and type, including instructional books, foreign editions and American comics. Take all your favorite titles with you anywhere on your iPad or Android tablet.

The Digital Manga Publishing Store app carries its titles as complete volumes. Pricing for most typical 200pg manga e-books range from $8.99 to $10.99, instructional books at $12.99, and titles in other categories will vary. Additional titles will continue to be added to the store app every month, so check regularly.

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Digital Manga Newsletter Licenses and YaoiCon Events

Digital Manga Announces New Licenses and YaoiCon Events

Digital Manga’s weekly Newsletter was released tonight and in it were a couple fun tidbits of info for boys’ love fans.

Even though the upcoming YaoiCon is only a month away, Digital Manga is still revealing new licenses utilizing their newsletter. Exciting as the con atmosphere is for new licenses, I love that they’re sprinkling license news online like this. It definitely beats finding it randomly on Amazon. The new two books are:

Depression of the Anti-Romanticist
by Yasuna Saginuma (Author)/Riyu Yamakami (Manga-ka)

Beast & Feast (pictured above)
by Norikazu Akira

Along with the licensing announcements, some Digital Manga Guild reminders and job postings, they also made a few quick notes on the contents of their YaoiCon events:

DMP Panel(date/time:tba)News
New Releases/New Licenses
More Promotions!
Top-Secret announcement!!
DMG Panel(date/time:tba)News
Up-coming Releases
More Japanese Publishers!
Incentive bonuses for groups!!”

YaoiCon takes place October 21st-23rd down in Burlingame, California. Digital Manga’s sponsored guest this year is Fusanosuke Inariya, creator of (to name an especially popular one), Maiden Rose. Digital Manga doesn’t make too many convention appearances but as a company that primarily publishes boys’ love, they always save up their resources and news for this yearly event.

While I’m always most eager to hear about new licenses, I’m curious about their ‘Top-Secret Announcement’. More publication exclusives such as Yellow 2? Related to DMG or the requests for novel translators this past month? More accessibility to their eManga library (access to it on a smartphone would be a ‘huge’ step in me dipping my toe into digital manga with all their DMG one-shots)? Maybe some yuri licenses?! …I can dream right? I keep telling myself their library of Eiki Eiki and Taishi Zaou means they have a great gateway in place already for fans so it could happen…

News-wise, I’m also curious if they’ll talk at all about their newly, and rather quietly, launched hentai imprint Project-H. Sure it’s not BL but I’m definitely not the only BL reader out there who likes a little senseless, heterosexual porn sometimes.

Convention season is coming to a close for another year (well… a handful of months anyway) but I’m sure we’ll have plenty to ponder, discuss and cheer for after YaoiCon and the upcoming NYAF/NYCC. Any big manga news you’ve got your fingers crossed for?

PR: Digital Manga Guild Launches First Title on eManga.com

Tired of Waiting for Love Now Available Online!

Gardena, CA (August 15, 2011) – Digital Manga Inc. is proud to announce the release of its very first manga title, Tired of Waiting for Love, under the Digital Manga Guild initiative. This first title launch is in conjunction with Japanese publisher, Taiyo Tosho, and localized by the Kawaii Neko group. You can purchase and read this exciting manga now at eManga.com.

The Digital Manga Guild (DMG), first announced at Yaoi Con 2010, is a collaboration between Digital Manga, Inc., Japanese publishers, and a community of localizers to produce hundreds of manga titles for online distribution . This revolutionary alliance breaks down old systems, allowing a flood of untapped manga content from participating Japanese publishers, to reach the hands of hungry manga fans everywhere. Taiyoh Tosho, a premiere Japanese yaoi publisher and long time licensor to DMP’s June imprint, is one of the first publishers to support DMG. Localizing group, Kawaii Neko is one of the first groups activated to work on titles for DMG. You can read more about DMG and Kawaii Neko group in this recent interview at Publisher’s weekly and at The Digital Manga Guild website.

Tired of Waiting for Love, written and illustrated by yaoi fan favorite duo Aida Saki and Yugi Yamada, is about yakuza Kyousuke Sawaragi. Having been sentenced to five years in prison for dealing drugs, he just wants to finish his term and start a normal life. After parole, when he runs into former cellmate Shuuya, he’s in no hurry to renew their acquaintance. Fate seems to have other ideas, the yakuza and Shuuya repeatedly cross his path. Can he really turn his back on all of it, especially if it holds his one chance at finding true love?

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PR: Digital Manga Guild Acquires First 487 titles

Gardena, CA (March 21, 2011) – Digital Manga is excited to announce the first acquisition of 487 titles from Japanese publishers for the Digital Manga Guild (DMG). That number is expected to grow exponentially, as publishers have shown an increased interest within the past few weeks to be a part of DMG.

While the names of the publishers must still be kept under wraps, the growing amount of titles has astounded everyone at Digital Manga Publishing (DMP). In addition, the genres have varied between yaoi, shojo, josei, and seinen, with more to come. DMG has been President Sasahara’s personal project over the past years, as he sought a new way to produce more titles quickly for manga fans. The Guild finally came to fruition in October of last year under the DMP umbrella, and has steadily grown with over 1,100 members joining to take part in this manga community initiative. With their help, DMG promises to be a guaranteed success.

The titles keep rolling in from Japan, further establishing the Digital Manga Guild as a serious business changing the way manga will be localized.

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The Manga Revolution? Digital Manga Guild Accepting Applications

Originally disclosed back in June, Digital Manga has now launched the official start of their newest digital manga initiative, and one that could potentially overhaul the way fans around the world enjoy the medium: The Digital Manga Guild. Credit and thanks to Daniella of All About Manga for sharing the link via her Twitter account.

“With the changing tide of the economy and the high cost and slow pace of producing print editions of your favorite manga, Digital Manga, Inc. has moved forward into this new digital venture to localize and produce manga online! Digital Manga has made agreements with six major Japanese publishers to provide content to our online platform, planned for a 2011 launch. Hundreds of untranslated titles will need to be adapted to the rest of the speaking world. That is where you, the fans step in.”

The website is pretty sparse right now but has open applications for groups and individuals to apply for potential roles as translators, editors, re-writers, touch-up artists and letterers. There’re no specifics on the experience required for applicants though there is a section to provide examples of your work.

It’s exciting to see the number of different languages Digital Manga is seeking translators for: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Korean and Chinese. Not only could this be a fantastic endeavour for Digital Manga’s current English market, but to manga readers around the world as well, offering a fan-involved, legal and artist supporting alternative to scanlations. This is a project definitely worth keeping an eye on and it’ll be great to see what first titles come out the door.

You can read more about the original discussion surrounding this project on the website, The Yaoi Review, including a follow-up response from the company president.

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