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Otaku USA: On The Shelf – March 21, 2012

Otaku USA: On The Shelf - March 21, 2012

It’s new manga time! This week’s edition of On The Shelf has been posted over at Otaku USA. Check it out for the list of titles that arrived in stores today, including my most anticipated of the week: A Bride’s Story (Vol.03), Bunny Drop, (Vol. 05) and Young Miss Holmes!

Sleepless Nights, In These Words – New BL Titles Scheduled For Print

New BL Titles Scheduled for Print

A few different tidbits of boys’ love news rounded up from the week today. Always makes me happy when I can write up about more books heading to print!

Continuing a recent trend of license announcements, Digital Manga has posted news of their license for Sachi Murakami’s one-shot story collection, Sleepless Nights. The title is scheduled for both a digital and print release, with dates yet to be revealed. The book’s title story follows two men who, after sharing a sexual relationship when younger, meet years later and become roommates.

Over on Amazon, I also came across a listing for a print edition of Guilt Pleasure’s In These Words. The Guilt|Pleasure website confirms this book will have a summer release. As a big fan of Jo Chen’s artwork (Guilt Pleasure is her group name for her boys’ love work), I’m thrilled to see In These Words coming to print in English with some wider distribution. It’s listed as being published by Digital Manga’s 801Media imprint, also an exciting note for the branching out it symbolizes for the company. Digital Manga already offers several originally English-language titles on their digital eManga website such as a Teahouse preview and Yaoi Press books but this is the first time they’ve published one in print.

A text version of the story can be read over on the creator’s website and you can drool over her gorgeous artwork on the site’s blog. A short synopsis from their site for In These Words is as follows:

“Asano Katsuya is an US trained psychiatrist who had been recruited by the Tokyo Police Department to provide a profile through the victims’ data.  Based on Asano’s profile and recommendation, an elaborate plan was put in place to lure the serial killer out.  It was within months the plan bore a successful result. After three years and twelve victims, Shinohara Keiji was finally in the police custody.  Shinohara had promised a thorough confession, however, on the absolute term that Asano has to be the one to receive it. Besides the curious request by the killer whom Asano was only familiar with on paper, disturbing nightmares began to plague him as soon as he was given the case…”

Yaoi Press – a publisher of boys’ love content from artists around the world – is returning to print publishing with a new title due out in the summer as well. The company has focused almost exclusively on digital BL novels via their Yaoi Prose (18+) imprint since 2009. Punishment is a one-shot graphic novel written by the company’s owner, Yamila Abraham, and illustrated by Yifeng Jiang. A synopsis and larger cover image for the book can be seen over on the Yaoi Press website. I’m really happy to see them returning to print publishing for a couple titles, and even more so that it’s a simultaneous return to fully illustrated releases.

And lastly, in digital BL news, SuBLime has released another title for purchase and download this past Valentine’s Day- Isaku Natsume’s Devil’s Honey. Originally scheduled for the same day, volumes two of Love Pistols and Husband, Honeymoon have both been pushed back to February 29.

Review: An Ideal World

Reviewer: Andre

Manhua-ka: Chao Peng, Weidong Chen
Publisher: Yen Press
Rating: Teen (13+)
Release Date: March 2009

Synopsis: “Time and again, A You finds himself chasing a mysterious rabbit through his dreams. But before he can reach out and grab it…his mother is shaking him awake for another day of work. A You’s not exactly thrilled with his job at the factory, so when a persistent streak of bad luck leaves him unemployed, it seems like a great opportunity to start over. The trouble is, A You doesn’t have anything to move on to. With no goals or aspirations, A You roams the city searching for direction. Deep in thought on one of his strolls, A You suddenly rouses himself only to discover he’s lost in the woods. He catches sight of a rabbit, and in desperation follows it through the forest. But this scene seems familiar…Is it a dream? Or could there truly be An Ideal World within the darkness?”

Chinese comics have been imported to the English comics market since the 80’s, but those were primarily Hong Kong action comics. Now, we’re beginning to see a larger variety, including some titles from mainland China, such as this title – Yen Press’s release of An Ideal World. A mixture of European, Hong Kong and manga aesthetics, An Ideal World offers a change in pace from normal asian comics fare, with vivid colours and a self-contained, single volume story.

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Review: The History of the West Wing

Reviewer: Lissa Pattillo

Author: Sun Jiayu
Manhua-ka: Guo Guo
Publisher: Yen Press
Rating: Teen (13+)
Release Date: June 2009

Synopsis: “Lavishly illustrated in full color and based on the classic Chinese play Xixiang Ji by Wang Shifu, The History of the West Wing tells of the illicit romance between the daughter of a Chinese government official and the roaming scholar who seeks to win her hand. But before he can turn his attentions to his ladylove, the young man must win the heart of her mother! When it seems even heroic deeds in the face of murderous bandits will not please the strict matriarch, the young man goes off to become a civil servant. Will he return in time to marry his true love?”

Love at first sight, and with only deeper to fall, History of the West Wing is a fantastical visual treat that follows the quick-to-bloom love of two fated souls for whom potential suitors, invading ingrates and provincial exams hold no chance of separation. A gift for both the heart and the eyes, this is a quaint one-shot release worth taking notice of.

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Review: Wild Animals (Vol. 01) – Key Trafficker

Manhua-ka: Song Yang
Publisher: Yen Press
Rating: Older Teen (16+)
Released: September 2008

Synopsis: “Coming of age during the Cultural Revolution in China, sixteen-year-old Ma Xiaojun yearns to rebel against the system. But while he manages to get into plenty of trouble with his friends, he also nurtures a more solitary side and a mysterious obsession with keys. When maturity yields a newfound interest in the opposite sex, Xiaojun finds himself intrigued by the untouchable Mi Lan. Will he ever find the key to unlock the enigmas she presents?”

Wild Animals is the story of Ma Xiaojun, a Chinese teen living during the Cultural Revolution. He runs with a questionable crowd, skips school and generally does what he wishes in a society he enjoys rebelling against. It’s 240 pages of life in China-past through the eyes of its youth.

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