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Porntastic Profit: Project-H Announces Six New Titles for Print

Porntastic Profit: Project-H Announces Six New Titles for Print

Digital Manga’s boys’ love operations are just¬†creeping back to life, butt their hentai imprint, Project-H continues it’s impressive momentum with no signs of slowing yet. This past weekend they announced half a new dozen new titles at Fanime:

Fetishisms with Dignity – Yuzuki n Dash
Holy Knight (Vol.01) РMaya Miyazaki
Not Enough Time to Pull It Out – Johji Manabe
Love Story of a Kinky Girl – Ryu Shinonome
Pretty Please – Moral Anzaki
You’re Too Hot For Me – Taira Azuma

Writing up a Project-H post is never short of entertaining. This time’s winning title has definitely got to be Not Enough Time to Pull It Out. Transparent and telling – while they can make the books a little tricky to order, I love them all the same. And there’s no question why the books are most commonly ordered online, though it would be fun and suiting to see a wall of Project-H’s titles at an adult entertainment store alongside the other colourfully titled media.

If we’re judging the books by their covers, than I’m most interested in Holy Knight (as pictured above). The series has the usual average-Joe-suddenly-has-hot-women-interested-in-him plot, but adds a little twist with some vampires and a silly looking animal mascot.

Each book will likely retail for the Project-H standard of $17.95/US, $19.99/CAN. Each of the books is by a creator new to English publication, with exception of Johji Manabe from whom Project-H has licensed a number of titles before, including the upcoming Ring x Mama series.

News courtesy of AnimeNewsNetwork

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