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Vertical Inc Plays With Fire With Tetsuya Tsutui’s Prophecy

Vertical Inc Plays With Fire With Tetsuya Tsutui's Prophecy

It’s New York Comic Con this weekend and that has already equated to a lot of amazing manga licensing news – and it’s only Saturday! But first, we’re a little behind here at Kuriousity as work-that-pays deadlines loom, so time for a little catch-up with a license that Vertical Inc. announced during Anime Weekend Atlanta a couple weeks ago:

Prophecy– Tetsuya Tsutui

The story follows a specialized police task force as it tries to find the culprit, or culprits, behind a number of serious crimes including arson and rape. Complicating things is the fact that the crimes are posted about online before they happen, leading to more questions as to who’s behind them and the rallying support behind their apparent prophet.

I’m not familiar with Tetsuya Tsutui’s work but I have a lot of faith in Vertical Inc’s taste in material. Plus, those t-shirts worn in the image above are pretty darn cool. An additional interesting fact about the title is that the artist contacted them directly about the license. I thought that was really neat (and potentially promising) to hear!

Prophecy is complete at three volumes, and Vertical has confirmed they’ll be releasing it as singles. The first book is currently scheduled for September 2014.

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