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There Today, Hopefully Here Tomorrow – New Higuri, Titan and Tateno Manga Series Debut in Japan

Princess Ledalia: The Rose Pirate

Manga series only out in Japan are rarely a topic here at Kuriousity simply because of the inability to buy them in English. However I’m making an exception today for three new series scheduled to debut in the next few months that I’ll be having my fingers crossed we see released in English one day. Here’s to hoping!

I’ll start off with the manga title that excites me the most and that’s a new work by You Higuri. I’ve always enjoyed her work. Even if an individual story is a little lack-lustre, I love her art. Her new series is called Princess Ledalia: The Rose Pirate, and, as the name might suggest, stars a young woman who was raised as a pirate but learns that she’s actually of noble birth.

I really hope Ledalia is more of a butt-kicker than a stereotypical damsel and that finding out she’s a princess doesn’t turn a tough pirate into a weeping sovereign. It’s a cynical way for me to go into this, sure, but I have high hopes for something really fun, inspiring and well drawn.

You Higuri has had series published in English by Del Rey, BLU, Digital Manga Publishing, GoComi, and CMX. All but one of those companies have since shutdown, but I’ll remain hopeful that her work comes with enough past success to warrant a license of her newer work. (Src: ANN)

Attack on Titan: Before the FallFans of Attack on Titan are likely pleased with the news that the series is getting a new manga based on previously released light novels. I’ve really wanted to read these light novels, which take place before the series and follows the inventor of 3D maneuver gear, but had resigned myself to the fact that even a series as popular as Attack on Titan couldn’t inspire a light novel license. A manga on the other hand…

This new series is called Attack on Titan: Before the Fall, and is being drawn by Satoshi Shiki. Shiki’s original manga series Kami-Kaze was released in English by Tokyopop and their art style back then makes me confident they’ll do a nice job drawing the complicated, action-oriented movements of Attack on Titan‘s maneuver gear, not to mention the terrifying titans themselves. (Src: ANN)

We also more recently learned that there’s a second spin-off manga for Attack on Titan which will be running in the shoujo magazine, ARIA. Attack on Titan: A Choice With No Regrets will be a story about the characters Levi and Erwin, specifically their back-stories. The original story has already hinted at Levi’s past as a street thug leader before Erwin met him, so we know there’s plenty of material to elaborate on. (Src: ANN)

Attack on Titan has been one of the best selling titles in years, both in Japan and in North America, so I like to think this makes the eventual license of Attack on Titan: Before the Fall and A Choice With No Regrets a guarantee. Since the titles are both being released in Kodansha magazines, Kodansha Comics seems like the likeliest candidate – plus of course they’re putting out Attack on Titan.

Lastly, Makoto Tateno hops back on the paranormal bandwagon with her new series, Vampire Romanshiki. This series will be about a young woman attending an all-girls’ school who is one day approached by two mysterious men – who I’m guessing are vampires. I like that the story takes place in 1918, which I hope gives it a little unique flair.

A number of Makoto Tateno’s series have been released in English already and most by Digital Manga Publishing. My feelings towards her books are always hit or miss, but apparently more the first than the latter since I always buy them.  (Src: ANN)

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