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Seven Seas Licenses First Yuri of 2014, Citrus


Seven Seas is a licensing force that feels like it can’t be stopped! And I’m certainly not going to get in their way (though I am having a little difficulty keeping up!). At the end of January, they announced what we can only hope is their first yuri license of the year:

Citrus - Saburouta

The plot of Citrus sounds like one of those anime-stereotype sis-cest stories ,only with two girls. While I usually avoid those kinds of series, it looks like I’ll be making an exception for this one. It’s a yuri – I must!

Citrus follows a young woman who’s never been in love, yet finds herself both annoyed and enthralled by the student council president at her new school. However, it turns out said-president is her new step-sister and, to top it off, the two are now living together.

The first volume of Citrus is scheduled for December 2014 and will retail at $15.99/CAN, $13.99/US.

Good Things Come In Threes With New Yen Press Licenses

Übel Blatt

Yen Press managed to do the nearly-impossible yesterday by announcing three new manga licenses… via their own website! It was a triple Valentine’s Day treat:

Accel World – Reki Kawahara & Hiroyuki Aigamo
Barakamon – Satsuki Yoshino
Übel Blatt – Etorouji Shiono

We’re so used to finding out licenses via social media or retail listings, that reading the news first from a company’s RSS feed felt like a foreign experience. It’s also been a while since we’ve heard licensing news from Yen Press in general. I’ve no complaints of course, and all these licenses look great. It’s also the first time any of these creators have been published in English.

Accel World is a repeat title for Yen Press. They announced that they had licensed the original light novels last summer. The story follows students who can log into their school network to participate, and compete, in a virtual world where winning imbues the players with powers in the real world.

Baramamon – which has some adorable looking cover artwork – is about a young calligrapher who must move to a small island. There his city habits are tested as he befriends the locals and gets accustomed to his new life there. This series looks really charming – I hope the covers don’t steer me wrong!

And then there’s Übel Blatt, a series I’ve already seen compared to Berserk repeatedly. As a fan of that series, I’m certainly not adverse to another violent, fantasy epic full of elves and magic. The story follows a young swordsmen with a dark past out on a quest for revenge! Good stories can come from small plot packages. Yen Press will be releasing Übel Blatt in omnibus editions collecting two in one.

All three titles are scheduled to start in Fall of this year.

Daring Doujinshi As Seven Seas Announces Dance in Vampire Bund Anthologies

Daring Doujinshi As Seven Seas Announces Dance in Vampire Bund Anthologies

Seven Seas is joining Yen Press at bringing doujinshi to North America. While doujinshi is a word for self-published comics, the term is used primarily by English-speaking audiences for fan-works based on preexisting properties. Seven Seas simultaneously pleases fans of one of their most popular series with this week’s doujinshi license:

Dance in the Vampire Bund: Forgotten Tales – Various
Dance in the Vampire Bund: Secret Chronicles – Various

These  two collections of short stories are primarily contributed to by fans of Dance in the Vampire Bund. They’ve been compiled by Seven Seas from a variety of smaller publications previously sold in Japanese comic markets.

The series original creator, Nozomu Tamaki, also contributed new stories to these books as well. Secret Chronicles is especially notable for fans of the original series as Nozomu Tamaki oversaw all the short stories within it, giving them official capacity. They’re canon, folks!

Forgotten Tales is scheduled to be released in June 2014, while Secret Chronicles will follow behind in October.

Credit for the news goes to ICv2

Seven Seas Switches It Up With Body Swapping Manga Kokoro Connects

Kokoro Connects

One of the most entertaining manga I’ve read recently has been Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, published digitally by Crunchyroll. It begins with a young man discovering he has the ability to switch bodies with others thanks to a kiss. Naturally, plenty of body-switching hilarity ensues! But, though this post serves as a convenient chance to promote such a fun series, it’s actually about another story where there’s body-switching afoot in school:

Kokoro Connects - Sadanatsu Anda & CuteG

Seven Seas announced they’d acquired the license to Kokoro Connects on their Twitter account earlier this week. The series is scheduled to start in August 2014 with volume one, while it remains on-going in Japan with five currently compiled books so far.

“Five members of the school culture club – Taichi Yaegashi, Iori Nagase, Himeko Inaba, Yui Kiriyama, and Yoshifumi Aoki – encounter a bizarre phenomenon one day when Aoki and Yui switch personalities without warning. The same begins to happen to the other club members, throwing their daily lives into chaos. At first the five students find some amusement among the confusion, but this connection also exposes the painful scars hidden within their hearts… When their calm lives are shattered, the relationships between the five students also begin to change!” – Crunchyroll

Kokoro Connects has also been adapted into an anime, which was streamed by Crunchyroll in 2012.

Seven Seas Licenses Magical Girl Apocalypse

Magical Girl Apocalypse

Seven Seas‘ has announced its first new title of 2014, starting off the year with a creepy, creepy cover (with added blood for effect!):

Magical Girl Apocalypse - Satou Kentaro

As the image implies, Magical Girl Apocalypse is not another tale of brightly coloured frilled skirts and cute compacts. The story follows two students whose lives are thrown into chaos when a magical girl appears at their school and begins murdering their classmates.

Volume one is scheduled to come out in October 2014. The series is currently four volumes long in Japan.

Vertical Inc Helps Us Creatively Kill Time with My Neighbor Seki License

My Neighbor Seki

Now we’re really ringing in the new year – it’s new manga acquisition time! Today it was Vertical Inc, who has their first official license of 2014:

My Neighbor Seki - Takuma Morishige

Vertical’s marketing director and friend to manga-kind, Ed Chavez, announced the license during his recent appearance on the ANNCast. The timing coincides nicely with the My Neighbor Seki anime adaptation which has just started streaming on Crunchyroll, though Ed describes plans to publish the title have actually be on-going for a couple years.

“Seki is the quite type. Smart and pretty cool-headed Seki is generally your average everyday student. But when he is at his desk way at the back his homeroom, he reveals a creative side that few people get to experience. Hidden from the eyes of his teachers, Seki is often found tinkering on and around his desk, creating the most complicated of projects often stretching the imagination…mainly cause he’s got nothing better to do.”

My Neighbor Seki is scheduled to start late 2014, with a new volume out every 2-3 months. Currently the series is five volumes long in Japan.

Seven Seas Dreams Bigger With New Alice in the Country of… Trilogy

Alice in the Country of Clover: Nightmare Trilogy

Seven Seas delivered some holiday cheer when they confirmed via their Twitter account that they’d licensed a new Alice in the Country of… series:

Alice in the Country of Joker: Nightmare Trilogy – QuinRose & Yobu

As the name indicates, the series will be three volumes long and star Nightmare as Alice’s romantic inclination. The first volume is scheduled for release in August 2014. Pre-orders are already available via |

This is the second series Seven Seas has licensed that’s dedicated to the character, Nightmare. The first was Alice in the Country of Clover: Nightmare, which will be released a few months prior in April. In all of the Alice in the Country Of… stories, Nightmare is an enigmatic figure who comes  to Alice in her dreams. While he has offered helpful hints about her time in Wonderland, he most often speaks in vagueness to confuse her and makes clear in Alice’s absence that he knows much more than he tells her.

It was already a pleasant surprise to me that Nightmare had a one-shot, so I’m especially thrilled to see he gets a trilogy as well. I’ve been crossing my fingers that a focus on him might finally reveal a few more truths about the series hanging plot threads.

Both Nightmare titles are drawn by the same artist, Yobu. Their cover artwork for Nightmare looks great but I’ll need a bit more optimism for the eye-candy after seeing how they drew Alice on volume one’s cover. Hmm…


Project-H Gets A Cute Devil Girlfriend With New Hentai Title

Project-H Gets A Cute Devil Girlfriend With New Hentai Title

Twitter continues to be the cool place to announce new licenses as Project-H steps back up to bat with another new title:

Cute Devil Girlfriend – Hisasi

Cute Devil Girlfriend is a collection of short stories starring big breasted, devil-tailed cute girls that are absolutely not for the kiddies! Adults only, folks, and Project-H ensures its readers that the book will be released censorship free.

The book is scheduled for a print release in September 2014.

Seven Seas Adds D-Frag Comedy Manga to 2014 Schedule

Seven Seas Adds D-Frag Comedy Manga to 2014 Schedule

Seven Seas continues to add to their 2014 library of titles with another new licenses announced via their Twitter account:

D-Frag! - Tomoya Haruno

D-Frag follows a young man named Kenji Kazama, who is seen by himself and his peers as the school delinquent. His school life changes when he’s forced to join a gamers’ club consisting of girls who’re considerably more out-there than he ever was.

Seven Seas describes it as “Lots of slapstick/gag comedy, a bit of slice-of-life school antics and a dash of (not your average) harem fun.” The company also recently launched an Instagram account where they posted several hints for fans to guess D-Frag! before officially announcing it.

The first volume of D-Frag! is scheduled for July 2014 and priced at $14.99/CAN, $12.99/US. Volume two is listed for September. Both these volumes are currently available for pre-order on – volume one and volume two.

Seven Seas’ announcement of the license comes pretty well-timed with the premiere of the D-Frag anime, which will have its first episode air this early January.

Seven Seas Makes More Friends With Two New Haganai Licenses

Seven Seas Makes More Friends With Two New Haganai Licenses

When it rains, it pours! And in manga license world, that’s happy news indeed. Seven Seas announced another two licenses via their Twitter account last week:

Haganai: Club Minutes – bomi & Kiurian
Haganai: Now With 50% More Fail! – Chirow Kazahana & Shirabi

Seven Seas has been releasing the original Haganai series – the full title being Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends – since November 2012. The next volume scheduled is volume five in January.

Haganai: Now With 50% More Fail! is a one-shot collection of short stories taking place within the timeline of Haganai. Each story follows a different character from The Neighbours club, a group of students brought together by their common trait of not having many friends. Now With 50% More Fail! is available for pre-order on Amazon (CAN/USA) with a release date for July 2014. It’s priced at $14.99/CAN, $12.99/US.

Haganai: Club Minutes is another collection of short stories, however chronologically these all take place after the original series, so it serves as a sequel. It also focuses more on the group’s activities than individual members. Club Minutes is scheduled for November 2014, but doesn’t yet have a confirmed price or Amazon page.

In response to the license announcement, one fan asked about the possibility of Seven Seas licensing the original Haganai light novels which garnered the following response:

“As we’ve frequently mentioned, the light-novel market isn’t exactly in the kind of condition where we’d be able to release LNs. … As much as we’d love to license/release the Haganai light-novel series, at the current time, it just isn’t feasible/realistic.”

Seven Seas has recently announced a number of other licenses, including several Strikes Witches’ titles, a new Alice in Wonderland spoof, and something about biscuits and hammers.

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