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More Drama of DramaQueen

Give it up already! Geebus…

A recent post in the DramaQueen forums by one of the remaining editors:

“well, i’m holding my breath here, but i was also told we would be publishing TYRANT, as the first book for our “comeback”. all my files have been submitted so i’m starting work on the 2nd book now.”

Not the first time we’ve heard this: a supposed triumphant comeback and one started with the far-too-long awaited release of The Tyrant Who Falls In Love by Hinako Takanaga. While this tiny post acts as little more than perhaps another itty-bitty sliver of possible hope, I have to wonder, as much as I’d be happy to finally have some of their licenses in my hands (if they do make a comeback), will a miraculous return act as boo-boo bandaid for all of DQ’s disappointing past treatment of its fans? Is keeping everyone, including their own staff, completely in the dark, and allowing the negative feelings to fester, just to make a return all the more sudden, a worthy trade-off?

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3 Responses

  1. Suzu says:

    Nah, to me, they're dead. It's practically impossible to come back after such a long time. Still sucks, cause I really wanted to finish Lovely sick. Luckily nearly all Takanaga titles are available in other languages.

  2. Tina says:

    I'm curious as to whom she submitted her files to. Was it Akito? If so, no one ever said they weren't working on pre-press [shoot, we in RUSH still did our art, stories, and prepped our files]. The issue wasn't production– it was cash for printing. Someone should ask this girl if she's been paid for her work on Tyrant…if she got paycheck for the files she just turned in, then perhaps DQ does have funds for printing. :)

  3. Lissa says:

    @Suzu: Unfortunately for me, if the languages the Takanaga titles are available in aren't English, they don't do me much good. Does seem nearly impossible to imagine a DQ comeback after this long a dead period.

    @Tina: Good point. I like to think if they're still working on the pre-press that they intend to do 'something' with it, be it print prep or choosing to take the digital distribution route, maybe through NetComics or their own online set-up like Digital Manga. If they can pull themselves together enough anyway… wishful thinking by me may account for many of those thoughts over logic, saddly.

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