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Tyrant Who Falls In Love Listed for OVA Release

Tyrant Who Falls In Love - Anime Announced

Hinako Takanaga’s Tyrant Who Falls In Love boys’ love series has been officially scheduled for an anime adaptation! The news was released in the May edition of Japan’s Gush magazine (where the series currently runs). There are no further details yet on the company producing or the release date. (via AnimeNewsNetwork)

But really, the news itself is impressive enough in itself isn’t it? Seems there’s been a good streak of boys’ love series being adapted into animes in Japan lately and the popularity of Tyrant is sure to have this news serve as music to many a fans’ ear. It’ll be entertaining in itself seeing Hinako Takanaga’s art brought to the screen for the first time as well and will allow her fans to ponder what other series would look like animated (a one-shot OVA of The Devil’s Secret anyone?).

The Tyrant Who Falls In Love follows the trials of Tetsuhiro Morinaga whose fallen hopelessly in love with his senpai – unfortunately this ponytailed, steely-eyed man who has won Morinaga’s affection also happens to be homophobic and bearer of a wicked temper. The series is currently up to five completed volumes in Japan and was originally a spin-off of one of Hinako Takanga’s older works, Challengers.

Though the real question in light of this news is… will we see this anime get licensed for English release so we can actually buy/watch it? With the way license-trends for boys’ love material have been in recent years, eyes should likely be looking in RightStuf/Nozomi Entertainment’s direction as they prepare for their upcoming release of the anime adaptation of Junjo Romantica.

News of the series’ adaptation also comes at a great time for Digital Manga who announced at YaoiCon 2009 their acquisition of the manga for English release. The first volume is due out September 2010 and pre-orders are currently available via Amazon.

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11 Responses

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Lissa, Tanko Chan. Tanko Chan said: O BL "Tyrant Who Falls In Love" vai ter anime!! #yaoi […]

  2. Monica says:

    YAY!!!! Can't wait!!!!!

  3. JRB says:

    Wait, it's coming out in September? Birthday present! More squee!

  4. JRB says:

    OK, yeah, we saw this one coming. But still, SQUEE!!!

    Now, will June please give us a release date?

  5. JRB says:

    And finally, the title June has picked (The Tyrant Who Falls In Love) has always struck me as needlessly clunky. I wish they had stuck with The Tyrant Falls In Love.

    • Lissa says:

      I think The Tyrant Who Falls In Love sounds a lot more fluid, personally. Plus it gives more of a this-is-the-story-of vibe over The Tyrant Falls In Love which comes off more like a stiff sentence someone would use to super-summarize the series. We don't want summarization, we want the whole pretty-shebang after all :D

  6. Isikaru says:

    This…just made my whole life. I’ve been thinking for the past two months how cool it would be if they’d make an OVA for Tyrant…and hear it is. *cries tears of joy* I am so happy.

    • Lissa says:

      It's definitely fun news ^^ I really hope it gets picked up someone in North America for license! Seeing Hinako Takanaga's art style animated will be lovely.

      • Isikaru says:

        Me too. But if not, there will always be fansubs…XD

        Even though I would love to support Hinako Takanaga by buying the DVD.

        Very true though. I wonder how well they'll do with the art and voices.

  7. Lu says:

    ;__; I agree. Her art is so BEAUTIFUL and clean. And her stories are so adorable. I also find she focuses a lot on character more than the sexual part of it. Actual story~

    I would absolutely die if they made Bukiyou na Silent into an OVA. It's still my favourite work by her. I'm hoping they even just license the series in English so I can buy it T_T <3

  8. Sarah S says:

    first visit and I just wanted to stop by and say hi!

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