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PR: Animate USA Adds Youka Nitta and Hinako Takanaga Titles


TOKYO, JAPAN – September 1 – Animate U.S.A., Inc. is pleased to announce its September release lineup for the Amazon Kindle Store!

Five more Yaoi titles published by Libre Publishing in Japan, including the Kindle Exclusive title “Kiss Ariki – Episode 1” by Youka Nitta, have been added. Also, Hinako Takanaga, one of the most popular BL artists, has finally arrived in the Kindle Store!

For more information, please visit www.animate-world.com, www.b-boy.jp, and to keep on top of all things about Nitta Youka, nittayouka.com!!

September 2010:
Youka Nitta – “Kiss Ariki – Episode 1″ Kindle Exclusive!!!
Youka Nitta – “Sound of My Voice – Golden Goose Part 3”
Shiuko Kano – “P.B.B. Play Boy Blues – Act 3”
Makoto Tateno – “See You in the School of the Muse Vol.3 (in Japanese)”
Hinako Takanaga – “Awkward Silence -Bukiyou na Silent- Vol.1 (in Japanese)”

“Kiss Ariki – Episode 1” by Youka Nitta
“You, go to an island with Kiria’s son.”

One day, Tohru is told this by his father, who is the 5th boss of the Suki Clan. A huge war in the Yakuza world is expected in the near future, so he is given an order to hide on the island.

After that, Tohru and Mutsumi Kiria begin their secluded life together, and before they realize it…

“Sound of My Voice – Golden Goose Part 3” by Youka Nitta
A lifelong dream of fame and fortune has been the driving force of Wataru Jouchi’s entire life. Now, after much self-doubt, he’s decided to fulfill his destiny and become a voice actor for anime videos.

At first, he is thrilled to discover that his long lost friend, Renji Kazama, is considered a top star in the industry. But Kazama does not seem at all pleased about their unexpected reunion.

Is he simply wary of this newfound competition, or is there another reason why he seems intent on keeping Wataru at arm’s reach?

“P.B.B. – Play Boy Blues – Part 3” by Shiuko Kano
Selling One’s Body at Japan’s most popular Host Club comes naturally for Junsuke Aki.

In fact, he is the club’s top performer (and earner!) and is easily the most popular Host with the female clientele.

However, his lover, a former Host named Shinobu Hishiya, has forsaken the wild club lifestyle in favor of his new job as a construction worker. Together, they share wild days and passionate nights, making love whatever, wherever, and however they want.

But when jealousy and male pride enter the picture, their blissful, sexy relationship may not be able to handle the strain.

“See You in the School of the Muse Vol.2 (in Japanese)” by Makoto Tateno
The entertainment department at this private school is known as the ‘Muse Class’.

Tadafumi, a student in general studies, has to tutor You, who is a super popular idol even in this class filled with super talented celebrities.
But during their first meeting, You suddenly explodes in anger after being touched in a certain place!

This is the first collection of cute and dramatic love stories with these blessed school boys!

“Awkward Silence -Bukiyou na Silent- Vol.1 (in Japanese)” by Hinako Takanaga
[……!! ……. ……(:D)]
Toono is super quiet and poor at showing his emotions. When Tamiya, his classmate that he has always liked, confesses feelings for him, his heart can’t stop pounding!!
Although it’s really difficult to express, his heart is overflowing with affection.

A superb story of pure love!

About Animate U.S.A., Inc.
From North to South, it’s by far the largest anime store chain in Japan! It’s the go-to place for any anime/manga fan! Character goods from anime, manga, game, comics, art supplies… You name it! All anime/manga-related merchandise is available! Additionally, you can find original Animate goods, specials, etc. Furthermore, we have special events such as autograph sessions, panel discussions, campaigns, and more! Come to Animate filled with ‘Dreams’ and ‘Hope’!!
See http://www.animate.co.jp/ for more information. (Japanese site)

About Libre Publishing Co., Ltd.
The biggest BL publisher in Japan. The company name “Libre Publishing Co., Ltd.” is taken from the Latin base “Lib” which can mean “Book” or “Liberty.” Such is the aim of our company, to be able to share this love of “books” and “freedom” by the unique contents of the works that we offer, for the enjoyment of our readers. See http://www.libre-pub.co.jp/ for more information. (in Japanese)

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  1. zoey1 says:

    I don't understand what good it will do to release the Japanese versions to an English speaking public.

    • Lissa says:

      I'm confused on that as well. On one hand, it's a pretty easy way for them to make some extra money and pique interest – on the other hand, I'm afraid them posting the series like this could mean it's even less likely we'll see them licenesed for a full English release. I've been wanting to read Hinako Takanaga's Bouya no Silent for years – hope this doesn't ruin our chances!

      That said, I do love seeing them releasing material to us so directly at least and will probably try buying the Hinako Takanaga title just to flip through and show my support.

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