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Seven Seas Returns to the Sky With Three New Strikes Witches’ Titles

Seven Seas Returns to the Skies With Three New Strikes Witches' Titles

Edit: Missed one of the licenses! It has now been added for more Strikes Witches’ goodness~

Up, up and away! With panties! Seven Seas is expanding their Strike Witches offerings with three new licenses announced via their Twitter last week:

Strike Witches: 1937 Fuso Sea Incident – Humikane Shimada & Ningen
Strike Witches: One Winged Witches – Shimada Fumikane & Shinozuka Atsut
Strike Witches: The Sky That Connects Us – Humikane Shimada & Yuuki Tanaka

Both titles are a part of the Strike Witches franchise, a series of medium-spanning stories that follow young woman turned into weaponry – called Striker Units – as they soar the skies with rockets for legs and their arsenals coming magic and technology.

1937 Fuso Sea Incident is one of the earliest stories set in this universe. It follows a young woman through her training before she becomes involved in the first battle to see wide-spread use of the Striker Units. The first volume of 1937 Fuso Sea Incident is scheduled for August 2014, with pre-orders available now on Amazon (CAN/USA).

One Winged Witches jumps us forward a few years and take places just prior to the start of the Strike Witches anime. It follows the training and subsequent squadron participation of another young Striker Unit solider, while also revealing back story for other characters readers will see in the multiple stories taking place further in the timeline. Volume one of One Winged Witches is scheduled for January 2014.

The one-shot, The Sky That Connects Us, serves as filler between the two seasons of the Strike Witches anime. Viewers can read this after finishing season one if they’d like to know more about what happened after the… spoilers… events of season one. The book is separated by chapters that focus on the different characters. The Sky That Connects Us is set to be released in June 2014, with pre-ordering abilities activated on Amazon (CAN/USA).

Seven Seas has a placeholder page up on their site for three of their Strike Witches titles. They announced their first Strike Witches title, Maidens in the Sky, back in May and the main story version, Strike Witches, soon after in July.

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