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Seven Seas Surfs the Skies With Girls, Guns and Invaders

Seven Seas Surfs the Skies With Girls, Guns and Invaders

It’s license catch-up time! And just when I’m about to get caught up on some new titles Seven Seas announced a couple weeks back, they announced today that they’ve got a new batch as well. No complaints from me! But first things first as we take a brief look at four titles announced via press release earlier this month:

Arpeggio of Blue Steel – Ark Performance
Girls und Panzer – Seisaku Iinkai & Saitaniya Ryouichi
Girls und Panzer: Little Army – Seisaku Iinkai & Tsuchii
Strike Witches – Shimade Fumikane & Tanaka Yuuki

Arpeggio of Blue Steel definitely has one of the more unique plots you’ll read about. The story is about an invading force attacking Earth with girls as battleships. In retaliation, Earth sends against them a girl who can turn into a submarine. Sound logic under the circumstances, right? Volume one is scheduled for July 2014.

The series Strike Witches hits a similar story vein as it re-imagines the second World War with nations teaming up to fight aliens utilizing magical girls with rockets for legs. This announcement is an elaboration of the previously licensed Strike Witches series, Strike Witches: Maidens in the Sky. That first series will begin in February 2014, with other Strike Witches stories beginning later that year. Little girls as war machines certainly seems to be a thing- who knew?

Seven Seas of course, and they wrap up this first wave of licenses with Girls und Panzer which is about a team of young girls who pilot large tanks while attending their all-girls school. The first volume of this series will debut in June 2014, while it’s prequel series, Little Army, is planned for the following Fall.

Along with these announcements, Seven Seas has also been asking for readers’ opinions on what changes we’d like to see on their website. If you’ve got some updates you’d like to see on a revamped, you can let the company known via their Twitter account.

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