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Kodansha Comics Plans Colossal Attack on Titan Omnibus

Colossal Attack on Titan Omnibus

Amidst some licensing news today, Kodansha Comics announced a repackaging of their bestselling series, Attack on Titan.

Scheduled for the end of May, this “colossal” edition will contain volumes one to five of Attack on Titan. That’s five volumes in one book, clocking in at a little over 1000 pages. Wow.

The book is being printed on “premium-quality paper”. This instills some faith the paper won’t be the flimsy, thin stuff we’re accustomed to in other omnibus editions – such as Viz Media’s VizBIG’s – and also gives further indication to just how massive this book will be. On top of that is news the book will be 7″ x 10.5″ – quite a bit larger than the original books, which are approximately 5″ x 7″.

I looked through my bookshelves for the closest example I could find to these new sizes. Matching the trim size is Yen Press’s release of Thermae Romae, while the closest volume of manga I have to 1000 pages is Drawn and Quarterly’s release of A Drifting Life, which is around 840 pages. I also compared to Cartoon Books’ release of BONE, which is about 1300 pages but on a thinner paper.

Thermae Romae - Attack on Titan Bone - Attack on Titan - A Drifting Life

My verdict – Kodansha Comic’s “Colossal Attack on Titan” earns its’ name – this book is going to be BIG.

Not only will this edition make a great starter purchase for those who don’t already own the manga, it’s also going to be a hard treat to resist for those of us who do already own them but love the sound of that larger trim size.

Attack on Titan: Colossal Edition will be $59.99/US, which will probably equate to about $69.99/CAN.

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