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PR: More Tezuka Goodness on

Gardena, CA (August 26, 2014) Digital Manga, Inc. is proud to announce the digital release of Brave Dan. Originally published in Japan by Tezuka Productions in the early 60’s, Brave Dan is now available for the English speaking market. Localized by DMI’s imprint, the Digital Manga Guild, the digital edition will be released first on Digital Manga’s own ebook platform, Other platforms will soon follow.

Tezuka’s work, Brave Dan, tells the story of a child named Kotan who befriends a man-eating tiger named Dan. Together, they go on an adventure in search of his parents and a rediscovery his tribal roots. Through their journey they face obstacles posed by modern man that will challenge their relationship including a prophecy and a treasure that will ultimately decide the fate of their friendship.

Brave Dan is the first digitally released Tezuka publication by DMI,  under the Digital Manga Guild imprint, and is available now on for $7.95. Also in celebration of this launch, will also release five additional Tezuka works previously published in print by Digital Manga’s Platinum Edition imprint. They include the following: Swallowing the Earth; Atomcat; Barbara; Unico; and the Triton Of The Sea series.Two titles will be released each week from now to September 16th.

Scheduled Digital Release dates on :

Brave Dan ($7.95) – 8/26/2014
Swallowing the Earth ($15.95) – 8/29/2014
Atomcat ($7.50) – 9/2/2014
Barbara ($12.95) – 9/5/2014
Unico ($21.95) – 9/9/2014
Triton Of The Sea Vol. 1 ($12.95) – 9/12/2014
Triton Of The Sea Vol. 2 ($12.95) – 9/16/2014

In addition, will  hold a special Tezuka ebook promotion from now to 9/19/14. Purchase any one of these seven new releases and receive 10% OFF your total in your next purchase, plus get issues 1-5 of Weekly Astroboy Magazine for FREE!

Click here for more details of this promotion.( )

With eManga’s seven distinct downloadable ebook file types and smooth JavaScript online reader, read on any mobile device, tablet or PC/MAC platform. Digital downloadable ebook files that you can keep forever eliminate the hassle of renting restrictions and online-dependent, content-restrictive cloud based platforms found on other digital storefronts, making eManga an ideal platform to get early releases before other storefronts, unrestricted content, reward points for reading, special discounts, giveaways, promotions, as well as reading your purchases offline.

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About Digital Manga, Inc.
Located in Gardena, CA, Digital Manga, Inc. is one of the industry’s most unconventional and innovative companies, specializing in building corporate and cultural bridges from Japan to the West — specifically through the licensing, importation and preparation of anime (Japanese animation), manga (Japanese comic books) and related merchandise for North America’s mainstream and niche markets. In this capacity, DMI serves as a catalyst for the spread of Japanese pop culture institutions into the global arena. The company’s imprint lines include DMP (its mainstream imprint), DMP PLATINUM (its classic manga imprint), JUNÉ (its boys love imprint), 801 MEDIA (its adult boys love imprint), DokiDoki (its exclusive co-publishing imprint with Shinshokan Publishing), DH/DMP (a co-publishing venture with Dark Horse Comics), Project-H (its Seinen Hentai manga imprint), and DMG (a new forefront for its digital distribution initiative).

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Located in Gardena, CA, is DMI’s own one stop online ebook shop for manga and comics since 2008. They provide a variety of manga and comics to read online and download at the convenience of our customers. Their downloadable files can be used on all popular devices, such as iPad, Kindle, Nook, Sony, Kobo and Android based devices. Together with their partners and upcoming artists, their site is an ever growing establishment centered on continuously offering our customers with the best electronic manga experience. Their collection of eBooks includes licensed titles that have been localized for the English market from over 50 Japanese Publishers. They have over 2000+ titles and counting, with new releases coming out every day.

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