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PR: Digital Manga Inc. Launches The Tezuka Requiem Kickstarter Campaign

Digital Manga Inc. Launches in Lighting SpeedSmaller, Quicker, and Affordable—The Tezuka Requiem Kickstarter Campaign

Gardena, CA (November 26, 2014) Digital Manga Inc. (DMI), a long-time publisher of manga, launches a new Kickstarter campaign for their new Osamu Tezuka title, Ludwig B. With other successful Tezuka Kickstarter campaigns such as Barbara, Captain Ken, and Unico, DMI looks to crowd funding once again to help release a manga classic into English. The 2 volume series release date is set for July 2015.

Ludwig B []

Ludwig B is a bio-manga about music prodigy, Ludwig van Beethoven. With a focus on Ludwig’s younger years, Tezuka depicts what life was like for a young, struggling artist in a time when those in a higher social class used and abused those of lower class. Born in an era of great composers, Johann (Ludwig’s alcoholic father) forces the young Ludwig to take piano lessons and often acts the dictator. Miserable from his father’s constant abuse, Ludwig hated music, but then he is taken under the tutelage of Christian Gottlob Neefe who nurtured Ludwig’s natural talents. One day, Franz Creutzstein (an aristocrat who hates anyone with the name Ludwig) canes Ludwig Beethoven in the ear which causes internal bleeding. This in turn causes Ludwig to slowly lose his hearing. From abuse by people he trusted, to the death of his parents, to the loss of his hearing, Ludwig continues to compose music because it is the only way for him to connect to people and the world.

Ludwig B []

“Readers can hear a lot of valuable messages from Osamu Tezuka in this story … .”
– Hikaru Sasahara – Digital Manga Inc. – President

Check out more Q&A with the president of Digital Manga, here.

Ludwig B is one of the three last manga Tezuka had worked on while in the hospital. He connected deeply with Beethoven’s drive and passion for art which is reflected in the panels of the manga, from explosive waves of piano music to a calm melody of flowers, Tezuka pays homage to Beethoven and the beauty of art in this unfinished manga opus. Read more…

PR: More Tezuka Goodness on

Gardena, CA (August 26, 2014) Digital Manga, Inc. is proud to announce the digital release of Brave Dan. Originally published in Japan by Tezuka Productions in the early 60’s, Brave Dan is now available for the English speaking market. Localized by DMI’s imprint, the Digital Manga Guild, the digital edition will be released first on Digital Manga’s own ebook platform, Other platforms will soon follow.

Tezuka’s work, Brave Dan, tells the story of a child named Kotan who befriends a man-eating tiger named Dan. Together, they go on an adventure in search of his parents and a rediscovery his tribal roots. Through their journey they face obstacles posed by modern man that will challenge their relationship including a prophecy and a treasure that will ultimately decide the fate of their friendship.

Brave Dan is the first digitally released Tezuka publication by DMI,  under the Digital Manga Guild imprint, and is available now on for $7.95. Also in celebration of this launch, will also release five additional Tezuka works previously published in print by Digital Manga’s Platinum Edition imprint. They include the following: Swallowing the Earth; Atomcat; Barbara; Unico; and the Triton Of The Sea series.Two titles will be released each week from now to September 16th.

Scheduled Digital Release dates on :

Brave Dan ($7.95) – 8/26/2014
Swallowing the Earth ($15.95) – 8/29/2014
Atomcat ($7.50) – 9/2/2014
Barbara ($12.95) – 9/5/2014
Unico ($21.95) – 9/9/2014
Triton Of The Sea Vol. 1 ($12.95) – 9/12/2014
Triton Of The Sea Vol. 2 ($12.95) – 9/16/2014

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Digital Manga Launches New Kickstarter for Tezuka’s Captain Ken

Digital Manga Launches New Kickstarter for Tezuka's Captain Ken

I’m not sure what surprises me more these days – how many different Osamu Tezuka titles I’ve never heard of, or how many of them Digital Manga takes to Kickstarter. Really, neither facts should shock me. Osamu Tezuka created over 700 volumes worth of manga (according to Wikipedia), and Digital Manga’s previous Kickstarters, which covered five Tezuka titles, were all successful.

Earlier this week, Digital Manga announced their newest Kickstarter, this time for a print edition of Osamu Tezuka’s Captain Ken. Last year DMP announced that they’d acquired the rights to Tezuka’s entire available library.

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PR: Digital Manga, Inc. To Launch Captain Ken by Osamu Tezuka Kickstarter

Gardena, CA (June 3, 2014) Digital Manga, Inc. has launched a new project on crowd-funding site Kickstarter to translate and publish Osamu Tezuka’s shonen title Captain Ken volumes 1 and 2 for ages 16+ in English for the first time. From June 3 until July 3, fans will be able to pledge for publication of the books and receive Kickstarter exclusive rewards including early release copies of both volumes, the digital companion with featured translation notes, decals, bandanas, messenger bags, and a handmade plush of Captain Ken’s horse, Arrow.

If fans pledge a total of $13,000 or more by the deadline, both volumes of Captain Ken will be released simultaneously for Kickstarter backers to receive in February of 2015, before hitting bookstore shelves in March of 2014, through DMI’s Platinum Manga classics imprint. Swallowing the Earth, Barbara, Unico, Triton Vol. 1 & 2, and Atom Cat were all successfully funded in previous Kickstarter campaigns, but Captain Ken will be first young adult fiction to add to Digital Manga’s Tezuka collection.

Captain Ken takes place after Earth’s colonization of Mars, causing the uprising and civil conflict between the space cowboy colonizers and the native Martians. The story opens up with a diary entry from a Martian, recalling the history of how Earthlings came to be the supreme rulers of Mars.

“It started in the year 1983, when these ‘Earthlings’ landed on our home. Our ancestors approached the strange creatures, but that was when their terror started…we didn’t know for how long this dark period would last.
Then one day, he came…”

This savior who comes to their aid is Captain Ken. He is a mysterious vigilante from Earth who travels to Mars on a secret mission with Arrow, his noble steed who also happens to be a fully stocked armory on four legs. The arrival of this young gunslinger is the start of a chain of events which includes the unveiling of Governor Devon’s corrupted government and the retaliation against Martian slavery by rebel Martians. Ken’s first appearance on Mars also coincidentally coincides with the arrival of an Earthling girl named Kenn Minakami, who bears striking resemblance to him and thus raises further questions and speculations about Ken’s true identity and his role in this fight for Mars.

In this young adult manga, Tezuka pays homage to some of the most prominent historical moments such as the Gold Rush in the West, colonization, genocide, and nuclear warfare.

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PR: Digital Manga Inc To Bring the Remaining Tezuka Library…

Digital Manga, Inc. to Bring the Remaining Tezuka Library to the Rest of the Manga Reading World!

Gardena, CA (February 12, 2014) Tezuka Productions Co. Ltd. (Main Office: Tokyo, Shinjuku, Takadanobaba. President: Takayuki Matsutani) and Digital Manga, Inc. (Main Office: Los Angeles, California, USA. President: Hikaru Sasahara), are proud to officially announce its latest partnership deal—to bring Tezuka’s backlist of manga titles, which have not yet been adapted and published beyond the shores of Japan, to the English language market, utilizing Digital Manga’s localizing production strong-arm, the Digital Manga Guild—to publish and distribute in digital editions.

Tezuka Productions—the Japanese production studio founded by the Father of Manga, Osamu Tezuka, and brought to the anime and manga fandom famous works that stirred controversial, political and cultural awareness to the masses since the 50’s, for such titles as Astro Boy, Unico, Budda, Blackjack, etc.—specifically appointed the Digital Manga Guild to localize their library to English, and then eventually to other languages. Tezuka Productions believes that DMI’s Digital Manga Guild, which brings together the enthusiastic and energizing spirit of the manga/anime fandom in a co-op revenue share venture between Japanese publishers, manga localizers (comprised primarily of manga/anime fans) and Digital Manga, follows the spirit of community and membership, which is in-line with the same philosophy of Osamu Tezuka’s vision of his works through Tezuka Productions.

With over 250 of Tezuka Productions’ works untapped to the rest of the manga reading world, it’s the Digital Manga Guild’s privilege, pride and joy to be able to undertake this huge localization task and to help fulfill every manga translator, editor, and typesetter’s dream to work on such high profile projects. Digital Manga welcomes all localizers, especially Tezuka fans, to join the Digital Manga Guild,, and participate in the localization efforts to bring these great works to the rest of the world. Some of the most notable works DMG will start will be titles such as The Three-Eyed One, Vampires, Metamorphosis, Big X, and Rainbow Parakeet.

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PictureBox To Cease Publications At End of Year

PictureBox To Cease Publications At End of Year
It’s a sad day whenever a publisher shuts its doors. PictureBox Inc recently announced that as of December 31st they would be ceasing publication of new titles.

Most notable to manga readers was likely PictureBox’s announcement back in January that they were starting an imprint called Ten Cent Manga, which included a hardcover collection of older Osamu Tezuka stories. The company didn’t publish a lot of manga, but what it did publish came with extra attention to the presentation, making each a collector’s item.

For me this news is saddest for the loss of a company brave enough to publish bara in North America – comics intended for gay men starring masculine characters, in contrast to boys’ love created for female audiences. Their release of The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame was wonderfully put together, and I loved being able to get my copy and meet the bara-famous Gengoroh Tagame at this past year’s Toronto Comics Art Fest. I was really, really looking forward to their announced bara anthology which was supposed to come out in Spring 2014 and had a number of my favourite bara artists featured in it.

PictureBox Inc is currently offering 50% off everything available to purchase via their website. Below is a list of their manga offerings with a few different places to purchase – get them while you can!

The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame: The Master of the Gay Erotic Manga
PictureBox | | )

The Last of the Mohicans – Shigeru Sugiura
( PictureBox | | )

The Mysterious Underground Men – Osamu Tezuka
( PictureBox | | )

Gold Pollen and Other Stories: Masters of Alternative Manga (Vol. 01)
PictureBox | | )

World Map Room – Yuichi Yokoyama
PictureBox | | )

Travel – Yuichi Yokoyama
PictureBox | | )

Digital Manga Goes Big With Acquisition of the Tezuka Library

Digital Manga Places Dibs on the Tezuka Library

One of the biggest pieces of manga news at Anime Expo earlier this month came from Digital Manga Publishing, who announced that they’ve called official dibs on Osamu Tezuka’s entire available library for publication – to put it simply.

I’m rarely surprised to see companies grab onto a Tezuka title, but having someone step up to lay claim on them all was a bit of a shocker. There aren’t a lot of details on what this deal – which partners Digital Manga with Tezuka Productions – entails, but we do know it encompasses both series that have never been published in English and titles that have.

This, of course, is no small task. As the well-earned bearer of the title God of Manga, Tezuka has (according to Wikipedia) over 700 titles under his beat, equating to thousands and thousands and thousands of individual pages. Digital Manga couldn’t confirm any specific series, despite the umbrella of ‘all’, but did say they were now the official distributor of his titles in English.

Digital Manga has released a few of Osamu Tezuka’s titles including Unico, Barbara and Swallowing the Earth. The majority of Tezuka titles released in English have been done by Vertical Inc. including Princess Knight, Black Jack and Buddha. Viz Media previously released a few Tezuka books, including Phoenix, while Dark Horse published series including Astro Boy and Metropolis. Recently a new company, Kansai Club, had a successful Kickstarter to fund Tezuka’s The Crater, which they had hoped would be the first of more Tezuka titles they release. Might not be so after this.

Currently the majority of titles will be released digitally – likely through DMP’s website, eManga – while the occasional book may see print via more Kickstarter campaigns. I’ll cross that moral-highroad again when we come to it. Digital Manga has said that any title already released in English will not be considered for print editions. Fortunately there’s little shortage of those previously printed (Amazon CAN/US) that are still available, and more still upcoming such as Vertical Inc’s release of Twin Knight.

So where does that leave Tezuka readers now? Had Vertical Inc. not already stated they had no plans to license more older titles, I’d lament this DMP news as it’d mean no more Tezuka titles in Vertical’s more than capable hands. Now, however, there is some comfort in knowing that many of Tezuka’s yet-to-be-published work could yet be made be available in English. With the majority of his best known titles already released in English, it’s also good that his titles now rest in the hands of a company with a fairly well established digital distribution set-up. I don’t see a market big enough to support print for most of the titles we’ve yet to see, and boy are there a lot of them, so digital seems the way to go. Plus, as much as I love adding to the bookshelves, the potential for hundreds and hundreds more from one creator? I think that’s a job better suited to my iPad.

Digital Manga says more news about this massive acquisition will be coming in the next few weeks, so we’ll see what new details and title-specific news comes with it.

Kansai Club Publishing Launches Kickstarter for Tezuka’s The Crater

Kansai Club Publishing Launches Kickstarter for Tezuka's The Crater

Kansai Club Publishing launched their Kickstarter for Osamu Tezuka’s The Crater today. News of the launch initially went out via their Twitter account, while we first heard about this upcoming project when they sent out PR in April.

The new publisher is seeking $3500 for the printing of this collection of Tezuka short stories which it plans to release as 2000 limited edition hardcovers. Each book will also come with special art prints, and other goodies depending on the level of support backing given through the duration of the Kickstarter. The goal is to have the books published by July.

Considering the quality Kansai Club is boosting, two thousand copies, and the strength of Tezuka’s fanbase, I’m actually surprised their fundraising goal is as low as it is. Not to mention the fact that in their Kickstarter write-up, the company rep explains how they were required to pay the licensing fees upfront which has already put them $25000 in the red. Compare this to Digital Manga’s fundraising goals which spanned from $20000 to $47000 and you have some confusing numbers.

If Kansai Club sells each of the 2000 books at the listed $35, that equals $70000, which does seem to cover all their bases nicely, financially speaking. Still, why make the Kickstarter goal so low? At the time of this article, the fundraising is almost halfway there. It seems very likely this will be funded within a couple of days minimum, but how far does $3500 really get them? Are the books already printed? Is Kickstarter simply being used as an ordering system? Promotion method? They do say that regardless of the Kickstarter’s success, this book will happen so I get the feeling the Kickstarter is more a matter of them crossing their fingers and hoping for whatever they can get, as opposed to a set goal. The company is even promising free t-shirts to every backer if the fundraiser sells 1000 books, adding another really big cost to a project that already seems to be operating on some really thin overhead.

Kudos to Kansai Club if they can do it, of course. It’s interesting seeing all these numbers and methods when compared to previous Tezuka Kickstarters where the combination of high fundraising numbers from a long-established company left me skeptical, to say the least. I’ve already supported this project by pledging for the first book.

Along with putting forward your own pledge and seeing what’s available through the tier system, you can learn more details about this edition of The Crater and read preview pages on the Kickstarter page.

New Publisher Kansai Club Kicks Off With Tezuka Shorts

Kansai Club Kicks Off Publication Goals with Collection of Tezuka Shorts

This past Thursday, we received an e-mail with information on what looks to be a new manga publisher on the block. Word on the web seems sparse on this sudden newcomer, but for now with hopeful hearts we welcome, Kansai Club.

“Kansai Club Publishing L.L.C. is an American publishing company that specializes in importing and translating Japanese literature and Manga from the 1940′s to the 1970′s. Our organization is small, intimate and comprised of a close-knit group of individuals who genuinely love good Manga. Our singular goal is to expose the American public to classic, obscure, rare, visually pleasing, emotionally taxing and often archaic Japanese Manga that have never before been published in English.”

It’s great to see a new company working to bring more manga for us  in English. It’s not a cheap or easy endeavour, and I don’t even know where an individual would start negotiating with Japanese publishers to acquire content. With that in mind, some reservations about a new company are always understandable, especially when, like Kansai Club, they are described as being two people working out of a living room. Everyone needs to start somewhere, but I hope this fledgling publisher has some more confidence-building proof for its potential consumers in the near future.

Kansai Club currently has a website set-up with some more information about their company. As of now, their social media links lead to nothing but I did see they’ve created a Twitter account that has yet to be updated.

That all being said, however, the company is definitely starting off with material that’s proven it can garner some strong pre-production support. Kansai Club’s first acquisition is a collection of short stories by Osamu Tezuka, titled The Crater.

The CraterCollecting eighteen short stories, The Crater will be released as a limited edition, 2000 copy run with a hardcover finish, colour inserts and a current price of $34.95/US. Important to note is that Kansai Club does not have plans to publish this book through retailers. The only way they currently have listed to order the book is to support their yet-to-be-launched Kickstarter for the project, or attend the pop-culture con, Florida Supercon, in July, which Kansai Club is helping to sponsor.

Cynical as it may be, I’m reserving my enthusiasm on this one until I see some more substance, but the prospects are interesting as I’d love more Tezuka on my shelf and another publisher to look to for unique licenses. For now my opinion is Kansai Club has some big goals, but I think publicly launched itself prematurely without taking advantage of social media outlets, having an only partially put together website, a Kickstarter slated to begin two weeks later, and a press release e-mail that was a bit too casual to be easily taken seriously. Still, they’re someone to keep an eye on and we’ll see what Kansai Club has to offer soon enough.

Otaku USA: On The Shelf – April 10, 2013

Otaku USA: On The Shelf - April 10, 2013

New books! New books! New books! … and that’s all the cleverness I can offer today. But you can read all about this week’s new releases over at my On The Shelf article for Otaku USA. Enjoy!

Case Closed (Vol.46) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Excel Saga (Vol.25) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Itsuwaribito (Vol.08) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Loveless 2-in-1 (Vol.03) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Oh My Goddess (Vol.44) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Tiger & Bunny (Vol.01) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Unico [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]

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