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PR: More Tezuka Goodness on eManga.com

Gardena, CA (August 26, 2014) Digital Manga, Inc. is proud to announce the digital release of Brave Dan. Originally published in Japan by Tezuka Productions in the early 60’s, Brave Dan is now available for the English speaking market. Localized by DMI’s imprint, the Digital Manga Guild, the digital edition will be released first on Digital Manga’s own ebook platform, eManga.com. Other platforms will soon follow.

Tezuka’s work, Brave Dan, tells the story of a child named Kotan who befriends a man-eating tiger named Dan. Together, they go on an adventure in search of his parents and a rediscovery his tribal roots. Through their journey they face obstacles posed by modern man that will challenge their relationship including a prophecy and a treasure that will ultimately decide the fate of their friendship.

Brave Dan is the first digitally released Tezuka publication by DMI,  under the Digital Manga Guild imprint, and is available now on eManga.com for $7.95. Also in celebration of this launch, eManga.com will also release five additional Tezuka works previously published in print by Digital Manga’s Platinum Edition imprint. They include the following: Swallowing the Earth; Atomcat; Barbara; Unico; and the Triton Of The Sea series.Two titles will be released each week from now to September 16th.

Scheduled Digital Release dates on eManga.com :

Brave Dan ($7.95) – 8/26/2014
Swallowing the Earth ($15.95) – 8/29/2014
Atomcat ($7.50) – 9/2/2014
Barbara ($12.95) – 9/5/2014
Unico ($21.95) – 9/9/2014
Triton Of The Sea Vol. 1 ($12.95) – 9/12/2014
Triton Of The Sea Vol. 2 ($12.95) – 9/16/2014

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Digital Manga Goes Dance and No Pants with Fanime Licenses

Digital Manga Goes Dance and No Pants with Fanime Licenses

Delivering more shiny eyes and panties, Digital Manga announced two new titles at their Fanime panel back in late May:

Dance Blade of the Spirit Master – Issei Hyōju’s
No Pants, No Problem – Azure Konno

Both titles will be released under Digital Manga Inc’s main imprint, Digital Manga Publishing, including print and digital editions. DMP doesn’t yet have release dates for either title.

Dance Blade of the Spirit Master follows the exploits of a young man who inadvertently becomes his world’s first male spiritualist. He enters into a spirit contract while peeping on the female student who was originally intended to be the spirit’s partner.

No Pants, No Problem is a comedy series where a school dress code is altered to put a ban on underwear. … large amounts of awkward ensue?

Licenses like these are difficult to write up without sighing, after a recent CNN article sent angry ripples through the anime and manga community. Is all anime and manga pornographic? Of course not! Still, it certainly isn’t hard to see why some could be fooled into thinking so with a few surface glances.

To each their own of course. And when it comes to all forms of legal perversity, I’m not one to judge – after all, I’m excited for Digital Manga’s confirmation that Ayano Yamane’s Finder (Vol. 07) is on the horizon.

Other new volume confirmations included volumes four and five of Kazuma Kodaka’s Border and volume two of Kou Yoneda’s Twittering Birds Never Fly.

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