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PR: PJT contest launches on Anime News Network today

Aniplex, Anime News Network and Pop Japan Travel join forces to offer trips to Japan!

Gardena, CA (November 17, 2010) – In recognition of the simulcast of the Aniplex anime titles Oreimo and togainu no chi ~Bloody Curs~ on Anime News Network (ANN), Aniplex of America, ANN, and Pop Japan Travel (PJT) have teamed up to offer Oreimo and togainu no chi fans something very special: the chance to win one of two trips to Japan!

The simulcast of Oreimo and togainu no chi were first announced by Aniplex and ANN earlier this fall and give fans the chance to view two of Japan’s hottest new anime series right after they are first broadcast in Japan. As a way of saying “thanks” to the anime fans that tune in to the simulcasts, viewers will be able to participate in a contest to win one of two trips to Japan courtesy of Pop Japan Travel, the leader in Pop Culture tours to Japan.

The contest details can only be accessed by watching the two series on ANN. The prize for the winner of the Oreimo contest will be a trip to Japan on PJT’s Tokyo Anime Fair Tour in March 2011, while the winner of the togainu no chi contest will get to join the Fangirl Paradise Tour in May 2011.

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ANN Review: Black Butler (Vol. 03)

ANN Review: Black Butler (Vol. 03)

One of my current favourites for sheer fangirlish pandering that hits all the right buttons for me, I reviewed the third volume of Black Butler for AnimeNewsNetwork.

The story in Black Butler is pretty minimal. It likes teasing at some of the plot it hasn’t fully divulged yet but past that it survives pretty heavily on the effect of its short term events. Only three volumes in however and these enjoyable forays of snappily dressed men being amazing at butler-work and butt-kicking is nowhere near dull yet. Hopefully it doesn’t get to be so either, I’m so enamoured with the artwork, atmosphere and Victorian-charm. Pander away, Black Butler, for now I’m yours! (Except in regards to those three obnoxious housekeepers – why oh why are they still there?)

Swag Bag – Gotta Catch ‘Em All

I still haven’t completely finished unpacking what I bought at the recent New York Anime Fest (or finished my write-up about it for that matter – eep!) but that certainly hasn’t stopped me from my weekly trips to Strange Adventures for all that’s new, shiny and on sale.

First off, I couldn’t help but pick up Dark Horse’s omnibus edition of Cardcaptor Sakura. I already own the floppies, Mixx tradebacks and Tokyopop editions of the series but this one was too shiny and high quality to ignore. If you’ve been looking to replace some old copies or haven’t had the pleasure of owning one of the most adorable and magical manga series ever made, then you owe it to yourself to pick this edition up. It’s printed on high-quality paper, has nice lettering work and a thus-smooth translation plus it’s stuffed with full colour illustration inserts. This is a beautiful book indeed!

Next I spelunked through the stack of new Yen Press books out this week and decided on the third volume of Black Butler. This series has so much fan-service that is absolutely, perfectly and deliberately tailored to me. Or at least that’s how it feels sometimes and judging by it’s time on the New York Time’s Best Sellers list, I’m guessing I’m not the only one.

Next to enter my awaiting arms was the omnibus edition of Strawberry Panic which looks super pretty. I’ve heard good things so hopefully I am rewarded! I’m really falling in love with these omnibus editions, they’re fantastic.

Viz Media had a whole bunch of new books to choose from and there seemed no solution other than picking up most of them. For a new series, I picked up March Story (Vol. 01) and continuing a personal-favourite, Pokemon Adventures (Vol. 09). Naturally I had to make sure I nabbed a copy of 20th Century Boys (Vol. 11) while there was still one remaining and I was happy to see the second volume of Kingyo Used Books.

And rounding off my purchase of new releases and a new edition of a series I already own, I bought volume of boys’ love classic, Kizuna. It’s another beautiful omnibus edition of a great series. I will be enjoying some nostalgic reading this week for sure!

Then there was the discount shelf, full of snazzy and affordable little surprises to round out my purchases of the day. I picked up the first two volumes of Aegis from NetComics. I don’t own many of their books but have bought a number lately and liked the majority (though I have my share of complaints about their lettering – pet peeve of mine!). That said though, the lettering in Aegis actually looks quite a bit tidier than the others of theirs I’ve read so good start! Apparently it’s “a heart-thobbing sci-fi epic that echoes Lord of the Flies!“.

Lastly I got La Corda d’Oro (Vol. 08) and Togainu no Chi (Vol. 02), both of which I felt sort of lukewarm about prior volumes but I’m always up for giving series another book to impress me! I had opposite thoughts on them both – La Corda d’Oro has fantastic art but a meh story, where as I really disliked the art of this Togainu no Chi manga but like the original story. We’ll see where these volumes lead!

And to top it all off, though not manga, I had to buy a copy of UDON’s Vent anthology. It’s a collection of artwork from their company’s collection of contributing artists and it’s gorgeous.

Those were my purchases this week – what about yours?

NYAF 2010: Yen Press

NYAF 2010: Yen Press

Yen Press’s panel today at New York Anime Fest kicked off the longest string of manga-related panels at the event this year. It was also the first event I sat in on that had the pleasure of being on the opposite wall of an anime-themed dance/scream-fest next door. Huzzah!

On the panel was Abby Blackman (editorial assistant), Kurt Hassler (editorial director), Ju-Young Lee (lead editor) and Tania Biswa (assistant editor). They received a good amount of applause right from the start which was nice to see.

After brief introductions, they kicked off a slideshow with the following info:

With the Light (Vol. 08) – The upcoming final volume of With the Light. It includes the material the late-Keiko Tobe had been working on before she passed.

Soulless: An Alexa Tarabotti Novel – A licensed series of young adult fiction that Yen Press is looking to adapt into graphic novels. The original novels were written by Gail Carringer. Yen Press is currently seeking an artist for this project which will be serialized in Yen Plus. The series is set in a semi-steampunk Victorian England where a women with no soul is at odds with vampires and werewolves in a society that has accepted them.

During this point in the panel, Kurt Hassler pointed out that artist Svetlana Chmakova was in the audience and would be signing books at the end of the event. They also noted that her series Nightschool is having the fourth volume released this month and the most recent chapter was published in the newest Yen Plus installment.

Witch & Wizard – Another novel by James Patterson (creator of Maximum Ride and Daniel X), this is another new Yen Press adaptation in the works. Svetlana is doing the art for this series which they expect may begin serialization in Yen Plus by the year’s end The series is about two siblings who discover they have magical powers only after being charged with it as an offense.

Yen Press said they did have licenses to announce at NYAF but their contracts didn’t come in as expected so they were unable to announce anything further in regards to new titles.

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Super Savings: RightStuf Fulfills Your Yen Press Desires

RightStuf Fulfills Your Yen Press Desires

RightStuf is bringing manga fans more snazzy-savings this week, this time with all Yen Press titles. From now until June 14th, all Yen Press’s titles are 30% off their already listed prices! This means a nice chunk off every book so snatch ’em up while the price is good.

Lots of great new titles have come out recently such as Kobato (Vol. 01-02) and My Girlfriend’s A Geek (Vol. 01). The second volume of the popular Black Butler is out as well, along with a slew of other continuing favourites. And if you haven’t picked up Yen Press’s re-release of Yotsuba&! and their March release of the incredibly charming, Bunny Drop then by all purchasing means go out and do so, you won’t be disappointed.

Kuriousity at SDCC: Yen Press

Kobato as licensed by Yen Press

Lots of great announcements here at the Yen Press panel, so as before while this will be a brief overview until I have the time to write something full, but here’re the goodies in the meantime!

New license announcements:

Black Butler by Yana Toboso
Darker Than Black by Bones, Tensai Okamura, Nokya, Arklight
Romeo & Juliet by William Shakesspeare/Adapted by COM, Gonzo, SPWT
Bunny Drop by Yumi Unita
Sasameke by Ryuji Gotsubo
Omamori Himari by Milan Matra
My Girlfriend’s A Geek (Fujyoshi Kanojo) by Pentabu & Rize Shinba
Novel By Pentabu (blog collection by boy that inspired the Fujyoshi Kanojo)
Otome by Yuuki Fujinari
Dragon Girl by Toru Fujieda
Natsukashi Machi no Rozione by Sumomo Yumeka
Kobato by CLAMP (Coming May 2010)

Lots of great titles in the list, and following the licensing is a nice-sized Q & A which you can read a few excerpts from after the cut.

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Yen Press Licenses Kuroshitsuji, Offers 6-Month Yen Plus Subs

Black Butler - Licensed By Yen Press

Early in the week Yen Press posted about their upcoming August 2009 issue of the monthly Yen Plus anthology. Debuting in the magazine is a new licensed series that they had yet to announce.

A reader over on the Mania forums says that they’ve seen a copy of the August issue and the new license is Kuroshitsuji by Yana Toboso. It will be released under the name Black Butler in English. While this has yet to be officially confirmed, it seems a safe bet for a series that not only has a strong preexisting fanbase but is also a Square Enix-owned manga series, by whom Yen Press has multiple series from already.

In their magazine post, Yen Press has also made note that from now on subscriptions to Yen Plus will be for six-months at a time instead of a full year.

“…from here on out, new subscriptions to Yen Plus will be for six months at a time rather than for the full year. The cost will be the same ($25.99 for six months), but you won’t have to shell out for that full year’s subscription all at once. So hopefully that makes things a bit more affordable and convenient for you all!”

Yen Press is also nearing its one year anniversary since the first volume was released in August 2008. Congrats to Yen Press for a successful year! The artist of their series Maximum Ride, NaRae Lee, will be attending the upcoming San Diego Comic Con as well.

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