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Otaku USA: On The Shelf – April 18, 2012

Otaku USA: On The Shelf - April 18, 2012

Whoever is causing time to move this quickly had best cut it out for a while – I’ve barely had time to finish reading my books from last week! That certainly doesn’t mean I won’t be indulging in some more this week though. Black Butler, Durarara!!, X, Gantz… need I say more?

You can see the full list of manga titles shipping this week over at my On The Shelf article at Otaku USA.

Diamond Manga Previews: February 2012

Diamond Previews: February 2012

I was a bit late picking up my Previews magazine this month so my apologies to the two of you who were wondering where the heck my second installment of Previews was (I kid! …don’t I?). So here I am taking advantage of that extra day – Happy Leap Day! This month’s previews didn’t have as much manga content as January’s but still lots of fun stuff to look forward to and order in at our local comic stores.

February 2012 Manga Previews Checklist (PDF)

You may continue reading at your own discretion for my thoughts, elaborations, random pictures and the Top 10 Selling Manga of December 2011 and Diamond Comics top selling manga of all 2011!

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Year In Review: Lissa’s Favourites of 2011

Lissa’s Favourites of 2011

There are no shortage of ‘Best Of’ lists this time of year. While I like popping around to different peoples’ sites and seeing what they thought, it’s a bit of a frustration that I can’t seem to write one myself. How people choose a solid list containing five or ten favourites, from across different genres and subject matters, is just something I can’t seem to muster the brain power for. Not enough conviction I suppose? There’s just so much to love!

But I can’t overlook the perfect chance to look back at all the great titles a year had to offer and 2011 had some really fantastic ones. So then where is this going, oh rambling one, you ask? My semi-traditional equivalent to the yearly best of – the random Lissa’s favourites and best-ofs list! Which really just means you get a lot more titles broken into a lot more categories so I can remain a lot more loving to a lot more series. And in some cases not so loving… From the Best Release Quality to the Favourite Fan Service and even to the most Gag Worthy – here are a bunch of my favourite titles from 2011!

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Swag Bag: Mew Mew Manga Power

Swag Bag

New York Comic Con may’ve been almost a month ago but I’m still digging myself out of the stacks of stuff I bought there. What I brought back from the ‘big apple’ remains a post for another day but October proved itself manga-behemonth enough in release count to ensure every release-day was another manga buying opportunity.

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Otaku USA: On The Shelf – October 26, 2011

On The Shelf - October 26, 2011

It’s a week of especially amazing works coming out! Don’t waste a manga-buying moment and stop by this week’s On The Shelf article to see the titles being released tomorrow.

A Bride’s Story (Vol.02), Yotsuba&! (Vol.10), Drops of God (Vol.01)… and then you have the fangirl button pressing Black Butler (Vol. 07) and a guilty pleasure like Air Gear (Vol.20) sprinkled on top. But those are just my absolute must-haves – still lots more on the list where those came from.

Writing On The Shelf for Otaku USA, I continue to be impressed week after week about just how much manga is released in North America. Stacks of new books every week. And by stand nearly every book at 150+ pages and all this ‘after’ the manga bubble ‘burst’. Sure we can always want more and more but you know what? We’re so darn lucky and I love it! Thank you, publishers :)

PR: Square Enix Manga Store Offers Free Volumes of FMA and Other

SQUARE ENIX MANGA STORE to Offer Free Volume of Fullmetal Alchemist and Other Popular Digital Comics

Los Angeles, California (July 21, 2011) – Square Enix Co., Ltd. (Square Enix®) today announced a special offer to be conducted at its North American digital manga distribution site, the SQUARE ENIX MANGA STORE. For a limited time, eligible users will be able to download the first volume of numerous popular comic series free of charge.

Since its December 2010 launch, the SQUARE ENIX MANGA STORE has blazed new trails in PC-based digital manga distribution, offering over one hundred volumes of manga in pay-to-view streaming format and achieving tremendous popularity among manga fans. The free manga offer is part of a comprehensive effort to introduce Square Enix manga to an ever-wider audience—an effort that will also feature an official Facebook page opened in June 2011, and an exhibit at the San Diego Comic-Con to be held from July 20–24, 2011.

All attendees of the Comic-Con as well as all users who “Like” the official Facebook page will be eligible to receive the digital edition first volume (a $5.99 value) of any one of fifteen bestselling Square Enix comic series including FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST, SOUL EATER and Black Butler available for purchase at the store.

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Swag Bag: Gender, Drama and Baseball

Swag Bag

Another week gone by and another stack of lovely new books to read! Lately I’ve been reading a lot of older titles since my haul at Animaritime but this week’s new titles definitely put up a huge fight for my attention (and who am I kidding, they won!).

First up was  the new volume of Black Butler (Vol. 06) from Yen Press. Knowing that the whole curry fiasco is behind us and another mystery is afoot had me extra eager for this book. I was not disappointed! This series is worth  buying for the art alone – such gorgeous Victorian outfits ranging from the wonderful to just plain weird. Throw in some detective work and sexual tension between pretty people and it’s an easy sell.

Much less in-your-face about its charms is the fourth volume of Cross Game. I’ve completely fallen in love with this series – I love the baseball games, the characters, the romance – it’s all good! It’s so relaxing, the kind of book you just want to curl up in bed with and not put down until you’re done. Plus I think I join the many in-story characters who have a crush on Aoba.

Adding two more volume sixes to go with Black Butler, I also bought Rin-Ne (Vol. 06) and Time & Again (Vol. 06). Both are series I have hesitations buying because the volumes have been hit or miss since the beginning. All the same, this is the final volume of Time & Again so I had to pick it up to see how things fare between the leads. Rin-Ne I buy consistently because when it’s good I really enjoy it, the kind of entertainment only Rumiko Takahashi can offer.

Speaking of hit or miss, two books came in the mail this week from DramaQueen – Missing Road and JUNK!. With three books now under their belt since their ‘comeback’ began, I’m ready to give them another chance and take a look at the new offerings. First impressions say the quality of the publishing itself is great but will the content itself hold up?

Wandering Son (Vol. 01)The big purchase this week was undoubtedly Wandering Son (Vol. 01), however. I’ve been waiting, waiting and waiting (patiently you see) for this book since it was announced. With this description, how could I not?

“The fifth grade. The threshold to puberty, and the beginning of the end of childhood innocence. Shuichi Nitori and his new friend Yoshino Takatsuki have happy homes, loving families, and are well-liked by their classmates, but they share a secret that further complicates a time of life that is awkward for anyone: Shuichi is a boy who wants to be a girl, and Yoshino is a girl who wants to be a boy.”

The book has since been showered with praise and rightfully so for what it is. I absolutely loved reading it and will hopefully have a review done soon to highlight why. As a first impressions note, it’s another hardcover release from Fantagraphics so on publication quality alone you really get your money’s worth.

What was in your swag bag this week?

Swag Bag: Bittersweet, Baseball and Butlers

Another week, another round of shiny new manga purchases! Hard to believe it’s already nearing the end of April, especially with chilly days like today. The rain at least I was expecting. My thanks as always to my phenomenal local comic shop, Strange Adventures, for always having the newest books rain or shine.

My two bittersweet purchases of the week were Shinobi Life (Vol. 07) and Silver Diamond (Vol. 09) – two series that still have a number of volumes until their completion and now we’re unlikely to ever see them in English. It comforts me a little that I’ve found Silver Diamond severely lacking for the last few volumes but I’m still really curious how it manages to go for another 15+ volumes. This volume of Shinobi Life left me a bit disappointed too but it’s still one of the most enjoyable shoujos I’ve read in a long while – time-travelling ninjas in love!

Viz Media dominated my purchase bag this week with four new books. First and quickest to my bag was Cross Game (Vol. 03). Having already read it, I can attest to the fact it’s fantastic. I was a little let down by volume two, but volume three completely renewed the faith I had in the series after finishing the first book. Amazing stuff. 20th Century Boys (Vol. 14) was also a given. The series is dragging on a bit long for my tastes but each volume is still a real page-turner.

To add another relaxing read to the pile (which goes comfortably next to Cross Game in that regard), I picked up House of Five Leaves (Vol. 05). I also bought Itsuwaribito (Vol. 02) after finding the first volume enjoyable, though not overly exciting. I always try to give those not-sure titles at least two volumes however so we’ll see how that goes!

Last, but certainly not least, there’s Black Butler (Vol. 05)! Flipping through makes a little annoyed to see more of those gosh-awful background characters who ‘tend’ to Ceil’s estate but I’ll do my best to ignore them for more of Sebastien’s fantastically swoon-worthy butler-ness.

What made up your swag bag this week?

Swag Bag – Pets, Butlers and Students Out of This World

Websites had some downtime yesterday so apologies for any who came by and were greeted by error pages. We should be back up and running fine now. That said, onwards to manga!

A snowstorm and slow release week kept me away from the comic shop last week but this week I was happy to make up for the short lull with a stack of must-own favourites.

Pet Shop of Horrors Tokyo (Vol. 08)Absolute favourites of the week were definitely the newest volume of Pet Shop of Horrors Tokyo (Vol. 08) and Black Butler (Vol. 04). Both star enigmatic pretty-boys with hidden powers and a whole lot of random happening around them. I was disappointed that the new volume of Black Jack wasn’t shipped here yet but these two definitely did a lot to brighten my mood. Retailers are listing this volume of Pet Shop of Horrors as  the last one though – I really hope that’s not the case!

While no new Tezuka to buy this week from Vertical (though hard to beat the news we got instead!), I was able to pick up the fifth volume of the slice-of-life space story, Twin Spica. Purchasing another of what I consider great ‘relaxing’ manga, I was pleased to find a copy of Cross Game (Vol. 02). Unlike the first volume, which was three volumes in one, this second book is only two volumes in one. It’s a good set-up though, as the first omnibus did a good job sucking me in but I don’t think I can handle that much of Mitsuri Adachi’s placid characters every time.

Adding some more Viz Media books to the stack, I got the new volume of Library Wars (Vol. 04) despite my disappointment of prior books. I keep remaining hopeful we’ll get more actual war and library and less cliche romance. Fingers crossed! More promising was my purchase of Arata (Vol. 04) – more shonen-style action from one of the original shoujo-cliche queens, Yuu Watase.

Stray CatAnd lastly I picked up a new boys’ love one-shot from BLU – Stray Cat. I’ve already read this one and really liked it. Great release quality from Tokyopop, fun characters with a nice art style and some really hilarious comics about the creator’s pets at the book’s end. BLU books don’t come out often but I’ve been pretty impressed with their selection overall these days.

This weekend I’m putting through a RightStuf order and that means filling up my shopping list with a whole bunch of surprise finds, bargain bin treats and must-have purchases (such as the boxset of Twelve Kingdoms!). Anything you’d recommend? A series new or old that you think shouldn’t be missed? Let me know!

So what were some of your recent purchases?

Year in Brief Review – Manga Favourites of 2010

It’s New Years Day! And that means the end of 2010 has come and gone – the end of the first decade of the 2000s’, the end of another year of fantastic comics (upon other many wonderful things).

Just for a little living in the past on this first day of 2011, what better time to look back at 2010 with some favourites, surprises, disappointments and neat website tidbits. Sure it would’ve made more sense to have posted yesterday but who has time with all those celebrations going on… right?

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