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PR: Project-H Announces Nine New KTC Titles to be Published Uncensored in English

Project-H Announces Nine New KTC Titles to be Published Uncensored in English

GARDENA, CA (August 25, 2014) – Project-H ( is proud to announce nine thrilling, completely uncensored, brand new licenses, all featuring a variety of new authors from one of the largest and well known hentai publishers in Japan, Kill Time Communication (KTC). Seven of the nine titles are planned to be published in both print and digital formats with the remaining two books exclusively available for digital readers on eManga ( Fans can expect to see the option to pre-order each of these print titles up to three weeks before their release date. Each one of these nine new KTC titles will be individually released throughout the year of 2015, with their digital edition readily available to avid digital readers up to two months prior to the print edition, allowing fans to explore all nine releases prior to the print. Another special treat fans can expect is a chance to receive exclusive limited edition Project-H promotional items for two select KTC titles. Stay tuned to find out more!

Beautiful Cartoonists (美人マンガ家とふしだらアシスタンツ) by MAKI Release date: June 24, 2015 MSRP: $22.95 Print and digital
Beautiful Cartoonists opens with a man, who has signed up to be a rough model for some cartoonists, looking for their address. When he finds the room he’s looking for he walks in to find several gorgeous looking female cartoonists all patiently waiting for him. The girls quickly introduce themselves and advise him to remove his clothes and get into a provocative position with one of the smaller girls. He’s never been this close to a woman before and with all of his clothes taken away, he can’t help but to feel a little anxious. All of this nervousness gets him too excited and he isn’t sure what to do. Luckily the girls know exactly how to combat this fear! Each of the women takes a turn caressing or licking his naked body. One thing leads to another and these girls end up getting more positions for their reference than they could have every hoped for! When in a room full of horny editors and illustrators, what’s a guy to do?!

Forbidden Colors (秘色シークエンス) by Nishiki Karasuma Release date: July 29, 2015 MSRP: $22.95 Print and digital
A girl is introduced into an office where she plays the role of making the CEO happy through all of his wildest dreams. Luckily for her, this CEO is a stud! Unluckily, the first bit of roll playing he wants to do with her is have her wear a wedding dress. She imagined her first time in a white dress would be shown in front of someone she loved. As she’s confused and saddened by wearing this dress, the CEO does things to excite her body in ways she could never imagine. Does this mean she may be falling in love with him? What other obscene costumes will they try next? You’ll have to read Forbidden Colors to find out!

Girl Play (おんなのこ遊戯~TSFカタログ~) by Taniguchi san Release date: March 25, 2015 MSRP: $22.95 Print and digital
After his club is threatened to be shut down for lack of members, our homely club president, decides to order the hottest online video game star, Anya-Tan, as a life size doll. Mori Sayaka, the student council secretary, is immediately plugged into the doll, but after plugging in has her mind unwillingly transferred to Anya-Tan, the doll! In order for Mori Sayaka’s body to survive the club president must transfer his mind into her body. The Club President realizes he joined the club as a way to approach real girls, but instead he becomes a girl himself! What will these two do with their new bodies? Read Girl Play to find out! Idol

Monster Girls (ラブラウネ -IDOL MONSTER GIRLS-) by MATO SHIRAHA Release date: T.B.A. MSRP: T.B.A. Digital only
Follow these three monster girls as they form a new idol group and embark on crazy erotic adventures! As the girls finish each show, they turn to their manager to help release any extra tension. At times, the girls even turn to each other for some extra help in achieving ecstatic monster orgasms. Some fans catch on to the monster girl’s needs and offer their assistance, turning things into an amazing orgy. From swimsuits and underwater play to devil girls showing men the time of their life, Monster Idol Girls is surely a must read for all of the fantasy-loving adults out there!

Love Mail (精飲少女) by Tokisana Release date: June 24, 2015 MSRP: $22.95 Print and digital
Lone wolf and club president, Rika Kitami, is called to the principal’s office on a daily basis. She has no other choice but to accept all of the principal’s requests, no matter how filthy, in order for the club to have a chance at entering the upcoming tournament. The club’s top member may be too quick to discover what shenanigans have been going on behind the principal’s closed doors. When word gets out that this top member has decided to drop out of school, it’s up to Rika to convince him to stay. What will happen with the future of this club? Will Rika find the ways to keep her team together? Read Love Mail and find out! Milliard:

Slave Story (Milliard―令嬢ご奉仕物語―)by MIZUHO NANASE Release date: March 25, 2015 MSRP: $22.95 Print and digital
A daughter is sent to save her home from great dangers that are soon approaching her kingdom. In her adventures, she comes across some of the dirtiest of scoundrels she’s ever faced. In most duals, her clothing can’t hold up to the hazards around her and eventually fall off or are torn away. Each time she fails to keep herself covered she must give up and allow the opposed fighter to do what they want with her body. Challengers include anything from the strongest of men to the slimiest of creatures. Will she be able to save her home town in time or will things take a sloppy turn for the worst? Read Milliard: Slave Story to find out!

Swordswoman Shino (紫乃 退魔剣士のしつけ方) by No.Gomesu Release date: April 29, 2015 MSRP: $22.95 Print and digital
After seven years, two childhood friends are reunited. Our main heroine comes as a transfer student to the school but would receive a warning in a strange force. With this warning, she ventures near her old school building to explore the old territory. Afterwards she returns back to her new school where her childhood friend has noticed she has a new strange behavior. She wants him inside her as if she couldn’t live without it. He thinks he’s the cause of this radical behavior but then learns that she’s possessed by a demon. Will the curse be cured? Read and find out!

Tight Encounters (もう挟まずにはいられない♥) by Kaiduka Release date: May 27, 2015 MSRP: $22.95 Print and digital
One night a girl is about to lose her body. As she looks outside, she sees a shooting star and makes a wish to stay alive. An alien disguised as the shooting star takes over the girl’s dying body and she is resurrected. The alien in its new life form makes a re-debut at the girl’s school, playing the best in all of her sports and activities. A childhood friend notices the girl’s breasts have grown much larger than they were before. He points it out to the girl and since she’s confused about what breasts are, she lifts her shirt for a better look. While exposed she suddenly feels turned on and a need to pleasure her long time friend and school mate. If you like big boobs, this is the book for you!

W Desserts (Wデザート) by Chuuni Ooisi Release date: T.B.A. MSRP: T.B.A. Digital only
When two gorgeous women want you, which do you choose? Every day, Shizuku listens to her twin sister, Yuki do dirty things with Tougo Hiiragi, Yuki’s boyfriend. As each day passes, Shizuku touches herself and fantasizes what it must be like to have a man like Tougo be with her instead of her sister. One morning, Shizuku wakes up and realizes she isn’t herself but instead has swapped bodies with her twin sister! Poor Hiiragi can’t tell the difference when he comes over for an early visit, making all of Shizuku’s dreams come true. What will Yuki think when she finds out? Can the girls share this boy? Read W Desserts to find out!

About Project-H
Project-H is one of the industry’s most unconventional and innovative companies, specializing in building corporate and cultural bridges from Japan to the Western Hemisphere – specifically through the licensing, importation and preparation of anime (Japanese animation), manga (Japanese comic books) and related merchandise for the North American mainstream and subculture markets. In this capacity, Project-H serves as a catalyst for the expansion of Japanese pop culture institutions into global arenas.

About Kill Time Communication
Kill Time Communication (キルタイムコミュニケーション) (KTC) is a Japanese publishing company focused on adult material, such as light novels, art books, adult magazines, manga. The company was established in November 1995. You can find more information about KTC at their website here,

Manga Minis: Captain Ken Reaches Kickstarter Goal, More Tsubasa from CLAMP, Rescuse from Viz, and CNN Doesn’t Get It

Manga Minis: Captain Ken Reaches Kickstarter Goal, More Tsubasa from CLAMP, Rescuse from Viz, and CNN Doesn't Get It

 CNN released a video report about manga and anime this week, in response to a recent bill being passed in Japan that bans child pornography. To little surprise, but plenty of outrage, CNN’s take on the subject was a pretty big over-simplification and make sweeping generalizations about entire mediums of entertainment. Fun!

I find the whole thing exhausting, as I generally do with these painful outsiders-looking-in reports that are just looking for a dramatic angle. It’s some relief knowing this sort of stuff always just blows over and away, but for those curious the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund did a good overview.

 Digital Manga’s Kickstarter for Captain Ken reached its goal of $13000 this past Wednesday. The fundraising campaign still has twelve days to go, with additional pledges going towards its stretch goals for bonus material. The book is scheduled for release to backers in February 2015, with remaining volumes out to the public in March.

 Viz Media announced two more ‘license rescues’ from Tokyopop’s expired library – Fate/Stay Night and Trinity Blood. Both titles are currently being released in digital editions under their Viz Select imprint. The books are available to read onViz’s website, or by downloading via their mobile apps.

Fate/Stay NightFate/Stay Night was never entirely finished by Tokyopop, though presumably we will see the end of the manga released by Viz. A new anime based on the original game of the same name is scheduled to start this Fall. Viz Media currently has the first three volumes available.

Trinity Blood was also an originally incomplete series. It had twelve of its currently seventeen (and on-going) volumes released by Tokyopop. Digital volumes will be made available on June 24th starting with volume one.

 The manga-making team CLAMP announced that they’re creating a new Reservoir Chronicles Tsubasa series. The title will begin in Japan this summer and will connect to the already running, XXXHolic Rei. Each title acts as a semi-sequel to their original parent series, Reservoir Chronicle Tsubasa and XXXHolic. It’s CLAMP, so it’s complicated. Both originals have already been released in full in English, along with their anime adaptations.

Dark Horse is currently releasing XXXHolic Rei and has been re-releasing most of CLAMP’s previously published titles in shiny new omnibus editions. I imagine it’s only a matter of time until we see them pick up this new Tsubasa series as well.

 After a seven year pause between releases, Viz Media was pleased to announce that they’re publishing the third volume of Bisco Hatori’s Millenium Snow this week. The previous two volumes of the vampire series were released back in 2007. Viz Media also released a handy 2-in-1 omnibus edition of Millenium Snow this week (Amazon CAN | US), making it easy for readers who don’t have the original singles to purchase the complete series to date. Bisso Hatori is best known for their previous series, Ouran High School Host Club.

Digital Manga Launches New Kickstarter for Tezuka’s Captain Ken

Digital Manga Launches New Kickstarter for Tezuka's Captain Ken

I’m not sure what surprises me more these days – how many different Osamu Tezuka titles I’ve never heard of, or how many of them Digital Manga takes to Kickstarter. Really, neither facts should shock me. Osamu Tezuka created over 700 volumes worth of manga (according to Wikipedia), and Digital Manga’s previous Kickstarters, which covered five Tezuka titles, were all successful.

Earlier this week, Digital Manga announced their newest Kickstarter, this time for a print edition of Osamu Tezuka’s Captain Ken. Last year DMP announced that they’d acquired the rights to Tezuka’s entire available library.

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PR: Digital Manga, Inc. To Launch Captain Ken by Osamu Tezuka Kickstarter

Gardena, CA (June 3, 2014) Digital Manga, Inc. has launched a new project on crowd-funding site Kickstarter to translate and publish Osamu Tezuka’s shonen title Captain Ken volumes 1 and 2 for ages 16+ in English for the first time. From June 3 until July 3, fans will be able to pledge for publication of the books and receive Kickstarter exclusive rewards including early release copies of both volumes, the digital companion with featured translation notes, decals, bandanas, messenger bags, and a handmade plush of Captain Ken’s horse, Arrow.

If fans pledge a total of $13,000 or more by the deadline, both volumes of Captain Ken will be released simultaneously for Kickstarter backers to receive in February of 2015, before hitting bookstore shelves in March of 2014, through DMI’s Platinum Manga classics imprint. Swallowing the Earth, Barbara, Unico, Triton Vol. 1 & 2, and Atom Cat were all successfully funded in previous Kickstarter campaigns, but Captain Ken will be first young adult fiction to add to Digital Manga’s Tezuka collection.

Captain Ken takes place after Earth’s colonization of Mars, causing the uprising and civil conflict between the space cowboy colonizers and the native Martians. The story opens up with a diary entry from a Martian, recalling the history of how Earthlings came to be the supreme rulers of Mars.

“It started in the year 1983, when these ‘Earthlings’ landed on our home. Our ancestors approached the strange creatures, but that was when their terror started…we didn’t know for how long this dark period would last.
Then one day, he came…”

This savior who comes to their aid is Captain Ken. He is a mysterious vigilante from Earth who travels to Mars on a secret mission with Arrow, his noble steed who also happens to be a fully stocked armory on four legs. The arrival of this young gunslinger is the start of a chain of events which includes the unveiling of Governor Devon’s corrupted government and the retaliation against Martian slavery by rebel Martians. Ken’s first appearance on Mars also coincidentally coincides with the arrival of an Earthling girl named Kenn Minakami, who bears striking resemblance to him and thus raises further questions and speculations about Ken’s true identity and his role in this fight for Mars.

In this young adult manga, Tezuka pays homage to some of the most prominent historical moments such as the Gold Rush in the West, colonization, genocide, and nuclear warfare.

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PR: Digital Manga Inc To Bring the Remaining Tezuka Library…

Digital Manga, Inc. to Bring the Remaining Tezuka Library to the Rest of the Manga Reading World!

Gardena, CA (February 12, 2014) Tezuka Productions Co. Ltd. (Main Office: Tokyo, Shinjuku, Takadanobaba. President: Takayuki Matsutani) and Digital Manga, Inc. (Main Office: Los Angeles, California, USA. President: Hikaru Sasahara), are proud to officially announce its latest partnership deal—to bring Tezuka’s backlist of manga titles, which have not yet been adapted and published beyond the shores of Japan, to the English language market, utilizing Digital Manga’s localizing production strong-arm, the Digital Manga Guild—to publish and distribute in digital editions.

Tezuka Productions—the Japanese production studio founded by the Father of Manga, Osamu Tezuka, and brought to the anime and manga fandom famous works that stirred controversial, political and cultural awareness to the masses since the 50’s, for such titles as Astro Boy, Unico, Budda, Blackjack, etc.—specifically appointed the Digital Manga Guild to localize their library to English, and then eventually to other languages. Tezuka Productions believes that DMI’s Digital Manga Guild, which brings together the enthusiastic and energizing spirit of the manga/anime fandom in a co-op revenue share venture between Japanese publishers, manga localizers (comprised primarily of manga/anime fans) and Digital Manga, follows the spirit of community and membership, which is in-line with the same philosophy of Osamu Tezuka’s vision of his works through Tezuka Productions.

With over 250 of Tezuka Productions’ works untapped to the rest of the manga reading world, it’s the Digital Manga Guild’s privilege, pride and joy to be able to undertake this huge localization task and to help fulfill every manga translator, editor, and typesetter’s dream to work on such high profile projects. Digital Manga welcomes all localizers, especially Tezuka fans, to join the Digital Manga Guild,, and participate in the localization efforts to bring these great works to the rest of the world. Some of the most notable works DMG will start will be titles such as The Three-Eyed One, Vampires, Metamorphosis, Big X, and Rainbow Parakeet.

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