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Pre-Orders Pushed Back

Though originally scheduled for August 15th, DramaQueen has pushed their pre-order period for their August books to the end of the month. A post in their forums today stated it was due to production problems.

Review: Lovely Sick (Vol. 02)

Manga-ka: Shoko Ohmine
Publisher: DramaQueen
Rating: Mature (18+)
Released: March 2007

Synopsis: “In the emergency room where he and his parents were brought after a fatal car accident, Sumi-sensei was one of the surgeons who helped save Naoyuki’s life. During the time that Naoyuki recovered under Sumi’s care, the two developed a bond that transcended that of doctor and patient. For Naoyuki, this was his first step towards believing he was worthy of love. For Sumi, their burgeoning relationship represented all the possibilities and goodness that love brings.”

Lovely Sick is a classic Florence-Nightingale story, a caretaker finding himself falling in love with his patient during their time of need. In this case, the young boy’s time of need spans to nearly his whole life, going through the slow rehabilitation process after the accident that left his legs shattered. In this second volume, we are brought back five years to when the two characters first met. It is also through this that we are reminded just how far apart in age doctor and patient are, and through what means their relationship comes to be, leaving, for this reviewer at least, a bit of a sour taste left behind.

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Review: Last Portrait

Manga-ka: Akira Honma
Publisher: DramaQueen
Rating: Mature (18+)
Released: April 2007

Synopsis: “Yamato works for his father’s company, is subordinate to his older sister’s fiancé, Sakaguchi-san, and harbours a secret affection for him. That day before his sister’s wedding, Yamato privately confesses his feelings to Sakaguchi. The answer he receives is surprisingly and unexpected, but at this last hour, can Yamato face the consequences of having his wish fulfilled…?” Extra Story: Stairway to Heaven

The story begins with Yamato, a talented artist with little self-esteem. He is crushed by the words his father spoke to him of the uselessness of art. Leaving his sketchbook to the hands of some stranger in the rain, Yamato attempts to move on. Six months later, he’s an employee in his father’s company. It’s here he meets, seemingly for the first time, the older Sakaguchi, his boss and soon to be brother-in-law. Unfortunately for the already emotionally troubled Yamato, it was love at first sight.

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