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DQ’s Return Minus 10 Months

DramaQueen has made corrections based on some unsurity of the news it gave the other day for the release date of it’s first return title, Tyrant Who Falls in Love. While they stated the month of September, causing some to assume September 2009, it was actually a mistake on their part and they meant November 2008! Much better I’d say, right?

“Tyrant is coming out this NOVEMBER – sheesh I’m losing track of time – so my apologies for getting the month wrong!

We’re shotting for BEFORE THANKS GIVING shipping – and I know that many fans have doubts about our release schedule after last year – I just humbly ask that you all forgive us for not being able to fulfill the schedule that we wanted to do.

Trust me, there is nothing that would have stopped us from doing so if circumstances allowed it – but we’re still here and we never gave up that we’ll be back to printing. This is our labor of love, and we’ve learned from our errors and now we’re moving one.

So, Tyrant is THIS NOVEMBER! Haahaa – printer’s been paid, so it’s gonna happen. Right now, we’re double checking the QC and then sending to printers. Once again, thank you thank you for all your support and encouragement (in all forms ^ ^) and it’s just good to be back doing what we love…. “

Thanks to Nadaj for the heads up on my previous post, and Simon for the initial insight.

It’s Alive! Aliiiiiive~!

Disclaimer: Despite mad scientist status, Kuriousity claims no part in DQ’s revival Hopefully there’ll be a cool accompanying picture (Edit: check! Well, semi-cool anyway) to that overenthuastic title but in the meantime:

Seems that those who’ve held out hope for DramaQueen are finally being rewarded as a post on the forums has made official proclamation that they’re making a comeback. The plan is to have the first volume of The Tyrant Who Falls in Love out in September 2009. They also have plans to continue the RUSH anthology. This after it was previously stated that the RUSH crew were looking for another publisher after DramaQueen’s long silence.

Looks like my foolish hold out of hope was not in vain! All for the love of Hinako Takanaga and Naono Bohra. Now it’s just a matter of September coming around to make sure it’s not another empty promise. When we hold that book in our hand, then we shall truely celebrate!

You can read the whole post under the cut. Thanks to the folks at Boys Next Door for the quick pick up of the news!

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More Drama of DramaQueen

Give it up already! Geebus…

A recent post in the DramaQueen forums by one of the remaining editors:

“well, i’m holding my breath here, but i was also told we would be publishing TYRANT, as the first book for our “comeback”. all my files have been submitted so i’m starting work on the 2nd book now.”

Not the first time we’ve heard this: a supposed triumphant comeback and one started with the far-too-long awaited release of The Tyrant Who Falls In Love by Hinako Takanaga. While this tiny post acts as little more than perhaps another itty-bitty sliver of possible hope, I have to wonder, as much as I’d be happy to finally have some of their licenses in my hands (if they do make a comeback), will a miraculous return act as boo-boo bandaid for all of DQ’s disappointing past treatment of its fans? Is keeping everyone, including their own staff, completely in the dark, and allowing the negative feelings to fester, just to make a return all the more sudden, a worthy trade-off?

Why Hello There Wednesday

Scanlations for all…! If they’re licensed by DramaQueen.

Time for a quick little manga round-up on this August Wednesday, this last Wednesday before back to school. Horrifying thought.

DramaQueen spokesperson, Taisa (though she reminds readers she’s not really an official staff worker anymore), continues to tell fans there’s a sliver of hope for a company revival, but now isn’t against suggesting fans check out some scanlations in the meantime. This is light of the continuing fact that DQ doesn’t look keen to delivery anything, books or news, anytime soon. If anything, scanlations might be all that’ll hold fans’ interest until a time when either DramaQueen gets their act together, or drops the license so a more reliable company can pick them up. Readers may remember that it wasn’t too long ago that DQ issued cease and desists to scanlation groups offering translated version of their license, Tyrant Who Falls in Love.

 “In the mean time… I personally take no issue with responsible scanslation use, and I think that at this point DQ would take no issue with it, either.” – Taisa

The DQ forums have been a little busier than usual as of late but certainly not without anything less negative or new to say as tempers continue to run hot and patience running thin.

 Shonen-Ai-Samurai, a BLU spokesperson on their forums, has let their readers know that the light novels Flesh & Blood, by Natsuki Matsuoka, will not be seeing publication due to costs and a bad light-novel reputation with other companies. With DMP being the big distributer, and seemingly having a pretty good run with them, I wonder whose experiences they’re going by? Presumably Tokyopop’s line of light novels, several of which have been cancelled or infinitely suspended. Never underestimate the economic power of boys’ love fans though, BLU! (news via Gia

 Leave it to Viz to show publishers how it’s done when it atleast comes to effeciency and information. has nearly all their releases up to mid-May 2009 listed, and though that’s nothing new, the fact they all come with finished cover art and synopsises sure is. Wish I could say the same for some other companies’ books, especially when company websites aren’t always the best tended to… Guess I’m saying thanks, Viz? Even if now the nine month wait seems all the longer when I can stare at those shiny covers in anticipation.

The listing for Viz’s series Oishinbo is also up with some definitive clarifaction about their treatment of the 130+ volume series. As has been mentioned time and time again since the license announcement, there’s no way could be releasing the entire run, right? This may be old news but those who, like me, may’ve missed it, the series looks like it’s getting a thick one-shot treatment made up of “the best stories from the hundred-plus volume series … compiled into A la Carte editions, arranged by subject.” Looks like an interesting read to me! And much less daunting for my shelves than 130 books.

 In light of the death of Iris Print, Tina Anderson has recieved a portion of the remaining copies of her book, Only Words. She’s now selling copies of the book, signed, on Amazon for less than the original cover price. If you’re looking for a copy of her boys’ love story, definately stop over there and pick one up while you can (while I lament’s pricey and self-preventive shipping costs to Canada).

 Via Yaoi Press’s Twitter, the Tokyopop manga viewer now has a 22-page preview of the upcoming fourth, and final volume, of Winter Demon. That is some gorgeous looking artwork, if I do say so myself! I’m definately looking forward to it. Fans should pop over there for the sneak-peek! 

 And finally, after an initial wait period and two newstand-released issues, Yen Plus is now offically open for subscriptions. While there was momentary pause caused by an insecure website, the Yen Press staff assure their readers the site is now secure and ready to take their orders.

Rush Seeks New Home

Someone please find us a new home!

Taking this moment to send some pluggage to Tina Anderson’s recent site post, where she states that the Rush team have finally come to the end of their patience with DramaQueen and are now actively seeking a new publisher.

As a quick recap, DramaQueen hasn’t put out any of their scheduled books in over a year nor have they given fans any answers on the future of the books or remaining licenses. This also includes subscriptions for the Rush series, which have now left many people $30 poorer and with no books to show for it (and just as few answers). Essentially it’s a publisher death that many are just waiting to hear the final call for. Sad, but I think it’s fair to say us readers are more than done waiting for DQ as well! Even if we do really want to get a hold of some of their series…

Back to the subject at hand: As someone who awaited the preview issue of Rush eagerly, and enjoyed the pretty artwork and diverse nature of it when it came out, I hope that the artists and writers of Rush are able to find a publisher who will continue on with the anthology. Good luck to you, Rush team! Make sure you tell us fans the moment we can throw pre-orders at you for the next issue.

Manga Publishers and Me (Part 04)


Time for part four, the last chunk of my look at English manga publishers. Aren’t you glad it’s the last time you’ll have to see my lazy reuse of the same header image? Today it’s my take on DramaQueen, Aurora Publishing, Go!Comi, Kitty Media and Del Rey.

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DramaQueen Speaks (Sort of)


Work yesterday kept me from posting this up myself so I’m happy to see the folks over at Boys Next Door were right on the ball with this! Taisa over at the DramaQueen forums came through best she could with information regarding DQ’s current state… and it doesn’t sound very good. DramaQueen and it’s licenses are still as up in the air as they were before and Taisa paints a bleak picture, for both the employees and the fans, despite the President’s optimism.

The interested should head on over to Boys Next Door where they’ve posted the whole thing.

Hopes Too High for DramaQueen?

Publishers Weekly (link via Giapet) had the opportunity to talk to DramaQueen‘s Tran Nguyen about the status of the long-quiet publisher of boys’ love and manhwa dramas. While the idea of getting their long-awaited new batch of books by May 2008 is a pleasing one, DQ‘s forum spokesperson Taisa reminds people that it could very well just be wishful thinking, not in fact a solid piece of information. She says she’ll be forwarding the PW article to her higher-ups to get an official statement on what’s happening.

Here’s hoping it’s something positive, I like many others can’t wait to get Tyrant in my hands (among other licensed titles)!

Review: Love Me Sinfully

Manga-ka: Mio Tennohji
Publisher: DramaQueen
Rating: Mature (18+)
Released: August 2007

Synopsis: “Yuu Ono has been waiting impatiently to have the house all to himself while parents to Guam for a weekend trip getaway. But no sooner do they board the plane than Yuu bumps into a man who whisks him away to an opulent hotel where he comes face-to-face with… himself?! Pressed into becoming the body double for the Crown Prince of Qurd, Yuu’s life is suddenly thrown into peril but Yuu can’t help but trust the handsome bodyguard who swears, “I’ll protect you, even at the cost of my life…””

Worth noting for Love Me Sinfully is that the title story lasts a mere 46 pages of this 178 page graphic novel. Though this is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s worth knowing ahead of time to avoid the inevitable surprise of the discovery.

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Review: Virtuoso di Amore

Manga-ka: Uki Ogasawara
Publisher: DramaQueen
Rating: Mature (18+)
Released: December 2006

Synopsis: “Kenzo Shinozuka is a talented but under-appreciated pianist, so when wealthy noblemen Lorenzo Carlucci offers to be his patron, he leaps at the chance. However, being patronized by Carlucci exacts a price that the pianist may not want to pay. For Carlucci is an eccentric and demanding patron, whose temperant often clashes with Kenzo’s own stubbornness. The friction between patron and artist threatens to drive them both to the brink of madness, or that of desire.”

Kenzo Shinozuka finds himself employed by the mysterious and rich Lorenzo Carlucci, a man who asks nothing else of the young talented pianist but to live in his home and play the piano for him. Kenzo is a bit unsure about Lorenzo’s intentions but realizes that the men seems very familiar to him, a figure from his past. With Lorenzo breathing down his neck to be a better pianist, and the two of them soon embracing to do more than play piano together, Kenzo finds himself swept up in the man’s troubled present and both their turmoil pasts.

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