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Otaku USA: On The Shelf – September 12, 2012

Otaku USA: On The Shelf - September 12, 2012

Loveless returns! The top-note title for this week’s new releases is the ninth volume of Yun Kouga’s Loveless series, which Tokyopop cancelled after releasing the eighth back in 2009. I think it’s really neat that Viz Media made the decision to release the next volume of the series before starting back at the beginning. I’ll be rereading volumes one to eight this week so I can remember everything that’s happened. It’s been so long!

Other must-have-will-buy titles for me this week include Arata (Vol.11) and His Favourite (Vol.01). You can read the full list of titles out this week over at my On The Shelf article for Otaku USA.

Stocking the Mature Shelves – Project-H Announces 20 New Hentai Titles

Stocking the Mature Shelves – Project-H Announces 20 New Hentai Titles

Manga news has been a bit slow lately as con season wraps up, schools re-open and everyone who was away for shiny summer vacations returns to their work desks. Itching for signs of new title life from the manga publishers? Never fear, Project-H is here! …again!

With the imprint having only just passed it’s first year in existence, they’ve just passed a whopping 82 licenses. Say what you will of the individual titles, but 82 books licensed for print in a year is a pretty nice number indeed. This random interesting tidbit of hentai manga news was prompted to you by Project-H’s newest Twitter spree of licenses this past Wednesday:

Boing Boing – Yamatogawa
Dinner At The Shimoedas – Ayumu Miyahara
Fetishisms: Gone Wild – Takumi Adachi
Fetishisms: Gone Wilder – Takumi Adachi
Fetishisms: Virgins – Takumi Adachi
Her and Her Uniform – Hiroshi Itaba
How Good Was I? – Yamatogawa
How to Get Dumped in Style – KUBUKURIN
Makunouchi Deluxe (Vol.01-03) – Joji Manabe
(The) Moon And The Sun – Syatikamaboko
Naughty Boobs – Yumeiro Gurasan
Nurse’s Paradise (Vol.01-02) – Rei Arou
Nurse’s Secrets – Takuma Harazaki
Power Play! – Yamatogawa
Puppy Lust – Toshi
Splash to Love (Vol.01-02) – KUBUKURIN
Teach Me A Lesson – Hiroshi Itaba

Each of the books will be released in print at a cost of $17.95/US, $19.99/CAN. None have release dates announced yet. A rarity in Project-H’s steadily growing library is Puppy Lust, which is also due for a digital release. Suffice to say, as hentai titles, all the aforementioned books will be rated 18+.

For information about when Digital Manga titles will be released, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on their website which lists title information as it becomes available. It’s recently been updated with a number of their summer announced Project-H titles as well. Via their Twitter account, Project-H has also posted current production schedules for 2012 and 2013.

Project-H Continues License Lap-Up with Four New Hentai One-Shots

Project-H Licenses Four New Hentai One-Shots

Another day, another list of Project-H licenses. Great news for hentai fans because 2013 is going to have some hefty release lists for the 18+ genre. This convention season has been pretty weak for manga licenses, excluding Project-H’s – can anyone possibly compete with Digital Manga’s current for-print titles? The clock is ticking!

These new titles were announced on Friday via the Project-H Twitter account:

Late Bloomers – Okano Ahiru
Sex Toys – Sho Aoi
Fetishisms: Sexy Wives – Takumi Adachi
Fetishisms: Immoral – Takumi Adachi

All four books will be released in 2013 and at the new standard Project-H price of $17.95/US, $19.99/CAN.

August Acquisitions Continue With Nine New Project-H Licenses

August Acquisitions Continue With Nine New Project-P Licenses

What manner of unstoppable licensing stream is this?! Yup, Digital Manga is already back on the licensing train with another nine new books for their hentai imprint, Project-H. They them announced via Twitter and e-mail earlier today. These on top of the twenty different books announced just last week. 2013 is going to be a pornful year for sure!

Cosplay Girlfriend – Hiroshi Itaba
Fetish Grab Bag – Joji Manabe
Happy Girls – Zukiki
Hello Work – Hiroshi Itaba
Ladies Full of Love – Takayoshi Sano
Knock Me Up – Michiyoshi Kuon
Moe-Maniax – Aya Hinase
Virgin Games – Kuuki Fujisaka
Wife In Short Shorts – Akinao

All the books are one-shots with release dates currently to be announced, and priced at $17.95/US, $19.99/CAN. Their respective books are the first time Zukiki, Aya Hinase, Kuuki Fujisaka and Akinao have been licensed by Project-H, while the other artists have books coming out later this year or mid-2013.

Digital Manga didn’t release any synopsis to go with these books but there’s some entertainment value in those names alone. Not much left to question, is there? Good times! I really like how that all these hentai licenses are one-shots, which is a common and understandable trend for their Project-H books in general. Hentai titles aren’t really known for their plots so a one-shot collection of either short stories, or one single-volume length story, makes for an easy buy with little commitment. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a one-night read, you know? So punny.

But, yes, books! I still cheer for the fact they’ve got books consistently going to print. Now we just some more BL – don’t forget your foundation, DMP!

Review: My Cute Crossdresser

My Cute Crossdresser

Manga-ka: Mitohi Matsumoto
Publisher: Project-H
Rating: Mature (18+)
Release Date: July 2012

Synopsis: “A bunch of nerdy guys (without girlfriends) get together to try to catch a perverted predator on a crowded train and decide to run a sting operation. But… how will they do that? Who or what would they use for a decoy to catch this predator? Oh, we know! Let’s dress up one as a girl! He looks so cute! He’s just perfect and anyone would fall for him… including his classmates!”

When I first read the synopsis for My Cute Crossdresser, I knew I had to read this book. As a story about boys loving crossdressing boys, it seemed an odd addition to Digital Manga’s hentai imprint, Project-H. My Cute Crossdresser sounded more appropriate for one of their several boys’ love imprints. Now that I’ve read it, it really is a tricky title to categorize. It’s tone doesn’t feel BL appropriate, but simultaneously this title falls short of earning the blood-spurting logo of Project-H.

Read more…

Building Their Hentai Heaven – Project-H Licenses 20 New Books for Print

Project-H Licenses 20 New Hentai Titles

Digital Manga wasn’t at this weekend’s anime convention, Otakon, but they delivered a wallop of new licenses for their Project-H imprint all the same. Announced first via their Twitter account, this batch of new licenses includes twenty individual volumes.

Because that’s a lot of books, you can read the full list of titles and some info on them under the cut:

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Finding The ‘Range of Love’ within Digital Manga’s Project-H

Project-H Licenses Range of Love

Creative titles and I, we don’t tend to get along. But anyway – Digital Manga revealed via e-mail today that they’ve licensed a new hentai title for their Project-H imprint.

Range of Love – Shou Akira

Digital Manga didn’t have a synopsis for the title but lists it as both romantic and a comedy. According to Range of Love‘s page, it looks like a collection of short stories starring – wait for it – a cute wife and university junior students! The book is scheduled to be released in print in the Fall of 2013. It will be $17.95/US, which is notably a couple dollars cheaper than previous Project-H books which are normally listed at $19.99/US. Yay for money saving!

Otaku USA: On The Shelf – July 18-25, 2012

Otaku USA: On The Shelf - July 18-25, 2012

The recent lull of Kuriousity updates extended over to my On The Shelf article as well, but worry not curious list-seekers and manga-buyers (because I’m quite sure you were beside yourselves) – this week’s On The Shelf is a double-dose edition collecting what’s new and recent from last week and today!

My does-want-must-haves of this shipping stack include the first volume of Project-H‘s Velvet Kiss, Vertical Inc‘s classy looking one-shot, Sakuran, Viz Media’s new 20th Century Boys and the tenth volume of Black Butler from Yen Press.

Digital Manga Announces New Licenses to Anime Expo Audiences

Digital Manga Announces Licenses to Anime Expo Audiences

While I was away at Animaritime, one of North American’s biggest anime conventions was taking place the same weekend – Anime Expo. I was a little surprise to see so little news come out of the convention but there were still some new manga licenses courtesy of Digital Manga. These titles, an assortment of boys’ love, hentai and josei/shojo were announced at Anime Expo and then soon after via their Twitter account.

Absolute Monarch Syndrome (Vol.01-02)- Shigeyuki Iwashita (Project-H)
Caramel – Puku Okuyama (June)
Juicy Cider – Rize Shinba (June)
Idolhouse (Vol.01) – Takayoshi Sano (Project-H)
Lies Are A Gentleman’s Manners – Matsuo Marta (June)
Takasugi-san’s Obento (Vol.01) – Nozomi Yanahara (Digital Manga)

DMP also announced they had licensed subsequent volumes of existing properties – Itazura na Kiss (Vol.11), Velvet Kiss (Vol.03) and Lovephobia (Vol.03).

Two of these titles are by repeat-DMP creators. Caramel is Puku Okuyama whose Warning! Whispers of Love was published by DMP last year. I thought Warning! was really cute and funny so I’ve got high hopes for Caramel also. You can read a detailed review of the book over at 腐女子です!♡

Juicy Cider is by Rize Shinba whose previous books include My Bad! and Intriguing Secrets. My thoughts on My Bad! were pretty bad so we’ll see if Juicy Cider can change my opinion of the manga artist.

While some new boys’ love and mature-rated titles from Digital Manga are expected (and appreciated), one stand-out title from this batch is Takasugi-san’s Obento. It’s a manga about a man who takes in a now orphaned young girl and the relationship that forms between them through the bento boxes she makes. You can read a bit more about the series at Just Bento. Foodie manga fans, rejoice!

There’s no information yet regarding when these books will be published or if each individual title will be digital or print-only. DMP has made a good habit lately of releasing this info (and sometimes even a story synopsis) on their website blog shortly after announcing licenses so keep an eye out there for more info as they make it available. (Edit: Digital Manga’s website has since updated with release dates for these titles) In short though, yay new titles!

Vampires, Bosses and Leather: Digital Manga Licenses Six New Titles

New Digital Manga Licenses

Last week Digital Manga announced another six new print licenses! And I’ve long since run out of semi-creative ways to carry into that sentence, since it’s happened so much in recent months. Not that that’s a complaint in the face of so many new volumes of manga to anticipate for 2013. Yay for books! And now onto the good stuff:

A Century of Temptation – Kairi Shimotsuki (June, Summer 2013, $12.95/US)
Deflower the Boss – Ayan Sakuragi (June, Summer 2013, $12.95/US)
The Incredible Kintaro – Naomi Guren (801Media, Spring 2013, $15.95/US)
Ninth Life Love – Lalako Kojima (June, Summer 2013, $12.95/US)
Priceless Honey – Shiuko Kano (June, Summer 2013, $12.95/US)
Ray’s Days – RYOHZOH (Project-H, $17.95/US)

All of the titles above are one-shots so they’re a convenient one-book full package deal. None of them immediately stood out to me but we’ll see how appealing or ‘meh’ each looks as finished cover designs and plot synopsis’ appear between now and their release dates.

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