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DQ’s Return Minus 10 Months

DramaQueen has made corrections based on some unsurity of the news it gave the other day for the release date of it’s first return title, Tyrant Who Falls in Love. While they stated the month of September, causing some to assume September 2009, it was actually a mistake on their part and they meant November 2008! Much better I’d say, right?

“Tyrant is coming out this NOVEMBER – sheesh I’m losing track of time – so my apologies for getting the month wrong!

We’re shotting for BEFORE THANKS GIVING shipping – and I know that many fans have doubts about our release schedule after last year – I just humbly ask that you all forgive us for not being able to fulfill the schedule that we wanted to do.

Trust me, there is nothing that would have stopped us from doing so if circumstances allowed it – but we’re still here and we never gave up that we’ll be back to printing. This is our labor of love, and we’ve learned from our errors and now we’re moving one.

So, Tyrant is THIS NOVEMBER! Haahaa – printer’s been paid, so it’s gonna happen. Right now, we’re double checking the QC and then sending to printers. Once again, thank you thank you for all your support and encouragement (in all forms ^ ^) and it’s just good to be back doing what we love…. “

Thanks to Nadaj for the heads up on my previous post, and Simon for the initial insight.

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  1. […] The DramaQueen folks clarify the timing of their first new release in a while, vol. 1 of Tyrant Falls in Love: It’s coming out this November, not next September. They will be publishing a heap of yaoi titles first, possibly getting RUSH back into action in December, and then working on their manhwa titles (which are excellent and don’t attract enough attention, IMHO). If registration is required for that link, go to Kuriousity, where Lissa Pattillo has the full scoop. […]

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