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An All Manga Eve This Halloween 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween is almost here – I hope everyone already has a spooky stack of books to get them in the mood this year! I sat down this week to put together a list of books I would recommend for readers but it occurred to me I already did that last year, and most of those books will forever stay on my lists of must-reads for Halloween.

You can check out my recommendations from last year which still sport some of my favorite titles:

Good Reads for Halloween (Part One)Black Sun Silver Moon, Death Note, Kieli, Nightmares for Sale, Tokyo Babylon, Pathos, Mail, Fairy Cube, Ghost Hunt, Twilight of the Dark Master

Good Reads for Halloween (Part Two)God Child, Alive, Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, Pet Shop of Horrors, Beyond My Touch, Daemonium, XXXHolic, MW, Parasyte, Cat Eyed Boy

Here at Kuriousity we’ve also enjoyed some great books this month for Halloween reviews such as Cowa!, Rin-Ne (Vol. 01), Cat Eyed Boy (Vol. 02), The Antique Gift Shop (Vol. 09) and Nightschool (Vol. 02).

My top recommendations for Halloween reads still remain Mail, Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service (post image credit) and Ghost Hunt – three series that should not be missed if you like your books leaving you with a reason to keep the lights on! And a newer recommendation for those who love the spirit of Halloween, but don’t need the scares that’re often associated with it, is the recently released Soul Eater from Yen Press (which you can expect a review for just in time for Halloween!).

What about you? Please share your suggestions and favourites – I’d definitely love some more ideas for what to sit down with and enjoy once the candy, costumes and chaos of Halloween dies down this Saturday evening :)

Happy Halloween!

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