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On The Shelf: July 10, 2013

On The Shelf: July 10, 2013

Books, book, books. Make sure you don’t miss your second – and possibly last – chance to buy two of my favourite manga series, with Fullmetal Alchemist 3-in-1 (Vol. 05) and Tokyo Babylon Omnibus (Vol. 02). I’m really loving this new(ish) omnibus trend. They’re often worth every penny and then some~

Case Closed (Vol.47) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
The Flowers of Evil (Vol.06) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Fullmetal Alchemist 3-in-1 (Vol.05) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
RIN-NE (Vol.12) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Tiger & Bunny (Vol.02) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Tokyo Babylon Omnibus (Vol.02) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]

Otaku USA: On The Shelf – March 13, 2013

Otaku USA: On The Shelf - March 13, 2013

A new Wednesday and a new batch of comics! My knowledge of what day of the week it is often comes from when new books come out, so I’ve really been throwing myself for a loop lately with these late On The Shelf posts. Eep! Not this week though – Wednesday posting, on time!

Without further ado, you can read my thoughts on this week’s new books over at my On The Shelf article for Otaku USA.

07 Ghost (Vol.03) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
21st Century Boys (Vol.02) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Arata the Legend (Vol.13) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Blade of the Immortal (Vol.26): Blizzard [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Fullmetal Alchemist 3-in-1 (Vol.04) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
His Favorite (Vol.03) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Neon Genesis Evangelion 3-in-1 (Vol.02) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Paradise Kiss (Vol.03) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Rin-Ne (Vol.11) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Tokyo Babylon (Vol.01) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]

Super Savings: Grave-Digging for Halloween at RightStuf

Super Savings: Grave-Digging for Halloween at RightStuf

With Tokyopop wandering around the internet in zombie-form as of late, why not take a positive inspiration from their coincidentally Halloween-themed stunt? RightStuf’s Bargain Bin is full of old Tokyopop titles looking for homes. Time for some grave-digging!

In the holiday spirit, here are some Halloween-flavoured titles from the list for your enjoyment. I own each of these titles and love every one. Whether you want a mature, eerie story like The Embalmer or a liberally translated, hilariously entertaining ghost-seeing BL-laden story like Eerie Queerie!, or one of the many other in betweens, you’ll find each of these titles has its own uniqueness that makes it just right for October 31st reading:

Daemonium (Vol. 01)$3.99
Eerie Queerie! (Vol. 01)$4.99
Eerie Queerie! (Vol. 02)$4.99
The Embalmer (Vol. 01)$4.99
The Embalmer (Vol. 03)$4.99
The Embalmer (Vol. 04)$4.99
I Luv Halloween (Vol. 01)$3.99
I Luv Halloween (Vol. 03)$3.99
Mad Love Chase (Vol. 01)$5.49
Mad Love Chase (Vol. 02)$5.49
Tokyo Babylon (Vol. 01)$3.99
Tokyo Babylon (Vol. 02)$3.99
Zone-00 (Vol. 01) $4.99

For some really good Halloween reads, I recommend checking back on Shannon Fay’s 13 Days of Halloween posts from last year too. It has a great mix of scary and fun titles to cover just about anything and everything you like about the day.

An All Manga Eve This Halloween 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween is almost here – I hope everyone already has a spooky stack of books to get them in the mood this year! I sat down this week to put together a list of books I would recommend for readers but it occurred to me I already did that last year, and most of those books will forever stay on my lists of must-reads for Halloween.

You can check out my recommendations from last year which still sport some of my favorite titles:

Good Reads for Halloween (Part One)Black Sun Silver Moon, Death Note, Kieli, Nightmares for Sale, Tokyo Babylon, Pathos, Mail, Fairy Cube, Ghost Hunt, Twilight of the Dark Master

Good Reads for Halloween (Part Two)God Child, Alive, Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, Pet Shop of Horrors, Beyond My Touch, Daemonium, XXXHolic, MW, Parasyte, Cat Eyed Boy

Here at Kuriousity we’ve also enjoyed some great books this month for Halloween reviews such as Cowa!, Rin-Ne (Vol. 01), Cat Eyed Boy (Vol. 02), The Antique Gift Shop (Vol. 09) and Nightschool (Vol. 02).

My top recommendations for Halloween reads still remain Mail, Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service (post image credit) and Ghost Hunt – three series that should not be missed if you like your books leaving you with a reason to keep the lights on! And a newer recommendation for those who love the spirit of Halloween, but don’t need the scares that’re often associated with it, is the recently released Soul Eater from Yen Press (which you can expect a review for just in time for Halloween!).

What about you? Please share your suggestions and favourites – I’d definitely love some more ideas for what to sit down with and enjoy once the candy, costumes and chaos of Halloween dies down this Saturday evening :)

Happy Halloween!

Good Reads for Halloween (Part One)

Though for the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting reviews for books I believe readers will find entertaining in the spirit of All Hallows Eve, they’re of course only the tip of the iceberg for what those looking for a good scare or mystery can find out there! So on the weekends from now until then, I’ll be posting some summarized series recommendations (in no particular order), for series I’ve enjoyed that fit the theme. You can check out the first batch of ten after the cut and expect some more next week! Enjoy, and feel free to make recommendations for fellow readers in the comments :)

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Review Themes: Ghost Story Week


  1. The spirit of a dead person, especially one believed to appear in bodily likeness to living persons or to haunt former habitats.
  2. The center of spiritual life; the soul
  3. A demon or spirit

With the week of mystery reviews over, it’s time for a new theme! This week it’s ghost stories: mangas that revolve around the deceased and haunting. Like last time, you can expect five reviews, spanning across the week with one a day. This time around there’ll be some more volume ones (for those looking to start a new series), a one-shot, a complete series and a set of light novels, all from a few years back but still great today. From creepy to funny to fluffy, keep checking back for some stories that are a little different from the ones you’ve heard around the campfire!

Previous ghost story-related reviews:

Mail (Vol. 01)
Kamen Tantei (Vol. 01)
Psychic Power Nanaki (Vol. 02)
Tokyo Babylon (Full series)
XXXHolic (Vol. 11)

Review: Tokyo Babylon

Manga-ka: CLAMP
Publisher: Tokyopop
Rating: 13+
Released: May 2004 – May 2005
Volumes: 7

Synopsis: The story of young Sumeragi Subaru, 13th generation of the Sumeragi clan. Born with strong spiritual powers, he uses his abilities to confront and calm the restless spirits of Tokyo. Pure hearted and kind, Subaru is aided by his energetic twin sister, Sumeragi Hokuto, and the mysterious veterinarian, Sakurazuka Seishiro. A prequel to CLAMP’s X/1999.

Tokyo Babylon is one of CLAMP’s older works and a prequel to X/1999, thus also vaguely connecting it to their previous CLAMP School series of books. To those only familiar with CLAMP’s more recent works, you may be unfamiliar with the art style but do not let that turn you away. Here in this book you have the complete, classic CLAMP formula, compelling characters, wonderful art, an intriguing plot that keeps you guessing and, of course, a little homoerotic tension.

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