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Digital Manga Announces New Kodaka, Kikuchi and More

On the eve of this year’s Yaoi Con, Digital Manga has announced a handful of new titles, two of the three boys’ love. The news was posted on their website and official Twitter account.

Border – Kazuma Kodaka
Bad Teacher’s Equation – Kazuma Kodaka
Demon City Shinjuku: The Complete Edition (Novel) – Hideyuki Kikuchi

Edit: Kazuma Kobaka’s Border was originally announced publicly at the past Anime Expo. (Thanks, Jessica!)

They also announced the acquisition of the fourth volume of Makoto Tateno’s Blue Sheep Reverie. Also new to their website are Rabbit Man, Tiger Man (Akira Honma), Men of Tattoos (Aniya Yuiji), Butterfly of a Distant Day (Tooko Miyagi), That Was Good (CJ Michalski) and Your Story I’ve Known (Tsuta Suzuki). You can check out the pages for Border, Bad Teacher’s Equation and Demon City Shinjuku as well.

Though the titles themselves are exciting (more Kazume Kodaka – yay!), I was honestly even more pleased at the method of their announcement. Granted a blog-style announcement isn’t the most climatic delivery in the world, but it’s great to have it come directly from the publisher via their social media outlets and, most impressively to me, was also accompanied by the volumes being added to the website right away with the Japanese covers and release dates. An up-to-date website? Madness! Thank you, Digital Manga, for again proving you have one of the very best manga publisher websites for info on your titles! You make me and many others very happy.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Most of these were announced last July at AX. The only actual new ones are Rabbit Man, Tiger man, Men of Tattoos, and Butterfly of a Distant Day.

    • I suppose the better phrasing would 'solicited', not licensed. Thanks for the reminder about Anime Expo! I had the inkling they were already announced – makes me no less excited though. New titles mean that much more when you have release dates ^^

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