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Though it’s already been covered at a variety of sites already, never hurts to spread the word, right? Aurora Publishing has sent out e-mails outlining some financial difficulties that have them cutting prices on their books to sell off some old stock. By contacting them directly at e-tung@aurora-publishing.com, you can purchase any of their titles prior to January 2009 for $4/US a book and anything more recent than that for $8/US a book. Snow has some recommendations as well as shipping cost information (for American customers at least), and Kris shares her thoughts on the tone of the e-mail itself.

 Also on the note of good bargains, the online store BookCloseOuts is currently selling all their Tokyopop backstock for a mere .99 cents a piece. A great way to cheaply grab some of their older series and even a few of their newer releases (such as Tactics volumes 1-5).

Yaoi Press is excited to announce that one of their artists, Rhea Silvan will be attending as a guest at 2009’s Anime Central convention. They’re also now offering their KOSEN’s Yaoi playing cards as rewards for purchasing through their all-yaoi online store, EverythingYaoi, which has lots of boys’ love stuff currently on sale. They’ve also begun posting amusing weekly strips that parody scenes from their books, a feature they’re calling Yaoi Not Actually.

Yaoi Minis for January 24th

Always lots of yaoi

Some boys’ love links of interest tonight:

BLU forums are pointing the way to Tokyopop’s site where you can view some preview pages for the upcoming and long-awaited fourth volume of Black Knight. Pretty artwork awaits you!

Some exciting news over at the Yaoi Generation forums where the staff had this to say:

“We’re also wrapping up a couple new licenses! Yay! We’ll be announcing it soon… well, soonish… hehe.. It’s not one of the suggested ones though. We’ve been working on getting these upcoming licenses since middle of last year, and it’s finally nearing completion, so we’re very excited!”

So much for waiting until the end of their first series, breath, before diving into others. But who am I kidding, I’m happy. Here’s hoping they handle it well and we get some more quality work. I was impressed with their first release and hope to be with future ones.

Deb Aoki’s Best of 2008 manga polls continue, including Best New Yaoi/Shonen-Ai Manga of 2008. It’s down to a race between the global boys’ love title ANIMA by Dany&Dany, and Ayano Yamane’s A Foreign Love Affair. Personally, I voted for Future Lovers, no contest my favourite on the list. Head over there and vote for your favorite and definitely check out any titles there you haven’t read yet. There’s some good ones for sure!

A new title from Kitty Media? Sense and Sexuality, with a release date listed for April 2009 (Edit: update). And how about a potentially new title from Deux Press? Have some Spicy But Sweet, a sequel to their already licensed Naughty But Nice. And from DMP, The Lonely Mgoytist (this one seems familiar to me but I can’t find news on it before my head hits the desk from sleepiness so apologies if this is repeat news).

Y!Gallery, aka YaoiGallery, the biggest online art community revolving around men, men and men on men, has recently had a big overhaul of their Rules and Terms of Use. One of the biggest changes includes the return of ‘furries’. Characters with strong animal characteristics were originally banned due to user complaints and a blurred line of beastiality. Site users are now given the option to filter their accounts so that furry art doesn’t show up for them. Other rule changes include no copyrighted material or work taken without permission being used for literature thumbnails (saving people like me a hundred headaches for clicking on what looks like really well done fanart only to find one of a million fanfics).

And finally, Tina Anderson and MTCopyright’s full-colour webcomic Whore of Turfan continues to update weekly with lots of shiny drama to look forward to every Friday! (Whoops, how’d this plug get here? ;) ) Seriously though, a strong start for the series from two talented individuals and I can’t wait to see where its going.

Review: Future Lovers (Vol. 01)

Manga-ka: Saika Kunieda
Publisher: Deux Press
Rating: Mature (18+)
Released: September 2008

Synopsis: “Kento Kumagaya wishes for the simple things in life: to have a happy family with the ideal housewife, loving kids, and kind grandparents all living together, happily ever after. Fate, however, has other plans. Enter Akira Kazuki, a smart, beautiful and unrestrained gay man who shatter’s Kento’s dream with a single night of wild and passionate homosexual sex. This is a romantic, sweet and funny story between two different people (in more ways than one) who unexpectedly find the same future together.”

Let me start by saying I found the two leads of this story to be really likeable and they make for a cute couple. The story begins with Kento Kumagaya seeking solace in the bottom of a glass after some rough waters with his girlfriend. What ends up comforting him however is Akira Kazuki, who after a few drinks, gets them both to his apartment for a passionate one-nighter.

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Review: Ruff Love

Manga-ka: Tamaki Kirishima
Publisher: Deux Press
Rating: Mature (18+)
Released: August 2008

Synopsis: “Shiba, the once-beloved dog of Taketora’s grandfather, comes back in the form of a human (yet with dog ears and tail intact) to repay the kindness his master showed him. However, Taketora’s grandfather passed away twenty years ago, so Shiba decides to focus his appreciation and affection on Taketora. Shiba is clumsy, cute and eager to help around the house. How can Taketora not come down with a bad case of puppy love?!”

Ruff Love is the story of Shiba, a dog who’s come back to life with a humanoid form in order to repay kindness given to him by his last owner. Unfortunately for him, his owner died years ago leaving his grandson, Taketora, in his old residence. Taketora is a struggling writer who works part time at a bar to make ends meet. It’s all-good to Shiba however, who dedicates himself to his new master with the utmost revere and admiration. As a light in his otherwise tiresome life, Taketora falls for the innocent little pup and welcomes him into his home.

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Review: Seduce Me After the Show

Manga-ka: Est Em
Publisher: Deux Press
Rating: Teen (18+)
Released: May 2008

Synopsis: “A stylish, tempestuous dance of anguish and passion. Seduce Me After the Show contains seven short stories which take place within the artistic worlds of dance, painting and music. Overall themes focus on the dichotomy of hope & despair as well as the relationship between pleasure and longing. Devastated by the death of his world famous dancer mother, Theo Gallardo abandons his own dancing cateer to become an actor and co-stars in a film with popular Hollywood idol Darren Fergus.”

Seduce Me After the Show is a collection of seven short stories. Numerous positive reviews prompted me to pick this title up, and though I did find it a nice overall read, ultimately for me its greatest failing was not living up to its community hype.

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Deux and Libre English Teaching Team-Up

More from the Deux front today. Posted on their website is a colourful little page about a project between Deux Press and the Japanese company, LIBRE. It’s titled Repeat After Me? .The project’s lead artist is Shinri Fiwa (whose work has been published in English by BeBeautiful and DMP) and it looks to me like an online manga project that utilizes the plot of a young man forced to learn English in three months, to actually teach English. Pretty neat concept I’d say. Learn English with some boys’ love!

Deux Press will be working with LIBRE on this project as their English helping-hand. Who knows, maybe they could turn the tables and have it work the other way around for us English readers someday?

Deux Saves Cigarette Kisses

Those lamenting the loss of Brocolli Book’s yaoi imprint, Boysenberry, because they feared that they’d never get their hands on an English edition of Nase Yamato’s Cigaerette Kisses, need fear no more. In a surprisingly swift move (from our consumer perspective anyway), Deux Press announced today their acquistion of the title.

Deux Press, the yaoi imprint of Aurora Publishing, has picked up the title Cigarette Kisses by Nase Yamato. Originally, Boysenberry Books, the yaoi imprint of Broccoli Books, was to release this title. However, with Broccoli Books shutting down, the title will be dropped from their list. Lucky for all of the Nase Yamato fans, Deux Press (who is already releasing her Take Me to Heaven in January 2009) was able to acquire the rights to the title, and fans can expect the manga to be released sometime in the second half of 2009.”

This news comes to Kuriousity compliments of Fujoshi Library.

Review: Oh My God! (Vol. 01)

Manga-ka: Natsuho Shino
Publisher: Deux
Rating: Older Teen (16+)
Released: July 2008

Synopsis: “Yuto is a typical high school student who family just so happens to have had a long line of sorcerers as members. While in the family storage shed, he accidentally awakens a god who was sealed in a sword hundreds of years ago. Now, if only his mysterious god could remember who he is! Yuto names this extremely good-lucking spirit, Jade. Stuck with an amnesic god who’s strangely attached to him, Yuto begins a clamorous life of high school, adventure and attraction.”

Yuto comes from a family with a past history of powerful sorcerers within the bloodline. Unfortunately, these days no one in his family possesses any such powers and they make money scamming people into thinking they do, by performing consultations and handing out charms. One day, during cleaning, Yuto finds an old sword in the storage shed and accidentally releases from it a god with no name and no memory.

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Review: Hate to Love You

Manga-ka: Makoto Tateno
Publisher: Deux
Rating: Mature (18+)
Released: November 2007

Synopsis: “The Konoe and Kazuki families have been fighting like cats and dogs for generations. Masaya Konoe and Yuma Kazuki attend the same elite high school and are known to all as arch rivals, but do they really hate eachother? Masaya still cherishes a childhood memory of a time when Yuma shared a ‘treasure’ with him. Now they share a secret attraction. Can they control their passion? Burning desire has a way of erupting into flames!”

Hate To Love You is the premiere yaoi manga of Makoto Tateno, best known for her popular boys’ love series, Yellow. The story is a self-proclaimed Romeo and Juliet type story staring Masaya and Kazuki, future heirs to their family’s respective companies and next in a long line of rivalries between the two groups. The two shared a secret childhood friendship that’s grown to be something very different, but is it love or hate?

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