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Swag Bag: Samurai, Incubus, Rabbits and Tyrants

Swag Bag

My bedroom is finally under control! A week of vacation as I transition to a new job plus a very release-heavy month, not to mention a few trips to my local library, have ensured every inch of my desk, floor and shelves were littered with material waiting to be read and watched. Upside to cleaning your room at least is there’s almost always something you’ll discover  you haven’t read yet, or perhaps just want to revisit.  Naturally among the now organized chaos are a bunch of the things I bought this past week:

For my birthday I received a gift card to Chapters. While I avoid buying from there in-store (too expensive!), their online prices are still pretty good, especially for the more niche material and some harder to find titles. Thus, it was just that I filled my digital shopping cart with.

Mister Mistress (Vol. 01)Boys’ love made up the bulk of my online purchase with my most eagerly awaited purchase being the hardcopy edition of Digital Manga‘s Rabbit Man, Tiger Man (Vol. 01). Second to that fun and charming tale of yakuza/doctor love, was Tyrant Who Falls In Love (Vol. 03). Never enough Hinako Takanaga on the bookshelves! Even Yen Press had some boys’ love to offer me with Tale of the Waning Moon (Vol. 02) and I picked up an older title I missed from Deux Press called Mister Mistress (Vol. 01). It’s almost unfortunate I enjoyed it so much since volume two is looking very tricky to find.

Using up the last pennies of my credit, I bought One Pound Gospel (Vol. 04) which is the end of the series. On the other end of series collection, I bought Descendants of Darkness (Vol. 01) which finishes off my collection of that series as well.

Next up it was into my local comic store, Strange Adventures, where I picked up the new releases (which if you’re curious about the complete recent lists for, check out my Otaku USA articles, On The Shelf). Viz Media dominated my purchasing stack, which I suppose by now should stop seeming like an anomaly.

I was really excited to get my hands on Kaze Hikaru (Vol. 19) – it’s one of my favourite series but there’s a long wait between books. It’s a really long series too so I’m always worried Viz Media will drop it. Everyone buy the series so this doesn’t happen! It’s really charming and wonderfully drawn.

Pokemon Adventures (Vol. 14)Also in the pile of awesome swag was 20th Century Boys (Vol. 16), Otomen (Vol. 11), Tenjo Tenge (Vol. 02) and Natsume’s Book of Friends (Vol. 08). A pleasant surprise was the size of Pokemon Adventures (Vol. 14). It’s notably thicker than past volumes and works really well with the content considering it’s the huge climax of all the plot lines coming together since volume one. Pokemon and trainers everywhere!

And lastly, to make my shopping bags all the heavier, a got a few volumes of manga from the library. Looking for something lighthearted and fluff-heavy, I borrowed Fall In Love Like A Comic (Vol. 01). A really fun discovery though was Saint Young Men (Vol. 01-03). I can’t read Japanese but that didn’t stop me from borrowing the books so I can oogle the amusing pictures and hope all the more someone licenses it. Buddha and Jesus living together in an apartment – how could you not be curious?

That was my Swag Bag this week – what about you?

Swag Bag: Muscling In On Toronto’s Manga Supply

Welcome to what is definitely the longest Swag Bag to date! Mostly because I completely failed to compile my Swag Bag from last year’s Anime North… None the less! – my recent trip to Toronto was chock full of fun finds, and painful but no doubt hilarious attempts at cramming it all into my suitcases. This post here consists of the manga I bought while traversing the packed streets of Toronto while my TCAF purchases will come in a later post once I’ve finished oogling them enough to write something coherent.

The books listed here were all purchased from either my local Strange Adventures (pre-con buying is important, like eating before going to the grocery store – it helps… I think). The rest with exception of I think 1 or 2 came from what I’m dubbing the manga treasure trove of Toronto – The Beguiling. My thanks to their very accomodating staff! If curious about my other comic shop adventures in Toronto, you can check out the Ontario section of Kuriousity’s Canadian Comic Shop listings.

Now onto the swag!

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PR: Animate USA – New Releases in Kindle

TOKYO, JAPAN – August 4 – Animate U.S.A., Inc. is pleased to reveal its August release lineup for the Amazon Kindle Store! Four more Yaoi titles published by Libre Publishing in Japan, including Kindle Exclusive title “Pet in Love – Pet on Duty Bonus Story-,” have been added to the Kindle Store.

For more information, please visit www.animate-world.com, www.b-boy.jp, and to keep on top of all things about Nitta Youka, nittayouka.com!!

August 2010:
Nase Yamato – “Pet in Love – Pet on Duty Bonus Story” Kindle Exclusive!!!
Youka Nitta – “Sound of My Voice – Golden Goose Part 2”
Shiuko Kano – “P.B.B. Play Boy Blues – Act 2”
Makoto Tateno – “See You in the School of the Muse Vol.1 (in Japanese)”

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PR: Animate USA Brings More Yaoi to Kindle in July

TOKYO, JAPAN – July 1 – Animate U.S.A., Inc. is pleased to reveal its July release lineup for the Amazon Kindle Store! Five more Yaoi titles published by Libre Publishing in Japan, including one Japanese-text manga by Youka Nitta, are now available!

For more information, visit these websites, www.animate-world.com, www.b-boy.jp, and to keep on top of all things about Nitta Youka, nittayouka.com!!

July 2010:

Youka Nitta – “Sound Of My Voice – Golden Goose Part 1”
Youka Nitta – “LOL Theater”
Youka Nitta – “Embracing Love Vol.14 (Japanese)”
Shiuko Kano – “P.B.B. Play Boy Blues – Part 1”
Natsuho Shino – “Oh my god! Vol.2”

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New Pub on the Block: Aurora Staff Return as Manga Factory

Manga Factory

This news comes perhaps less like new pub on the block announcement and more like word that an old pub who we we thought was gone has actually just moved out of their parent’s house with what they could fit on their backs (which conveniently happens to be a library of interesting titles and experience).

Individuals who were previously a part of Aurora Publishing, a manga publisher assumed shut down in recent months, have announced last evening that they’ve reformed under a new name: Manga Factory. Unlike Aurora Publishing, this new company does not have backing of the Japanese company, Ohzora, but will still be publishing licensed titles as the original company did. Interestingly they’re continuing to sell their remaining Aurora Publishing stock as before only now on their new web address at MangaFactory.net. It stands to hope they may be able to finish series that were dropped when Aurora Publishing stopped releasing books but they’ve yet to comment on this possibility.

The company is promoting itself as a publisher of both print and digital material, including “mobile device development for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle and more.”.  It’ll be neat to see what direction a ‘new’ company takes when coming into the field looking to start with digital means alongside traditional paper editions – starting off, so to speak, at the point many publishers are coming to now. Already they’re promoting a Kindle edition of the manga series Teen Apocalypse: Guilstein which was originally released as an iPhone edition a few years ago. A different company, Animate USA, has also been publishing Kindle editions of Aurora’s books in recent months. Whether this company will have any connection or joint-work with Manga Factory remains, to my knowledge, speculation but it’s more likely Animate USA is working more closely with Japanese companies than their English counterparts.

Manga Factory will have a booth at the upcoming Anime Expo where they’ll also be selling old Aurora Publishing books, which includes largely shoujo, josei and boys’ love titles from their multiple imprints (Aurora, Deux Press and Luv-Luv). If you’re there, stop by and wish them well in this new endeavor and enjoy what will be presumably be an extension of their fantastic discount pricing for the Aurora books. (Psst, get Future Lovers if it’s there, you won’t be disappointed!)

Lots of the usual questions for new companies – what kind of print quality can we expect (in this case the same or similar to Aurora’s?), how much of their content will be digital vs. print, how will they be distributing the content, what will the costs be for different formats and when we can expect a line-up of titles? We may yet get more news at Anime Expo this week but time will tell. Still promising to see some start-ups now though so best of luck to them!

PR: Animate USA Brings More Yaoi to Kindle

TOKYO, JAPAN – June 4 – Animate U.S.A., Inc. is pleased to reveal its June release lineup for the Amazon Kindle Store! Four more Yaoi titles published by Libre Publishing in Japan are now available! For more information, visit these websites, www.animate-world.com, www.b-boy.jp.

June 2010:
Nase Yamato – “Cigarette Kisses”

Natsuho Shino – “Oh my god! Vol.1”

Kano Miyamoto – “Say Please”

Kano Miyamoto – “Two of Hearts”
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PR: Animate USA Releases More Yaoi Titles On Kindle


TOKYO, JAPAN – May 12 – Animate U.S.A., Inc. is very pleased to announce that 4 more Yaoi titles published by Libre Publishing in Japan are now available in the Kindle Store! For more information, visit these websites, www.animate-world.com, www.b-boy.jp.

May 2010:
Saika Kunieda – “Future Lovers Vol.1”

Saika Kunieda – “Future Lovers Vol.2”

Rize Shinba – “Mister Mistress Vol.1”

Rize Shinba – “Mister Mistress Vol.2”

“FUTURE LOVERS” by Saika Kunieda

A romantic lover awaits you… in the future.

Kento Kumagaya wishes for the simple things in life: to have a happy family with the ideal housewife, loving kids, and kind grandparents all living together, happily ever after.

Fate, however, has other plans. Enter Akira Kazuki, a smart, beautiful and unrestrained gay man who shatters Kento’s dream with a single night of wild and passionate sex.

This is a romantic, sweet and funny story between two different people (in more ways than one) who unexpectedly find the same future together.


“MISTER MISTRESS” by Rize Shinba

Fujimaru is your average adolescent boy – horny and girl-crazed. Like many guys his age, he enjoys spending “alone time” in the bathroom with erotic magazines, doing… you know.

Unlike many guys his age, Fujimaru has a sexy demon incubus, Rei, lurking about his house. Rei wants nothing more than to feed off of Fujimaru’s perverted mind! Soon, Fujimaru’s life becomes an erotic nightmare.

He’s just a normal boy whose raging hormones and wet dreams are the source of the incubus Rei’s ever-growing lascivious power.

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PR: Animate USA Releases Libre Books on Kindle


TOKYO, JAPAN – APRIL 13 – Animate U.S.A., Inc. is very pleased to announce that English versions of Libre books have been released for the Kindle Store on Amazon now!

“We would like to express our thanks for our fans’ loyal patronage. We’re very, very excited about the fact that our fans all over the world will be able to enjoy our books,” said Takao Iwakoshi, President of Libre Publishing, Co., LTD.
The following 4 titles are released in April, and over 4 titles a month will be released after that. Animate U.S.A., Inc. will keep fans informed about the release schedule for each title on its website, www.animate-world.com, www.b-boy.jp.

April 2010:
You Asagiri – “Golden Cain”
Haruka Minami – “Love a La Carte!”
Nase Yamato – “Pet on Duty”
CJ Michalski – “Delivery Cupid”

About Animate U.S.A., Inc.
From North to South, it’s by far the largest chain of Anime shops in Japan! Character goods from anime, manga, game, comics, game, as well as art supplies… You name it! All anime/manga-related merchandise is available! Additionally, you can find original Animate goods, specials, etc. Furthermore, we have special events such as autograph sessions, panel discussions, campaigns, and more! Come to Animate filled with ‘Dreams’ and ‘Hope’!!
See http://www.animate.co.jp/ for more information. (Japanese site)

About Libre Publishing Co., Ltd.
The biggest BL publisher in Japan. The company name “Libre Publishing Co., Ltd.” is taken from the Latin base “Lib” which can mean “Book” or “Liberty.” Such is the aim of our company, to be able to share this love of “books” and “freedom” by the unique contents of the works that we offer, for the enjoyment of our readers. See http://www.libre-pub.co.jp/ for more information. (in Japanese)

Aurora Leaves NetComics, Potentially Prepping for Sale

Aurora Publishing

Some unfortunate news on the manga front today as more facts arise that spell an unfortunate state for the manga publisher, Aurora Publishing. The company’s current state has been speculated by many in recent months and the general consensus hasn’t been good.

Now most recently, NetComics, an online manga-purchase site and book publisher, has announced that they’ll be removing all Aurora Publishing books “promptly after midnight PST April 14th”. (via ANN) This move was at the request of Aurora Publishing themselves, perhaps in light of the apparent sale they may be preparing for.

That said, as the potential proverbial nail-in-the-coffin, a California business broker is currently listing what is being presumed as Aurora Publishing up for sale for an asking price of $300,000.

“…Because manga requires specific skills and elements in order to establish the smooth flow of pictures, words, and panels, a knowledgeable staff is a tremendous asset for you as the new owner and the staff is willing to stay and help you grow the company even further. Don’t miss this wonderful business opportunity to participate in the growing industry of Japanese manga for the North American markets.”

I came across this listing after looking into an abridged link posted on the ANN forums. It’s sort of sad enough seeing a company be put up for sale but an actual price tag somehow drives the point home all the more. At least it can be perceived as an optimistic step instead of just folding altogether, and if it gets bought, and by whom, could prove interesting as well.

Over the past year Aurora Publishing has also had several blowout sales, selling off its books at ridiculously low prices including entire series for less than the price of a single book. While initially these sales were viewed as clearing out overstock, they’ve recently been seen as much less promising. The blow-out sale page can still be accessed with a March-updated order form and a lengthy list of books still available.

As a bit of short history, Aurora Publishing is a subsidiary of Japan’s Ohzora Publishing and consists of three imprints: Auroura Publishing, Deux Press (yaoi) and Luv-Luv Press (josei). Since it first began releasing books in English in 2006, the company has licensed over 50 series – the majority of which being boys’ love series including the critically well-recieved Future Lovers series.

Amazon currently list Ichiko Ima’s Beyond Twilight and the second volume of The Manzai Comics from Aurora Publishing in the summer but right now the likelihood of their their release is in the air along with the company’s future itself. Currently there hasn’t been any official word from the company itself regarding these recent events.

Aurora Publishing’s Holiday Sale

Deux Press Holiday Sale

For those still looking for that perfect gift this holiday season (or a little treat for themselves!), Aurora Publishing joins the publishing ranks of seasonal discounts with their Holiday Sale. And what a sale it is!

They’re selling almost all their books at single-volume prices of $4.00 and most impressively, numerous complete series for $10 and under! Personal recommendation above all else there is Future Lovers (Vol. 01-02) – both volumes at a $5 set price! You can’t top that – I’m tempted to buy a series’ set for every boys’ love fan I know who hasn’t yet purchased one themselves. The entire line of their LuvLuv imprint for $15 isn’t bad either.

International buyers, such as myself, watch the shipping costs though – that’s where the price can really add up, along with an 8% addition to the cost of the books themselves. I recommended asking for a price quote from them before requesting the PayPal invoice, just to be sure you know what you’re getting for how much in the end.

Now excuse me, I must fill up my Paypal after the first round of holiday manga shopping this week.

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