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Old Favourites Return For New Digital Manga Titles on Amazon

New From Digital Manga in April 2010 brings us a handful of new boys’ love titles this Tuesday from yaoi-behemoth, Digital Manga. All these titles are from artists that readers will likely recognize from previous releases.

Drunken Love – Haruka Minami
(801Media, artist of My Paranoid Next Door Neighbour)

Mamiya Doll House – Kazuhiko Mishima
(June, artist of You Make My Head Spin)

Intense Rain – Shinri Fuwa
(June, artist of A Gentleman’s Kiss)

Alice the 101st – Chigusa Kawai
(June, artist of La Esperanca)

How To Control A Sidebar – Makoto Tateno
(June, spin-off of How To Capture A Martini, artist of Yellow and Steal Moon)

As with all Amazon listings, no series or releases are official until confirmed by the publishers themselves. While Digital Manga cannot confirm the licensing of these series, they did let me know that their big Yaoi Con license announcement is still under wraps and awaiting the eager ears of convention attendees. In the meantime there’s been lots of speculation on forums and blogs on what the title(s) will be, including potential license rescues from the yet-to-be-officially-bankrupt DramaQueen to the recently confirmed shutdown BeBeautiful.

For now fingers crossed we have these titles to look forward to, a great array of returning artists for some new works. I know I for one am really excited for another Chigusa Kawai title after a great finale to her previously June-released series, La Esperanca.

And remember boys’ love fans still have plenty to look forward to during Yaoi Con at the end of the month! Any titles you’ve got your hopes on?

PR: DMP presents Little Butterfly Omnibus and Yaoi Con exclusives!

Gardena, CA (August 27, 2009) – Digital Manga Publishing is proud to present their newest reissue, the Little Butterfly Omnibus! Collecting the now out of print three volumes of Little Butterfly, the omnibus edition spans over 560 pages! Hinako Takanaga has long been a fan favorite and her Little Butterfly manga, one of the early yaoi titles printed by Digital Manga Publishing, quickly became a top seller, and has continued to be one of the most requested manga series in the Digital Manga library. Finally, the three beautiful issues of Little Butterfly will be available in this limited omnibus edition!

As a special thank you to our fans, Digital Manga Publishing will make exclusively available at Yaoi-Con only, a limited number of the Little Butterfly Omnibus for purchase! The street date is not until February 2010, and we will only be making the book available for Yaoi-Con attendees! After Yaoi-Con, the book will not be available until it ships to stores next year. So come to Yaoi-Con to own this beautiful title, way, WAY ahead of it’s ship date!

Also at Yaoi-Con, in honor of our amazing guest, Makoto Tateno, Digital Manga Publishing will have early advances of the Yellow Omnibus: Volume 1 AS WELL as early advances of Yellow 2: Episode 1 for con attendees! Yellow has remained one of Digital Manga’s best selling titles, and Yellow 2: Episode 1 is a special series of short stories written exclusively for cell phones in Japan. Never before published in print, Yellow 2 will be a three episode series of short 64 page booklets following additional adventures of Taki and Goh. Come and get these amazing advances, and then have them signed in person by the amazing Makoto Tateno!

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Digital Manga Picks Up License to Maiden Rose

Maiden Rose

A Digital Manga Twitter-point to their updated 2010 releases revealed a new boys’ love license – Fusanosuke Inariya’s Maiden Rose! (Yay!!) The series was previously licensed by DramaQueen, along with the other recently exposed license Omen by Makoto Tateno, and both are listed for release in early 2010. Maiden Rose will be released under Digital Manga’s June imprint and is the story of two soldiers who share a master/servant relationship amidst the violence of war.

Maiden Rose has been one of the most anticipated license-saves among boys’ love communities and has garnered further fandom as of late due to the recently released Maiden Rose OVA in Japan.

Digital Manga also continues to entice their fans to speculate on a big license announcement they’ll be making at the upcoming Yaoi Con. Amane Yamano’s Finder series, lost along with the death of BeBeautiful, is one of the most guessed title with Hinako Takanaga’s Tyrant Who Falls In Love coming in close second. Digital Manga has already released several books by both artists across their multiple imprints. Both titles are highly anticipated and will undoubtedly be met with much excitement if either are the big news (from myself included for sure!). Anyone else want to offer some guesses?

Edit: Digital Manga has just tonight sent out a press release with more information regarding their Little Butterfly and Yellow omnibus books, including news that they will both be available months early to attendees of Yaoi Con.

Del Rey With Kodansha Listings, Digital Manga Picks Up DQ License

Makoto Tateno's Premonition, Yotsuba and Akira

Some note-worthy new listings popped up on Amazon over the week and this time one of them even comes with a confirmation from the company.

Two new Digital Manga listings of interest: one is for another omnibus edition of a previously released series of theirs, this time Hinako Takanaga’s fantastically charming Little Butterfly (big recommendations from me on this one!). This joins the already confirmed omnibus for Makoto Tateno’s Yellow.

Speaking of whom, Makoto Tateno’s boys’ love series Yokan is now listed on Amazon from Digital Manga under the name Preminition. Some yaoi fans may recall this title as having been previously licensed by the now defunk DramaQueen (under the title Omen). Word is that several of DQ’s licenses have begun to expire after years of no releases, which means there’s a likely possibility for more license rescues in the coming future. Preminition, along with a couple other newer licenses, are now listed on Digital Manga’s website.

Other Amazon finds of interest includes two editions of Yen Press’s upcoming first volume release of Soul Eater, one of which apparently coming with a presumably-snazzy slipcover. Extra attention for a series with a big fan base? Speaking of big fan-base (which should be bigger still!), Yen Press will be releasing not one, not two but six volumes of Yotsuba&! this September!

And lastly, though my Twitter followers heard this from me a couple days ago, listings for Akira by Kodansha Comics (previously reported as one of the most solid pieces of Kodansa-related news the English manga world has gotten so far) are now all being listed as the following: Akira Volume # (Akira (del Rey)).

This isn’t the first time I’ve noted overlap in publishing credits between Kodansha Comics and Del Rey, who already has a close connection with the company and releases their titles predominantly. Of course this could just be a slip-up on Amazon’s part, though some other retail sites have the publisher for Kodansha Comic’s rereleases of Akira and Ghost in the Shell listed as Random House (of which Del Rey is an imprint of). Is Del Rey merely helping Kodansha find footing in North America? Or could Kodansha Comics show up as another Random House imprint as a more all-inclusive joint agreement for manga releases? Time will (we hope) tell for sure!

Makoto Tateno To Appear At Yaoi Con, Yellow Omnibus Announced


A press release sent out yesterday reveals that popular boys’ love creator, Makoto Tateno, will be appearing as an industry guest at this year’s Yaoi Con 2009. Digital Manga will be hosting her appearance and have already released numerous Makoto Tateno titles in North America, including both her boys’ love and shoujo series. This will be the artist’s first time attending the Yaoi-centrique convention which takes place in San Mateo, San Francisco. You can read more about Yaoi Con at their website.

Along with this news, the press release also makes official announcement of the omnibus release of Makoto Tateno’s Yellow series. The first of the two-book set  is listed for release in November 2009 and will include some “unseen artwork and unpublished content!”.

You can read the full press release here, along with other recent manga PR in my Press Release category. Edit: Some information corrected. Thanks, baramanga.

PR: MAKOTO TATENO Appearing At Yaoi-Con 2009

Gardena, CA (July 20, 2009) – Digital Manga Publishing is excited to announce their special guest for Yaoi-Con 2009, prolific yaoi mangaka, Makoto Tateno! Makoto Tateno has long been a fan-favorite of the yaoi community, and she is pleased to be coming to the US to meet her fans in person this October! Her published works in the US include: Hero Heel (June’), Steal Moon (June’), Blue Sheep Reverie (June’), Angelic Runes (DMP), Red Angel (DMP), King Of Cards (CMX) and the much loved Yellow. In another first for Tateno, Digital Manga Publishing will be putting out her first DokiDoki comedy title, Happy Boys, which revolves around the lives of five young men who work in a butler cafe’, and was recently made into a Japanese television live-action comedy series. This will be Makoto Tateno’s first appearance at Yaoi-Con!

To coincide with Tateno’s US appearance, Digital Manga Publishing is also proud to announce the reissue of Tateno’s first yaoi title in the US: Yellow. Collected into two omnibus editions, The Yellow: Omnibus Edition v.1 collects the first two volumes of the series into one special collection, with some new content. For fans who attend Yaoi-Con, they’ll get their hands on advances of this reissued title first, and they can get it signed in person by Makoto Tateno!

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801Media Confirms Yellow 2, Omnibus Edition

Makoto Tateno's Yellow

Fresh back from this past weekend’s Anime Expo, the 801Media blog has been updated with information regarding Digital Manga’s upcoming omnibus edition of Yellow and the semi-mysterious listing of Yellow 2 that popped up on Amazon sometime ago.

I recieved a few e-mails from people asking if I could clarify my own hypothesis regarding the listing, and though I couldn’t offer anything info-wise before, now 801Media has confirmed my suspicions were correct. Yellow 2 will in fact be a sequel series to Makoto Tateno’s Yellow, a set of short stories that have thus far only been released in Japan on cellphones.

“These are called Yellow 2: Episode 1. It’s a sequel to the Yellow series. These have never been published before, but they have been distributed only in Japan via cell phones and hand-held portable devices. DMP is extremely lucky to be able to license these series! Yes, there are many more to come, of course. Episode 2, 3, 4 … etc etc These will be hitting the US market as a short-comic style, containing approximately 60 pages or so. It’s a classic Makoto Tateno!”

These are “tentatively slated for October 2009” and there will be limited copies available at Yaoi Con 2009.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty excited to have something released here so fresh and first-to-print. Even more so excited that it looks like we’ll be seeing it long before another semi-similar project that’s been leaving us fans waiting a long time. Fingers crossed for more projects like this from Digital Manga in the future. Don’t let their efforts be for naught, boys’ love fans :)

Edit: To clarify, it was the 801Media website that confirmed the releases but they’ll both be printed under the June imprint, just as the original Yellow series was.

Review: Angelic Runes (Vol. 01)

Reviewer: Lissa Pattillo

Manga-ka: Makoto Tateno
Publisher: Digital Manga
Rating: Older Teen (16+)
Release Date: July 2009

Synopsis: “A traveler in search of his father chances upon a pair of twins about to be buried by their village. The villagers claim the two are cursed but he rescues them. He soon finds out what makes the villagers fear them: the siblings have the power of angels and demons. But he has his own secrets as well…”

From the artist who brought you boys’ love detectives and romance on the superhero set, comes a western-based fantasy that sees a young mage, Sowil, and two deity-channeling twins, on a quest to discover the secret of the mage’s Father and the powerful runes that he was born with the ability to use. Angelic Runes is a light fantasy series catering to fans of pretty boys and magic. Ultimately it’s a book worth surviving the potentially off-putting pink cover design to experience the more compelling content within.

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Tokyopop Title Tips, New News About Old News

Portrait of M and NA couple new Amazon finds today (feels like it’s been a while, doesn’t it?) and a few updates on some old news. Hold onto your seats, this could prove mildly of interest to you!

First off, Tokyopop has two new series listed over on, both listed for February 2010:

Portrait of M and N (Vol. 01) – Tachibana Higuchi
Alice in the Country of Hearts – Unknown

Likely related to recent Domo-promotion news, Tokyopop also has a listing for Domo 7/11 Exclusive. No real idea what that is, but it’s atleast being sold to us considerably cheaper than whatever the heck these are: Pop Display — 2009 Volume 3: Chibi Vampire and Pop Display — 2009 Volume 4: Domo 7-11 Box. $431.68 Canadian? Alrighty then.

In updates on older news, Amazon now lists Yen Press’s upcoming omnibus re-release of Azumanga Daioh. The book is dated for December 2009 and with a 672 page-count. You can see the listing on and

For those who can’t wait to get a hold of Viz’s VizBig omnibus  release of Inu-Yasha (sporting unflipped pages), Amazon also has that listed now as well. A 576 page-count with the first volume due out November 2009 can be seen at both and

For the Battle Royale fans out there, Viz looks to be re-releasing the novel. Viz originally released a copy of Koushun Takami’s brutal survival drama novel in early 2003. This new listing has the same description and page-count as the 2003 release so it’s likely a reprint over a formal rerelease if the information on Amazon is indeed correct.

Yellow by Makoto TatenoAnd finally, I checked back on a weird listing for something called Yellow 2:  Episode 1 that originally popped up on earlier this month. The listing has been tweaked slightly, including to my memory, the additional information that the book is only 60 pages long. That’s pretty tiny for a graphic novel, and even more curious is that to my knowledge Makoto Tateno (still) hasn’t done a sequel to her popular boys’ love series, Yellow. Until now…? 

While this is purely speculation on my end (for a listing that may or may not even be accurate), it reminds me a lot of Dark Horse’s upcoming release of CLAMP’s mangettes, with the smaller page counts released over numerous ‘episodes’. I can’t help but ponder the possibilities: could Digital Manga could be hopping on the simulataneous release bandwagon and could we see some exciting news in the future regarding more potential titles like this from them? Time will tell!

Love Syndrome One of More DM Disappearances?, More Yellow

Where Have We Gone?

Internet-splunkage today stumbled me upon a post from user saaria on the AarinFantasy forums, that states Digital Manga has confirmed the cancellation of Yura Miyazawa’s Love Syndrome. Amazon has the book marked for a May 2009 release but the title is not present on Digital Manga’s website.

I shot out an e-mail to Digital Manga for confirmation on this, but in the meantime took to looking if there may be other unknown casualities.

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