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NYAF 2011: Panels and Exhibitors for the Manga Inclined


The year’s last big pop-culture event is upon us this week – only two days left until the start of New York Comic Con. Also a combined part of the event is New York Anime Fest, offering up an assortment of anime and manga related content for con-goers. I’ll be flying to New York on Thursday for the weekend event and like many others I’ve been compiling the list of events I’m making sure I don’t miss!

There’s a variety of manga publishers present this year: Vertical Inc, Kodansha Comics, Viz Media, Yen Press, Bandai Entertainment and Dark Horse. That’s a lot of opportunity for exciting news and new titles. I’m already clamouring to try and be one of the lucky few who can get an early copy of Vertical Inc’s release of Princess Knight and hear the big news from Viz Media that’s been hinted at by Shonen Jump Group’s deputy director, Sasaki Hisashi, who will be in attendance.

“Going to NYCC! Wait for the big announcement VIZ &we make there!”

Ed Sizemore of Manga Out Loud and MangaWorthReading has posted about which panels he’s going to and exhibitors he’ll be visiting. He’s one of several manga bloggers attending the event (a fair number of those in Kuriousity’s blog roll will be there!) and gives short but convincing reasons for adding the times and places he lists to your own NYCC planner.

You can see  the full list of guests, exhibitors and events on the NYAF website and I’ve included the specifically manga-related panel details under the cut of this post. They include some links to learn more about who’s bringing the manga news to NYAF this year.

I’ll be attending these events and writing about them here on Kuriousity throughout the weekend. If curious, you can see my coverage of last year’s event in the Kuriousity archives.

Two days left now… see you there!

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Otaku USA: On The Shelf – September 28, 2011

On The Shelf - September 28, 2011

It’s that day again! It’s Wed- wait, no, that was yesterday. Well yesterday was that day – new comic day! And finally the day that Sailor Moon and Sailor V was released through the ‘direct’ market (aka, Diamond Comics) meaning those of us who buy at our comic shops finally have them in hand. But really that was the week before last news.

Back to the now and, while a tiny week, there are a couple titles out I’ve been looking forward to. All the week’s releases can be read over at Otaku USA’s On The Shelf.

The most notable book out this week in my opinion is Stargazing Dog from NBM Publishing. It’s the company’s first time releasing manga and it sounds like they chose an interesting piece of work to debut with. There’s a review of it over at MangaWorthReading that makes me even more eager to find a copy. It does sound like my assumption of needing some tissues handy was right on though – dog stories always manage to make me tear up!

Otaku USA: On The Shelf – August 10, 2011

On The Shelf - August 10, 2011

It’s that time again – and shall be that time every week – new comics time! My On The Shelf article is up at Otaku USA for your reading pleasure.

My top pick for this week’s releases is Viz Media’s Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit:

“This book doesn’t get a lot of discussion and it’s a shame—it’s a great story that really gives you a lot to think about in regards to society, mortality and a government’s hold on its people.”

Bandai Entertainment Launches Manga Website

Bandai Entertainment Launches Manga Website

Announced via their Twitter account this afternoon, Bandai Entertainment has officially launched a website dedicated solely to their manga releases: Manga Bandai Entertainment.

“It’s long overdue, but our plan is to have this be the destination on the latest news and release information for our publishing lineup. …And there’s going to be plenty more to talk about, so check back for news updates and maybe even some surprise previews!”

Thus far the site has most of the key things that make me a happy web-surfing manga consumer, such as detailed individual volume information and manga previews. However the site itself is still having some growing pains that will cause visitors a few visual hiccups here and there. But not a bad start and it’s great to see Bandai giving their books some extra attention.

One thing a clear catelouge of their books has shown me however is that I’ve yet to read anything they’ve released. So in honour of their newly launched manga-centric site, I’m looking for reader suggestions: what is your recommendation for a Bandai manga series worth picking up? Gurren Lagann? Eureka Seven? The doey-eyed Lucky Star? Let me know what you think and I’ll head out on the hunt for my first Bandai Entertainment read!

Saturday at NYCC 2009

While I usually wait until a con’s end to post an overview of the manga news, some exciting announcements (okay, one inparticular) have left me too over-eager for that this time! I have Twitter to thank for that, @MangaCast and @DebAoki inparticular, who via dedicated posting, I’m able to read all the fun stuff as it happens! What’s better than that for those of us who couldn’t make it?

So thus far at New York Comic Con we’ve had a bunch of new manga  announcements:

You can just tell this is gonna be cute. Tokyopop announced that they’re adapting the NHK mascot, Domo, into a full-colour manga due out in September. No word yet on whose writing or drawn it though. They’re also holding a contest for artists to have their fanart featured in the book though as is customary for TP, the contest it open to residents of the US only.

Bandai Entertainment informs fans that they’ve acquired the license to “all” the Gundam 00 manga, including spin-offs and light novels.

CMX has confirmed some titles that Amazon exposed in December, such as Broken Blade and King of Debris.

Del Rey has gotten their hands on Four-Eyed Prince by Wataru Mizukami, Only One Wish by Mia Ikumi and You Higuri’s manga adaptation of the anime series, Night Head Genesis. As another anime series I found interesting, but ultimately dull due to the fact that animes need to try a million times harder to maintain my attention, I really look forward to You Higuri’s version (and no complaints to more of her work in general!).

And finally, Yen Press has announced that it’s licensed the Spice and Wolf manga, Park JinJun’s supernatural mahnwa Raiders,  Crescent Moon Story –a yaoi by Fujiyama Hyouta – and, the most long-awaited yet still surprising news, the license rescue of the well-loved and ridicuously charming, Yotsuba&! ! They’ll be picking up where ADV Manga left off with the sixth volume due out this coming September.

San Diego Comic Con License Round-Up


While not nearly as epic as Anime Expo‘s licensing list, San Diego Comic Con still had a few new manga offerings for waiting fans. Under the cut is a list of announced licenses, courtesy of Gia and ANN!
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Anime Expo Manga Licenses


Three days of Anime Expo and 60 61 manga licenses later, I figured it was time for a round-up! Many thanks, kudos and credit goes to Gia and ANN for the live and detailed updates. Be sure to check out all their con coverage for tons of information, including a bunch of new anime acquistions as well. Now onto the manga! Cut for long-ness.

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Sunday Stuffers

Sunday Stuffers - Viz Manga

Random things that may be of interest to some people on this slow Sunday: has posted an image of the first official look at Justin Chatwin in his role as Goku in the upcoming live action adaptation of Akira Toriyama’s Dragonball. Supposedly a scan from the next issue of Shonen Jump in Japan, it’ll no doubt be a picture we’ll be seeing pop up around the internet soon enough.

Having announced their licensing of the Code Geass mangas back when they acquired the anime, Bandai Entertainment has got a bunch of listings for the books up on  Five books in five months, looks like Code Geass fans will definately be getting their fix in fairly rapid succession. Bandai Entertainment is also going through a big site revamp at this time with a blog to update visitors of their progress, media and general company happenings.

And finally, also over at, Viz sent the site some updated images for future releases (see pictures above), for any who want to see some pics.

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