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Super Savings: Manga Galore at BMV Books

Super Savings: BMV Books

Conveniently located on Toronto’s busy (and bound to keep you even busier) Bloor St W, my roommate and I entered what we thought was just your run of the mill used book store. Never know what you can find, right? Well what we found was BMV Books – a three-floor discount bookstore with an entire floor dedicated to comic books, manga and fantasy novels.

The manga sold here is mostly overstock material, meaning it’s likely product sold to them that couldn’t be sold by either the publisher or other companies. They also sell some used material brought in to them by customers. Their selection is vast – from titles over a decade old to titles much more recent, you’ll find a little of everything and all at about 50% off the CDN cover price or less. Typically the books ranged from $3.00-$6.00, depending on the company and format.

We found books as new as the third volume of Vertical’s 7 Billion Needles and Yen Press’s Maximum Ride, to editions as old as Mixx’s Sailor Moon and Magic Knight Rayearth volumes (in surprisingly good condition too). There was something of every genre released in English, including boys’ love and yuri. First edition volumes of Fushigi Yuugi were especially nostalgic to me (my first manga GN purchases!) while I loved the opportunity to fill in my collection with some long-since out of print OEL titles from Tokyopop, NetComics titles (which I have trouble finding anywhere but conventions) and a couple ADV Manga books. All for cheap!

If you’re a manga fan who lives in or around, or is simply visiting, Toronto, then along with their assortment of comic stores, I highly recommend putting Bloor St W’s BMV Books on your list of must-shop stops.

PR: Animaritime Welcomes Vertical Inc’s Ed Chavez


Vertical Inc. Marketing Director To Attend Eastern Canada’s Animaritime 2011 Convention


Moncton, NB, May 26, 2011 – Animaritime is pleased to announce that marketing director of VerticalInc., Ed Chavez, will be attending the 2011 event as a special guest.

As both a manga editor and translator, Ed Chavez has worked in the industry for years including forcompanies such as Seven Seas, CMX and the Japanese publisher, Kodansha. Since 2009 he hasbeen the marketing director of Vertical Inc., promoting the company’s varied assortment of titles. Alongwith attending conventions as a Vertical representative, Ed Chavez has also hosted panels across thecontinent for different facets of manga’s history and industry, along with holding a strong onlinepresence among manga fans.

“As a convention with an audience passionate for manga, we’re thrilled to be able to have Ed Chavezattend our event. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge about manga and the industry itself thatwe feel our attendees will really enjoy and learn a lot from.”

Ed Chavez joins graphic novel artist, Faith Erin Hicks, and anime voice actor, Spike Spencer, asguests to this year’s Animaritime convention which returns “bringing the best of Anime and Gaming toAtlantic Canada” after a one year hiatus in 2010.

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PR: 2011 Fan Expo Canada™ Gets ANIME-ted!

Anime’s most coveted voice actors to appear at the CNAnime Expo

Toronto, ON (May 26, 2011) – Fan Expo Canada™, the country’s largest gaming, horror, comic, science fiction and anime event, today announced its highly anticipated lineup of anime guests appearing at the ever popular CNAnime Expo from August 25 – 28, 2011. Anime luminaries include Canadian and international voice actors from such smash hit shows as Fullmetal Alchemist, Pokémon, Death Note, Dragon Ball Z and Bakugan.

For four days only, CNAnime Expo will give visitors the opportunity to participate in fun-for-all anime games and activities such as Name that Tune and Anime Karaoke; as well as contests, workshops, seminars and chance to meet with their favourite industry professionals, one-on-one!

CNAnime Celebrity Guests Include:
COLLEEN CLINKENBEARD – Star of RIN – Daughters of Mnemosyne
JASON DELINE – Star of Bakugan
CAITLIN GLASS – Star of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
MIKE MCFARLAND – Star of Dragon Ball Z
SHAWN MEUNIER – Star of Bakugan
VIC MIGNOGNA – Star of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
JUNKO MIZUNO – Acclaimed manga artist
BRINA PALENCIA – Star of Evangelion: 2.0 You Can [Not] Advance
CHRIS SABAT – Star of Dragon Ball Z
MICHAEL SINTERNIKLAAS – Star of Summer Wars and Slayers
BRAD SWAILE – Star of Death Note
VERONICA TAYLOR – Star of Pokémon

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Quick update today to announce that after having an easy-to-do forwarder set up to make our .ca work as a domain, as of today Kuriousity is officially fully hosted at!

There’s still a forwarder in place to automatically send all old to their corresponding page here on so there shouldn’t be any problem with broken links. That said, if you come across any link issues (be they on the site or from elsewhere) let me know!

Shifting the site over to our new .ca address is step one of a little revamp Kuriousity is getting. There’re some changes to the layout coming (nothing too huge but it’s about time for a fresh coat of paint!) so I’d like to take this opportunity to put out the question for visitors – is there a particular feature you’d like to see? A change to the layout that would make things easier for you? Leave me a comment or send an e-mail my way.

PR: Animaritime Holds Charity Auction for IWK


All proceeds of annual auction to be donated to IWK Health Centre Foundation


Moncton, NB, May 13, 2011 – Animaritime, the Maritime provinces’ premiere anime and gaming convention , is proud to announce that all proceeds of their annual Animaritime auction will be donated to the IWK Health Centre Foundation.

Animaritime’s auction is one of the conventions most well attended events. With lively volunteer hosts and an enthusiastic audience, the event sees anime and gaming related items auctioned off in a live bidding environment. Material bid on in the auction are donated by sponsors, vendors and attendees and include books, DVDs and signed merchandise from beloved creators and industry members. The auction is open to all attendees of Animaritime.

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TCAF 2011: Spotlight on Usamaru Furuya

Usamaru Furuya

Sunday at Toronto Comics Art Fest had a spotlight panel for special guest and manga artist, Usamaru Furuya. I was present for the interview which was conducted by TCAF’s director, Christopher Butcher. Like my Natsume Ono post, I wasn’t able to record the interview (though in this instance it was lack of means instead of lack of permission) so the write-up below is done in paragraph format with just a few direct quotes. I hope it still proves even half as interesting to readers here as it was for those of us there!

Warning: Some images in article are intended for older audiences only.
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TCAF 2011: Spotlight on Natsume Ono

TCAF 2011: Natsume Ono

Natsume Ono was a special guest at this year’s Toronto Comic Arts Fest and on Saturday there was a special interview session hosted by’s Manga Specialist Deb Aoki. While no recording was allowed, I did take some notes and I’ve done my best to put the neat facts and information together here for the Natsume Ono curious. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to provide any quotes because of the recording rule so apologies for the choppy paragraphing. Those disclaimers aside – enjoy!
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Comic Capers in Toronto 2011: Part One

It’s been a busy last few days since my roommate and I arrived in Toronto early Thursday morning. We’ve spent every waking moment since walking up and down the grid-street systems of Toronto exploring any comic store we could find, peeking into many a store that just looked interesting and nursing sore feet while trying to find the next delicious place to try something new to eat. Of course there was the comic artist extravaganza known as Toronto Comics Art Fest going on as well today!

I’ll say this as a tourist – Toronto is an amazing city. It has its share of big-city problems that I could certainly do without (nasty amounts of people smoking in doorways, huge crowds of people who always seem to be in a hurry for something, and a tricky transit system in particular) but get past all that and you’ve got a neverending supply of little shops, weird discoveries and a million things to spend your money on and not regret a penny of it.

A good bulk of the trip involved visiting local comic stores. I took a few notes after each one based on my experiences there to add to my Canadian manga-resources page. If curious about the good, the bad, the ugly and the awesome, you can pop over there to the Ontario section.

Of course a combination of my local comic store on Wednesday before the trip, a variety of comic stores visited and a full day of spelunking TCAF meant I’ve already gotten a bunch of great things to read. At the end of this weekend there will be an especially lengthy Swag Bag post about the purchases made so far (and my glowing recommendations of many), including a guest appearance from my roommate and fellow traveler, MTCopyright.

As for TCAF itself, the amount of artists present is amazing and there’s so much talent stuffed into that library it’s amazing there’s even room in there for the hundreds (if not thousands?) of people who browsed them today. Manga artists Usamaru Furuya and Natume Ono were also present at the event and I enjoyed being able to hear them both speak. I learned a lot of interesting and amusing facts about Natsume Ono and really admired the subtle but strong confident air Usamaru Furuya  had to him as he spoke about inspirations for his work. If curious to know more about Natsume Ono’s RSVP-only panel, I’ll be doing up a little post about it after TCAF. (Edit: Now posted!)

Lastly (for now!) my special thanks go to Chris Butcher (TCAF Organizer), Ed Chavez (Advertising Director for Vertical) and Deb Aoki (Panel Host) for making the event an extra-special one!

Off to TCAF, Site Comment Updates

I’m off to Toronto Comics Art Fest in a few hours! With many an artist to hunt down and all their snazzy art to oogle and buy (including manga artist Natsume Ono and Usamaru Furuya), I’m super excited to hit the library floor running! That and I’ll be spending a week in Toronto seeking out comic stores new and old. Expect some updates to the Oh Canada! section after this.

Going to TCAF? Let me know! I’d love to meet up with people.

On a quick site note, expect some big, big changes coming to Kuriousity in the near-ish future but in the meantime, a little change has been made to the commenting system to allow me some peace. Upon reaching an average of 2000+ spam comments a day, I finally realized it was about time I installed a plug-in to combat it. All those who comment must now enter a simple system of letters/numbers so Kuriousity knows you’re not a spambot. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes but I think it’ll be much more beneficial in the long-run with less lost comments and less time spent deleting spam.

TCAF Offers Up Manga Madness of the Best Kind


With my tickets purchased and my lodging confirmed, this seems like the perfect time to direct everyone’s attention to this year’s Toronto Comic Arts Festival. It’s an annual free-to-attend event featuring hundreds of comic-related creators and exhibitors.

Exciting for manga fans is two big-name guests that’ll be flying into the city for this year’s event – Natsume Ono (manga-ka of Risortante Paradiso and House of Five Leaves) and Usamaru Furuya (manga-ka of Genkaku Picasso and Lychee Light Club). Both artists are a great fit amidst the comic artists who attend TCAF which consists primarily of more indie-style comics and those who self-publish.

I’ve heard great things about the event so I’m really excited to attend. The amount of artists attending is almost staggering including personal favourites such as Kate Beaton, Faith Erin Hicks, Svetlana Chmakova, Raina Telgemeier and Katie Shanahan. You can see the complete list of exhibitors and publishers present on TCAF’s website.

The event will take place at the Toronto Public Library on Saturday May 7th and Sunday May 8th.

Along with TCAF I’ll be perusing the streets of Toronto visiting the local comic stores, eating what will likely be too much food and generally enjoying a nice Spring vacation! If you’re going, let me know – it’s always great to meet up with folks.

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