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Update to Boys-Luv.com


Hello, site visitors! Some of you have noticed that since Kuriousity’s recent face lift, Boys-Luv.com – Kuriousity’s boys’ love exclusive partner-site – was no longer operating as normal. Part of the reason a little revamp of Kuriousity was done was to accommodate some recent software changes. Unfortunately those changes also broke Boys-Luv.com.

Because all the same content remains available here at Kuriousity, I’ve decided to shutdown Boys-Luv.com, at least for the time being (who knows what the future may bring!). All older posts from Boys-Lov can still be accessed via our archives, and any old links will automatically redirect to their Kuriousity equivalent.

For those who would like to continue reading only the boys’ love related posts, they are available via the Boys’ Love/Yaoi tag and can be subscribed to via their own RSS feed.

My apologies for any inconvenience or sad faces this may cause, and we all hope you stick around for the same fun manga and BL content here at Kuriousity!

Kuriousity on Instagram, Capturing Manga Moments

Kuriousity on Instagram, Capturing Manga Moments

Those who’ve been following our Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook accounts would’ve seen a new addition to the Kuriousity content these past couple of months. I now have an Instagram account where I’ve been posting a random photo of a page (or series of panels) from a manga I’ve recently finished reading.

There’s never enough time in the day to review and share the manga  I read, so I wanted a little extra something that would let me showcase what I’ve just read. I’ve tried to pick a shot that I feel does a good job representing that particular volume or series as a whole. … or maybe just one that’s funny, beautiful or confusing. Whatever stands out to me and says ‘this is this manga!’.

You can follow these little snippets into the manga reading life of me by subscribing if you have your own Instagram account, or by following me on Twitter, Kuriousity on Tumblr or liking our page on Facebook.

Fulfilling Your Kuriousity on Facebook!

Fulfilling Your Kuriousity on Facebook!

Kuriousity is now on Facebook! You can subscribe to our new FB page to easily follow Kuriousity content from your own Facebook account. I’m not a Facebook user myself, but it didn’t seem fair to leave Kuriousity out in the social media cold. My thanks to those who take the time to check it out and give the page a Like!

As a reminder, we’re also on Twitter and Tumblr, and can be subscribed to via RSS. Huzzah for options!

Year In Review: The Kuriousity of 2012

Kuriousity: A Year in Review 2012

Here we are in the first week of 2013. We survived 2012! A lot of the past year is a blur in my mind, a flurry of up and down personal trials and an ever changing manga industry that makes a lot of the events of the past twelve months mesh together. Where does it begin and end!?

Thank goodness for Kuriousity to give me some grounded events and dates with which to look back on. That said, it’s time for a brief look back at Kuriousity in 2012!

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More Manga, More Random: Kuriousity Now On Tumblr

Kuriousity on Tumblr

Just a quick heads-up post today that I recently started a Kuriousity Tumblr account. I’m new to the site but it’s been lots of fun exploring the endless streams of content. Along with cross-posting from here on the website, my account there will also have some Tumblr-only originals that are a combination of random manga-related images and ponderings from me, to some reblogs of other interesting content shared from the Tumblr-verse. I’ve also got Tumblr’s question-feature turned on so if there’s a question you’re curious to ask, then feel free!

Year In Review: The Kuriousity of 2011 and Beyond

Kuriousity 2011 and Beyond

Here at are the end of the holiday season – decorations are going away, hangovers are being recovered from and everyone’s getting back work. We’ve got the big wide world of 2012 ahead of us – Happy New Year!

In celebration we’ve got a brand spankin’ new layout. I stripped Kuriousity down to the basics with some shiny rotating artwork, a new logo and the same fun content. I hope you like it and if there are any issues, don’t hesitate to let me know!

In recap of 2011, I went back and revisited our top posts and site news of the year. It was an enjoyable trip down memory lane and a good way to say bye to the old and look forward to the new. Onward!

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Site Update: Kuriousity Welcomes Victoria Martin!

Kuriousity Welcomes Victoria Martin

We’re welcoming a new reviewer to Kuriousity this week – Victoria Martin! She’ll be posting reviews for a variety of genres with her first, Ikigami (Vol. 05), going up this past Thursday.

Victoria previously wrote reviews for the now gone Manga Life (where Shannon also wrote for previously) and was a member of Animaritime staff which Andre and I currently help organize every year.

“Victoria Martin has been a manga fan every since university, when a particularly evil, enabling friend introduced it to her (as well as re-introducing her to anime as well). Seven years later, she has quite the collection of books on her shelves, mostly shoujo/josei but with some others as well. She’s always looking for the next series to love and cherish and religiously re-read for years.”

A big welcome to Victoria! I know she’ll be a perfect fit here on Kuriousity and look forward to seeing more of her writing here at its new home.

Also, while on topic of the Kuriousity crew, a Happy Birthday to Andre and best wishes to Shannon who’s off to England for a few months!

Kuriousity 3.2 Launches!

Kuriousity's New Layout!

As promised (warned?) when Kuriousity officially moved to kuriousity.ca, our new layout launched late this past weekend! Why 3.2? It’s Kuriousity’s third complete layout and it went through a couple different incarnations before launching as you see it.

It’s similar to the prior one in terms of the set-up (no sense fixing what isn’t broken, right?) but I designed it to rely much less on images to speed up loading and added some more customized sections to make navigation easier. You’ll also see mini author bios on all our posts and some easier to use social media icons as well.

Of course there’s also the Kuriousity banner which I always have fun filling with a college of my favourite series. Can you name all the characters/series/artists up there now?

If you have any issues viewing the site with the new layout or have a suggestion, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I hope you like our new layout and continue to stop back often for Kuriousity’s new content!

Edit (May 25th): … new commenting system implemented! Now introducing a comment structure that actually makes conversational sense – enjoy :)

Kuri-ousity.com is Now Officially Kuriousity.ca!


Quick update today to announce that after having an easy-to-do forwarder set up to make our .ca work as a domain, as of today Kuriousity is officially fully hosted at kuriousity.ca!

There’s still a forwarder in place to automatically send all old kuri-ousity.com to their corresponding page here on kuriousity.ca so there shouldn’t be any problem with broken links. That said, if you come across any link issues (be they on the site or from elsewhere) let me know!

Shifting the site over to our new .ca address is step one of a little revamp Kuriousity is getting. There’re some changes to the layout coming (nothing too huge but it’s about time for a fresh coat of paint!) so I’d like to take this opportunity to put out the question for visitors – is there a particular feature you’d like to see? A change to the layout that would make things easier for you? Leave me a comment or send an e-mail my way.

Off to TCAF, Site Comment Updates

I’m off to Toronto Comics Art Fest in a few hours! With many an artist to hunt down and all their snazzy art to oogle and buy (including manga artist Natsume Ono and Usamaru Furuya), I’m super excited to hit the library floor running! That and I’ll be spending a week in Toronto seeking out comic stores new and old. Expect some updates to the Oh Canada! section after this.

Going to TCAF? Let me know! I’d love to meet up with people.

On a quick site note, expect some big, big changes coming to Kuriousity in the near-ish future but in the meantime, a little change has been made to the commenting system to allow me some peace. Upon reaching an average of 2000+ spam comments a day, I finally realized it was about time I installed a plug-in to combat it. All those who comment must now enter a simple system of letters/numbers so Kuriousity knows you’re not a spambot. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes but I think it’ll be much more beneficial in the long-run with less lost comments and less time spent deleting spam.

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