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Otaku USA: On The Shelf – January 2, 2013

Otaku USA: On The Shelf - January 2, 2013

It’s the first new manga of 2013! 2012 went out soft with no new volumes of manga released in its last week, but distributors and publishers worked to ensure that the new year was much more stacked to start. Get those gift cards ready!

You can read my thoughts on the new year’s first week of releases over at my On The Shelf article for Otaku USA.

Bleach (Vol.54) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Cage of Eden (Vol.08) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Caramel [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Dengeki Daisy (Vol.11) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Heroman (Vol.02) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Hunter x Hunter (Vol.29) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
I’ve Seen It All (Vol.02) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Jiu Jiu (Vol.03) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Love Makes Everything Right [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Message to Adolf (Vol.02) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Ninth Life Love [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Oresama Teacher (Vol.12) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Otomen (Vol.14) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Psyren (Vol.08) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Strobe Edge (Vol.02) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Ultimo (Vol.08) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]

Otaku USA: On The Shelf – December 12, 2012

Otaku USA: On The Shelf - December 12, 2012

My apartment has been a mess of plaster dust, missing amenities and awkwardly placed holes for the past two weeks – oh the joys of bathroom renovation! Thank goodness for new comics. They provide an added excuse for solace at my favourite local comic store and a stack of new books to keep me company as I cower from nail guns and busted plumbing.

There’s a bunch of neat new goodies out this week including a book of short stories from Kaoru Mori and an omnibus edition of the end to Yen Press‘s Chocolat. You can read the full list over at my On The Shelf article for Otaku USA.

A Certain Scientific Railgun (Vol.06) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Alice in the Country of Hearts: My Fanatic Rabbit (Vol.01) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Attack on Titan (Vol.03) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Battle Angel Alita: Last Order (Vol.16) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Blood Lad (Vol.01) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Captain Commando (Vol.02) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Chocolat (Vol.08) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Dance in the Vampire Bund Omnibus (Vol.01) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Higurashi When They Cry (Vol.20): Massacre Arc (Part 02) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
His Favorite (Vol.02) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Itsuwaribito (Vol.07) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Kaoru Mori’s Anything & Something [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Kekkaishi (Vol.35) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Mayo Chiki! (Vol.01) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Vol.14) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Pandora Hearts (Vol.13) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Vol.03) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Raiders (Vol.09) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
The Wallflower (Vol.29) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]

Otaku USA: On The Shelf – November 21, 2012

Otaku USA: On The Shelf - November 22, 2012

Bathtubs! Bathtubs! Bathtubs! The theme of my favourite book out this week, Yen Press’s Thermae Romae. It’s a downright classy book and I hope it does well.

For more of my thoughts on Thermae Romae and some of the many other books out this week (ahhhh, November you spoil us!), then head on over to my weekly On The Shelf article for Otaku USA.

Otaku USA: On The Shelf – November 14, 2012

Otaku USA: On The Shelf - November 12, 2012

It’s week two of wow-is-there-ever-a-lot-of-new-manga-coming-out-this-month (aka, November). There’s a lot of variety this week too – new books, old books, back-from-the-dead books, boys’ love, shonen, 4-koma, shoujo,  whatever the heck Excel Saga is, and more! Ahhh, I wish I could afford them all!

You can read my thoughts on a number of this week’s books over at Otaku USA’s On The Shelf article.

07 Ghost (Vol.01) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Arons Absurd Armada Omnibus (Vol.01) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Bad Teachers’ Equation (Vol.05) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Blood Blockade Battlefront (Vol.03) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Bunny Drop (Vol.07) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Cross Game (Vol.08) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Excel Saga (Vol.24) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Inu-Yasha VizBIG (Vol.13) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi-chan (Vol.06) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Missions of Love (Vol.01) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Nabari no Ou (Vol.12) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Neon Genesis Evangelion 3-in-1 (Vol.01) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Omamori Himari (Vol.09) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Rin-Ne (Vol.10) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Secret Thorns [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro (Vol.03) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Sleepless Nights [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Soul Eater (Vol.11) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Soul Eater Not! (Vol.02) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Spice and Wolf (Vol.07) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Start With A Happy Ending (Vol.01) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Umineko When They Cry: Golden Witch (Vol.01) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]

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Otaku USA: On The Shelf – October 17, 2012

Otaku USA: On The Shelf - October 18, 2012

It’s Wed-! … Thursday! Close enough! Yesterday was new comics’ day and while there wasn’t a lot of manga, there were still some worthwhile notables such as a new volume of Viz Media‘s March Story and the first volume of Vertical Inc‘s new series, The Limit.

You can read about all the titles out this week over at my weekly On The Shelf article for Otaku USA.

Kitchen Princess Omnibus (Vol.02) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
March Story (Vol.04) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Tenjo Tenge (Vol.09) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
The Limit (Vol.01) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]

YaoiCon 2012: SuBLimeManga Embraces BL Love With New Titles

YaoiCon 2012: SuBLime Manga

NYCC was the spotlight show this past weekend but on the other side of the US, another convention was also taking place – Yaoi-Con! For those who aren’t familiar with it, Yaoi Con is an annual convention dedicated to the boys’ love genre and all it’s colourful fandoms.

SuBLimeManga – Viz Media’s BL publishing partner – was at the show, marking the one-year anniversary of their original start-up announcement and greeting fans with a nice list of new titles:

Blue Morning – Shoko Hidaka (May 2013)
Embracing Love (Omnibus Editions) – Youka Nitta (April 2013)
False Memories – Isaku Natsume (July 2013)
Hide and Seek – Yaya Sakuragi (July 2013)
Sleeping Moon – Kano Miyamoto (June 2013)
Spiritual Police – Youka Nitta (October 2013)

BeBeautiful's Cover for Embracing LoveThe most notable title on the list would be Youka Nitta’s Embracing Love which was originally licensed, and partially released, by the now done-and-gone BeBeautiful back in 2005. SuBLime is going to be releasing the series in a set of 2-in-1 omnibus volumes. I was surprised to see this title licensed. I didn’t know there was much interest in this title, which doesn’t seem to have nearly as much feverish fan-begging as other yet-to-be-licensed titles, plus the tracing scandal that surrounded Youka Nitta a few years ago that led many to think her work would no longer be licensed because of potential copyright issues. Yet here it is, so a big yay for the fans. Though I own the first five volumes that BB put out, I don’t actually recall anything about the series. I’ll need to do a revisit to see if these omnibus editions will end up on my bookshelf.

Having previously enjoyed titles by Isaku Natsume and Yaya Sakuragi quite a bit, their newly announced books will be must-buys for me when they’re released next summer.

SuBLimeManga also licensed a number of titles for digital-only. Ah, digital-only, one of the banes of my manga reading existence  It’s better than no legal license, of course, but I cry a little every time they’re announced.

Boys, Be Ambitious! – Saburō Nagai
Egoistic Blue – Mio Tennohji
The Match Seller – Sakae Kusama
The Ravishing of the Crown Prince – Wang Yi & Feng Nong
Sword and Mist – Hayate Kuku

Titles like these make me keep my fingers crossed for a viable print on demand offer someday as of all the titles SuBLime announced at the convention, a new book from Hayate Kuku (creator of Love Sickness) and The Ravishing of the Crown Prince are easily the two I’d most look forward to. I may have to wipe the dust off my iPad in the New Year! Digital isn’t my preferred reading method but SuBLime definitely offers it with the most convenience, allowing PDF downloads that you can read on just about any device.

You can see cover images for all the new titles over at ANN’s write-up of the licensing announcements.

NYCC 2012: Viz Media Announces Tiger & Bunny, Pepita and Alpha Prints

NYCC 2012: Viz Media

The last big manga panel of NYCC 2012 was Viz Media‘s who had a couple exciting titles to cap-off one of the year’s biggest conventions.

Pepita: Takehiko Inoue Meets Antonio – Takehiko Inoue
Sunny – Taiyo Matsumoto
Tiger & Bunny – Mizuki Sukikobara
Tiger & Bunny (Anthology) – Multiple Artists

Along with these titles, they’ve confirmed that two series currently running in Shonen Jump Alpha will be brought to collected print editions as well:

Barrage – Kōhei Horikoshi
Rurouni Kenshin: Restoration – Nobuhiro Watsuki

Easy pick for the titles I’m most eager for are the Tiger & Bunny books. I still haven’t even seen the original anime series – not available to stream in Canada – but I’ve heard so many good things about it that I’m immensely curious to experience it in any form. I also purchased a volume of the Tiger & Bunny anthology series for a friend so I’ve first hand how fun that is. The first of the two T&B licenses is a manga adaptation of the series, while the anthology collection is a series of books collecting an assortment of short stories from a variety of creators.

Pepita sounds like a very potentially worthwhile read as well, described by Viz Media as such: “Antoni Gaudi was the world leader of Catalan modernist movement in architecture. Takehiko Inoue is one of the premier manga artists in the world. Inoue’s journey to Spain and to the world of Gaudi is half travel memoir, half art book, and all beauty.” Meanwhile Sunny is a new title from Taiyo Matsumoto, the creator of Tekkonkinkreet, so that in itself makes me intrigued.

Viz Media also announced they’ll be releasing 3-in-1 omnibus volumes of Dragonball and D.Grayman starting June of next year. I’m not sure what the difference will be with these new Dragonball omnibus compared to their previously released VizBIG versions, but we shall see. I’m pleased to see D.Grayman getting the omnibus treatment;  it’s a series I’ve been meaning to start. Each volume of these omnibus edition will be priced at $14.99/US, $16.99/CAN.

You can read all the nitty-gritty details and extra tidbits at ANN’s write-up of Viz Media’s panel.

NYCC 2012: Kodansha Comics Licenses No. 6, Sailor Moon Artbook…

NYCC 2012: Kodansha Comics Licenses No. 6, Sailor Moon Artbook

It was Kodansha Comics‘ turn to impress today at NYCC with a handful of new licenses:

No. 6 – Atsuko Asano & Hinoki Kino
Sankarea: Undying Love – Mitsuru Hattori
Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode – Mia Ikumi
Vinland Saga – Makoto Yukimura

Kodansha Comics is bound to have made many readers really happy today with these titles. I have no experience with any of them myself but I’ve seen rallying cries for No. 6 and Vinland Saga, in particular, for quite a while. These are the two I’m most excited to read by reputation alone (and all the adorable No. 6 fanart that continues to litter art sites doesn’t hurt either). Sankarea sounds bizarre enough to potentially give a try and Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode I’ll likely pick up out of affection for its predecessor, Tokyo Mew Mew.

You can read a synopsis for all Kodansha Comics’ newest titles on their website. Huzzah for new license announcements that include titles, creator credits, release dates and synopsis’s! Volume one of No. 6 and Sankarea are scheduled for a June 2013 release, while Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode and Vinland Saga will be released that following winter.

Along with their new titles, Kodansha Comics also announced they’d be speeding up the print copies of Fairy Tail to one a month in order to catch up with Japan. This will begin in March 2013 with volume twenty-four. The series itself is currently over thirty volumes in Japan.

Air Gear – which Kodansha Comics has released up to volume twenty-six so far – is due to be released in omnibus format from the beginning. The first volume of this new edition will be released in May 2013.

Sailor MoonA bonus treat announced today was that Kodansha Comics would be handling the English publication of an upcoming Sailor Moon art book that’s due to be published worldwide in 2013.  All editions released globally will have the same paperback trim size, plus dust jacket, and art content including some of the most popular Sailor Moon drawings along with new artwork by the series creator, Naoki Takeuchi. Kodansha Comics also confirmed that after they finish publishing the original manga series, they will be releasing the series of Sailor Moon short stories  as well. (Src: A Case Suitable For Treatment)

And last, but not least – though I don’t believe this was announced during their Saturday panel – Kodansha Comics has relaunched their website with a new layout. It doesn’t offer any new content but does load a lot more nicely than their previous site. There is a blog section currently marked as Coming Soon that could offer some interesting new info and insight in the future, much like Vertical Inc’s newly relaunched on-site blog. (Note: Lack of link to Vertical’s blog is due to numerous virus warnings on Vertical’s site in recent weeks; better safe than sorry!)

Otaku USA: On The Shelf – October 10, 2012

Otaku USA: On The Shelf - October 10, 2012

So many good books out this week! More Bleach, Devil & Her Love Song, Toriko, Paradise Kiss, Arisa – the list goes on. Weirdly I was already able to buy a lot of these last week, but that’s Diamond Comics for you isn’t it?

You can read more of my specific thoughts and ponderings over at this week’s Otaku USA’s On The Shelf and view the hopefully handy list-only version below:

Arisa (Vol.09) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Bakuman. (Vol.15) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Bleach (Vol.48) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Bleach (Vol.49) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Cage of Eden (Vol.07) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Case Closed (Vol.44) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Dawn of the Arcana (Vol.06) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Devil & Her Love Song (Vol.05) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Drops of God (Vol.05) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Fairy Tail (Vol.21) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Ghost in the Shell (Vol.1.5) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
GTO: 14 Days in Shonan (Vol.05) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Jack the Ripper: Hell Blade (Vol.02) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Jiu Jiu (Vol.02) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Kekkaishi (Vol.34) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Loveless 2-in-1 (Vol.01) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan (Vol.11) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Paradise Kiss (Vol.01) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Pokémon Adventures Platinum (Vol.06) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Skip Beat (Vol.29) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Slam Dunk (Vol.24) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Stepping on Roses (Vol.08) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Story of Saiunkoku (Vol.08) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]
Toriko (Vol.12) [Amazon CAN, Amazon US, RightStuf]

Seven Seas Adds Swords, Sorcery and Spirits With Three New Licenses

Seven Seas Licenses Three New Manga Series
Seven Seas slipped out some more licenses this week, confirming their acquisition of three new series with AnimeNewsNetwork.

Kanokon – Katsumi Nishino and Rin Yamaki
The Sacred Blacksmith – Isao Miura and Kōtarō Yamada
Zero’s Familiar – Noboru Yamaguchi and Nana Mochizuki

A listing for Kanokon originally showed up on Amazon (US/CAN) a couple weeks back. I originally thought it was the release of the light novels which Seven Seas had announced years ago but never released. Not the case. Instead Seven Seas will be releasing this manga adaptation of it as 2-in-1 omnibus editions for $19.99/US, $21.99/CAN each. The first book is due out, according to Amazon, in April 2013.

“Innocent country boy Oyamada Kouta transfers to a big city high school in his freshman year, and from day one, his life enters a world of crazy. First, a beautiful second-year student named Chizuru professes her love to him, then reveals that she is in fact a fox spirit. Frisky and flirty, she suggestively teases naive Kouta in front of his classmates, embarrassing him to no end. If that wasn’t enough, a gorgeous wolf spirit named Nozomu suddenly transfers to Kouta’s class and decides she wants the hapless country boy for herself. As fox girl and wolf girl vie for his heart, does Kouta have any say in this?” – Seven Seas via ANN

The Sacred Blacksmith will be a familiar looking title to manga-license followers. It was licensed by Tokyopop not long before the company was shut down, before they had released any volumes. The series will now be published by Seven Seas in single volume editions for $12.99/US, $14.99/CAN. There are no listings yet to suggest when the title’s first volume will come out.

“Like her father and grandfather before her, Cecily Campbell has entered the knighthood and joined the ranks of the Knight Guards of Houseman. Eager to do her heritage proud and defend her city, Cecily rushes to the marketplace to stop a madman from terrorizing the populace. She quickly realizes, however, that she is hopelessly outmatched and ill-prepared for an actual fight. A lone figure named Luke Ainsworth swoops to the rescue, a swordsman and blacksmith of much renown, who will repair the broken sword Cecily has inherited from her father and take her down a road of perilous adventure beyond her wildest dreams.” – Seven Seas via ANN

And last but not lest, Zero’s Familiar, which is also an adaptation of a light novel like the previous two. Seven Seas will release this series as 3-in-1 omnibus editions for $19.99/US, $21.99/CAN.

“In a world where sorcery reigns supreme, bumbling witch-in-training Louise Francoise le Blanc is known by her classmates at the Tristain Academy of Magic as “Louise the Zero.” During an important coming-of-age ritual, when each student must summon a lifelong familiar, Louise proves herself inept when she mistakenly conjures a teenage boy from earth. Now, whether she likes it or not, Louise “the Zero” and Saito, the ever-whining earth boy from Japan, are bound by the laws of magic as master and servant forever!” – Seven Seas via ANN

Of the three new licenses, I think I’m most curious about Zero’s Familiar. I’m a sucker for almost anything magic and fantasy related, and while The Sacred Blacksmith piques my interest with the more classic fantasy setting, the idea of a clumsy witch accidentally summoning a human boy as her familiar sounds too amusing to pass up.

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